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T-Shirt Design Trends for 2019

Abstract drawings

There has been an increase in borrowing styles and colour schemes from the 90s in quirky and geometric sketches. The primary colours (red, yellow, and blue), particularly when coupled with fun patterns and linework, work together remarkably well. A single, lively accent colour coupled with an abstract line drawing has been used by some designers to produce a good-looking shirt.

Pocket prints

While Bonfire is not presently stocking tees with pockets, this year’s printing location “pocket” has become extremely popular. Small logos or designs were developed by influencers. Pocket prints are an excellent way to subtly but impactfully encourage your message.

Sketchbook Drawings

Printed T-shirt graphics ‘ can be textured, hand-drawn look prints on clothing well. An excellent way to make a one-colour t-shirt design still feel artistic and thoughtful is to use bigger designs with more vibrant mark-making.

Side-aligned typography

Aligning your text to the shirt’s left or right side is an excellent way to distinguish your design while maintaining minimal aesthetics. With text-only this method operates well. But bringing the text into a more vibrant and illustrative design is also a pleasant way.

Floral Drawings

While all kinds of sketches appear to be becoming more common with shirt designs, we have noticed powerful floral motifs. Flowers are lovely and can be portrayed in so many different ways, but they also have a wide range of symbolism. Flowers can stand for beauty and development, or a new beginning. But they can also frame words or sentences that carry the design’s most weight.

Repeating text

It is a surefire way to get your point across repeating your message. It will create an effect and at the same moment result in a beautiful looking shirt. If you’re not super design-savvy, but still want to produce a trendy tee on your own, this printed t-shirt design concept is ideal.

Bright garments

Bright is the new black in 2019. While dark shirts will always stay popular, a few bright colours have been surging in popularity, especially gold, royal blue & green. Younger Influencers and Youtubers especially have embraced these vibrant colours. Bright t-shirts are a great way to make your product stand out, even if you only have 1 ink colour in your design.