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  1. Choosing the right hoodie designs for high school trips

    When the dust has settled on our schooling, most of us feel a swell of conflicting emotions. A sense of pride and finality engulfs our thoughts. Most of us feel a touch of trepidation mixed with excitement as we step forth into the world.

    As you travel through your life, the memories of school days stick with us. From time to time, we all remember the good old days when we won the journey abroad without our parents for the very first time.

    In short, choosing the right hoodie design for any school trip will bond students together and create lifelong memories. So what elements make up a great hoodie for a school trip?


    Just as the design of school trip clothing is important, so too are customisable colours. Our perceptions are influenced by colours, just as our moods can be heightened or changed if surrounded by gloomy grey hues.

    Now, the very last emotion that students and teachers should feel when on a school trip is gloomy or downcast. Everyone should feel upbeat and excited, relishing every day and making the most of the experience. Choosing stimulating hoodie colours can help students to feel happier – getting the best out of their school trip experience.

    Fortunately, hoodies can be customised in a wealth of different colours – including those that invoke feelings of warmth and excitement. Not only that but, the different colours of school hoodies offer terrific branding opportunities. A group of happy, well-behaved students is great publicity for your school.


    Let’s be honest, most students, especially teenagers, are quite fashion conscious. They wouldn’t be caught dead in baggy jeans or a dad jumper. As for school uniforms, well once the weekend arrives, parents are hardly surprised to find shirts, shoes, ties and blazers strewn about a teenager’s bedroom!

    But, do school hoodies fall, end up on the bedroom floor, or crumpled in a cupboard? not an attractive design, one that includes the school emblem and funky graphics will impress even the most fashion-conscious of teenagers and will ensure their school hoodie takes pride of place in a teenager’s wardrobe.

    Not only that but a well-designed school hoodie, complete with bespoke graphics, vivid colours or a school emblem looks smart – and is arguably the only school attire that students feel comfortable wearing whether on a school trip or at home relaxing.

    Portraying the right impression is paramount when on a school trip – and a well-designed school hoody certainly does that. Whether departing on a school skiing trip to France or visiting a local place of historical interest, the right hoodie designs for high school demonstrates that your school invests

    in pupils, is conscientious about appearance and cares about the type of attire that students want to wear.


    Another great way that school hoodies can be customised is with the addition of embroidered names incorporated with the design. This builds camaraderie amongst students who relish and enjoy their school experience.

    Personalised names give students that sense of collective identity within a school. Something that has long been associated with school teams, personalised school hoodies make students feel part of a team – whilst retaining a sense of identity with their name embossed on the back.

    Just consider the number of teenagers that fly around the pitch, emulating their sporting heroes or their name on the reverse of a sports shirt. Embossed names give teenagers a sense of confidence and pride – a trait that will help them to excel in all their endeavours.

    Why not choose hoodies embossed with the school emblem, destination and year of the trip on the top left corner and then include each student’s name on the reverse side, or underneath the school graphic? Engaging, smart and fashionable, these personalised hoodie designs for high school make the perfect addition to any school attire.

    These are just some of the reasons why you should consider customising your school hoodies for a school trip. Make your next school trip memorable and inspire your students all year round. Choose a customised school hoodie!

    So for all your promotional clothing requirements look no further than the team at Logos 4 Clothes. Call us on 01400 230 180 or email info@logos4clothes.com.

  2. Personalised Ski Trip Hoodies

    Personalised Ski Hoodies
    Are you going early in the new year to enjoy the slopes? Either with a group of friends or with your school, College or University? Then surely some personalised hoodies would be great for your trip. They will give you style and the looks as you glide down the slope. People shall be envy of you with your personalised hoodies showing a bit of class.
    Hoodie Ski 6
    Click Here for HoodiesDesign
    You can be as creative as you like with your own design for an embroidered hoodie or a printed hoodie depending what you are after. Whether it’s a logo that you have used in the past for another trip or a totally new design that describes your group. You can make them as personalised as you wish, so you can put your individual names across the back of the hoodie, or your school name and year in which you are going on your trip. If there is a big group of you from your school going then you can put all your names in the shape of the year you are going so you have always got the memory of who you enjoyed your trip with. Your design can also be used for Snowboarding, we have some designs or you can use your own.
    Hoodie Ski 7
    You could choose one of our Ski Hoodies that have an ipod phone pocket, ideal for listening to your favourite music while your Skiing down the slopes or chilling at one of the many cafe bars on the slopes.
    Hoodie Ski 8
    Being up at the top of a mountain in the middle of winter there is always one thing that you have to make sure of and that is how to keep as warm as possible. Well these hoodies are perfect for that and they are filled with quality to keep you warm even in the coldest of temperatures. With this quality comes a great comfortable product as well. It doesn’t restrict the movement of the body which is exactly what you are after whilst twisting and turning on the piste.

  3. Freshers Tees

    Over the last year Maverick Promotions has supplied numerous Colleges and Universities with all form of personalised Clothing, rangeing from Hoodies, Polo Shirts, Tees, Bags and Hats.

    All of these products have usually been either embroidered or screen printed.

    It is now that time of year to think about the new intake of students at your College or University, and think about Freshers tees and the promotions you want to promote within your university.

    We can help you with all of your promotional ideas, we can supply Freshers T.shirts, Freshers Tee Shirts , Union Executive Polo Shirts or Hoodies.

    Please note that you will get a student discount off your Freshers Tee Shirts and Student clothing if you equire through your email address ending in .ac.uk. (you will receive a minimum of 10% off most items and upto 20% off some)

    We look forward to your enquiry


  4. College Hoodies-University & Personalised

    College Hoodies and University Hooded Tops

    We have recently found that we have received a lot of enquiries for College Hoodies, sometimes known as University Hoodies . Whichever Hoodie you choose they can be personalised in many ways, very often the College Hoodie can consist of an embroidered crest on the front of the College Hoodie, a design on the back of the College Hoodie that can be a club motto  or all of the class/team names of a certain group , and then very often personalised with either an individual name or nickname on the back of the College Hoodie.

    One further option is that underneath the crest on the front of the College Hoodie you can have an individual embroidered name.

    The Hoodies have proven to be a great fun garment, that is very often its owners pride and joy. The College Hoodies are also generally very warm, with the features of both the hood and a large pouch pocket to keep your hands warm.

    Recently we have been contacted by Newcastle University Zoology society to buy some Newcastle University Hoodies, we have great pleasure in supplying  these with their University logo on the front along with their individual embroidered names under the crest and then a great print on the back of their University Hoodies.

    We have supplied the Hoodies on time and they have been received very well. Comments from Emzi who organised the Hoodies were received:-

    Hi there

    Just wanted to thank you very much for the Hoodies order and your patience. The finished products are great – of high quality and the print looks very nice too.

    Thanks very much,