Coloreel Embroidery

Premium Embroidered Clothing

We are pleased to offer a new form of Embroidery that is known as Coloreel, it is now available for your Personalised Clothing at

The new Coloreel machinery is a fantastic addition to the Embroidered Clothing industry, it is a process that offers endless amounts of Colours in an embroidered design.

Traditional embroidery involves inputting colours into the design as individual colours of thread, Coloreel has one thread that runs through the design and the thread is dyed to the exact colour in your design as it passes through the machine. This allows graduated designs and embroidery like we have never been able to supply previously. The designs can be produced with great definition.

Sustainable Embroidery

This new process is not just about creating great embroidered garments, it is also great for the environment.

It is known that on average 215 trillion litres of water per year are consumed by the textile industry. Coloreel-powered embroidery machines now reduce wastewater from thread dyeing. A comparison between Coloreel's technology and one of the world's leading thread manufacturers shows that traditional thread dyeing produces 50 times more wastewater than Coloreel's direct dyeing does.

The Setup charge for a Coloreel Embroidery design is £35.00+vat

The embroidery charge for embroidery onto garments is roughly 14% upcharge on our standard embroidery charges

If you have an elaborate design that you require on Logo Clothing, Polo Shirts, Hoodies or workwear get in touch for a full quote