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  1. The Importance Of Branded Clothing For Business

    A strong brand is a powerful asset for any business. There are lots of ways that you can improve awareness of your brand identity and ensure that you stand out in a sea of competitors. One of the best options is through the use of branded clothing. Here are some of the reasons why branded clothing could be a smart choice for your business. 

    Improve Brand Awareness

    First, branded clothing will always improve awareness of your business. Wherever your team members go, they will be advertising your brand and help ensure that it gets more attention. This is similar to driving a van or car with the name or logo of your business. It could attract customers that have never used your services before. It will also ensure that existing customers associate positive interactions with your brand. 

    Empower Your Team 

    Your team is the lifeforce of your business. It’s always in your best interest to ensure that team members feel connected, engaged, and motivated to do their job well. Don’t forget, they will have the most face time with your clients. Branded clothing helps your team members feel as though they are part of something bigger. They will want to provide the best service and they will feel proud to be part of your team. It helps create a positive company culture and unites team members through the same objectives or goals. 

    Ensure Your Company Looks Professional 

    First impressions matter in the business world. You will only gain one chance to get the right review or ensure that customers want to use your services. Clients always want to use businesses that look professional and will often view a professional company as trustworthy. It can help keep clients loyal and mean that they will use your business time and time again. Branded clothing will help you create that brilliant first impression and mean that clients feel more comfortable interacting with your team members. It can help you foster positive, long term client relationships. 

    Boost Loyalty 

    Customers love companies that provide additional levels of value through their service. Branded clothing is one of the ways that you can give them what they are searching for. Whether you offer merchandise like this for free or from your store, it will help them feel more connected to your business.

    Marketing That Pays For Itself 

    Finally, branded clothing is a type of marketing that will pay for itself over the years. Everytime a customer, employee or investor wears your branded merchandise, they will help you gain more attention for your brand on the market. It could increase lead generation and cause profit levels to skyrocket. 

    We hope this helps you understand how branded clothing will help your brand grow and thrive on the market. Your team will look great, your business will gain more recognition and you’ll create the right first impression for clients.

  2. Getting workwear ready for Spring

    As the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning our wardrobes into spring!

    Layering is vital for getting the most out of your workwear during this time of year. With the right combination of clothing, you can create a stylish yet functional look that will keep you comfortable and looking professional in any weather. Let’s look at some products that will be great for layering.

    When it comes to layering clothing for work, it’s important to choose fabrics that are versatile and breathable. Lightweight cotton is a great choice, as it is both comfortable and easy to layer without looking too bulky or feeling too heavy. A great example of this is Polos and Long Sleeve T-Shirts.

    Waterproof Jackets

    When the weather takes a turn for the worse, throw on a waterproof jacket over your outfit to keep you dry yet still looking good! They come in various styles such as parkas which have drawstrings at the waist creating an adjustable fit; macs which combine style with practicality due to their detachable hoods; showerproof shell jackets which have sealed seams blocking out moisture; and raincoats designed specifically for those rainy days ahead.

    When layering you can keep your workforce on-brand by making sure your company looks professional and cohesive. To achieve this, you can customise products with your company’s logo. Your staff can proudly wear their workwear as a sign of unity and team spirit, which in turn boosts morale and productivity.

    Fleece Jackets

    Fleece jackets are lightweight and warm – perfect for layering and keeping you cosy on cold days. Wear them with a sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt when temperatures drop further. Not only will they keep you warm, but the combination of different layers can elevate your look too. Choose from various styles such as full zip or quarter zip to find the one that fits your style best.

    Hoodies & Sweatshirts

    Hoodies are classic staples of any season’s wardrobe, adding comfort and warmth while still looking stylish. Layer them over t-shirts to stay comfortable all day long while incorporating some colour into your look with your company logos! 

    Sweatshirts are a terrific way to keep warm during the spring months and still look stylish. They provide an extra layer of insulation when temperatures start to dip again but can be easily removed when things heat up. Layer long sleeve t-shirts and polo shirts underneath for light insulation or add colour to your outfit with bright stripes or bold logos on the hoodie. For even more warmth, try teaming these up with quilted gilets or waterproof jackets.

    No matter what kind of layer combination you go for this spring season, we offer plenty of options so that everyone can find something they feel comfortable wearing. From fleece jackets to hoodies and waterproof jackets – now it’s time to get creative with combinations so individual style stands out even in unpredictable weather conditions this springtime!

    Gilets & Body Warmers

    Gilets are versatile pieces that will keep you warm without looking bulky. They’re great on their own in milder weather but also look smart when combined with other garments.

    Long Sleeve T-Shirts and Polos

    Long sleeve t-shirts and polo shirts can be worn solo in milder weather and look smart when layered up under sweatshirts or hoodies when temperatures start to dip again. To ensure maximum comfort during warmer months, go for a breathable fabric such as cotton jersey instead of thicker materials like wool which might make you feel overheated. For even more sophistication, try choosing pastel shades like baby blue or soft pink instead of traditional darker shades like black or navy blue – this way you can show off your lighter side despite the chillier weather! 

    So, for all your workwear clothing – look no further than the team at Logos 4 Clothes. Call us today on 01400 230 180 or email us at info@logo4clothes.com.

  3. 5 Benefits Of Having Personalised Workwear

    1. Workwear can promote equality

    Having personalised Workwear can help promote equality and harmony within the workplace. As people, we come from a wide range of different backgrounds that make each of us different in our very own individual way. If each member of staff is dressed similarly, your employees are more likely to feel as though they are amongst equals, allowing a more peaceful workplace.

    2. Workwear saves your employees time and money

    If you are employing members of staff, you will want them to feel as relaxed as possible in your workplace so that they can fully engage with their working day. By having a personalised uniform, your employees will not have to spend time deciding what to wear the night before or on the morning of a working day, enabling a healthy work-life balance. Having a work uniform also allows your staff to keep more of their hard-earned salary for themselves as they will not have to purchase items for their “work wardrobe”. Why not consider a personalised work uniform for your staff?

    3. A personalised uniform creates its own identity

    We often associate a uniform with creating an identity for the person wearing it, but not for itself. However, a uniform can create its own identity, helping your company present itself at events or even just in public. Have you considered how a personalised uniform would help shape your company identity? Having a personalised uniform can also make you more identifiable amongst your competitors. If you are a start-up business, this just might give you the initial boost you need.

    4. A personalised workwear instils a professional look

    A personalised uniform is a great way of ensuring a professional/corporate look at all times. If you choose to have embroidery on your personalised uniform, a professional aesthetic can be maintained further as embroidery is extremely durable for any profession. A personalised uniform can also improve your overall performance as customers will know who to look out for, enabling them to ask for help when needed. 

    5. Personalised uniforms can even offer protection

    In some sectors of work, a uniform can act as a barrier to any harm, including potentially dangerous environments. For example, a hi-vis jacket can protect employees working in hazardous workplaces by making them visible in warehouses or even working on roads conducting maintenance.

    So, for all your uniform and corporate clothing requirements look no further than the team at Logos 4 Clothes. Call us on 01400 230 180 or email info@logos4clothes.com.

  4. How to choose workwear uniforms

    How to choose workwear uniforms, Choosing workwear clothing isn’t as simple as slapping your branding on an outfit and kitting your stuff out. You need to consider many different factors when selecting the proper workwear uniform.

    What Job Role Is Being Carried Out?

    The job role undertaken plays a vital role in the type of clothing you should choose. For example, if your employees are active for most of the day, selecting formal trousers and shirts wouldn’t work for them, as informal shirts and shorts won’t work for office settings.

    What Material Should You Choose?

    Again looking at the activity levels of your employees, their working environment and the temperature will indicate the type of material you could choose for your workwear.

    Cotton is a popular choice for warmer temperatures; it is a cooler material and perfect for employees working in an air-conditioned office or retail store. However, if your employees are active, for example, working in a gym, then polyester might be a better choice due to its moisture-wicking and drying properties. It is also more durable so that it can withstand more vigorous activities.

    How Are You Going to Personalise Workwear?

    When it comes to adding your branding or logo to personalised workwear, you need to choose which option is right for you. Printing and embroidered workwear are the two most suitable choices for personalised workwear.

    Embroidered workwear is ideal for a more professional finish or smarter uniforms. It is perfect for clothing that will be worn frequently as it can withstand frequent washing and wear too. 

    Printing is ideal for shirts or items that are worn for short periods, such as promotional times or for places with a high staff turnover where you need a higher volume of workwear frequently as it can be cheaper than embroidered workwear.

    What Does Your Logo Involve?

    Do you know how many colour palettes are in your logo or branding before you try to add this to clothing? Knowing how your logo will transfer onto different coloured clothing or material is essential to understanding how the finished item will look.

    Workwear uniforms are available in a range of primary colours; however, depending on the colours involved in your chosen design, you might not be able to colour match. Many gradients and designs are coming through in modern company branding. While they look good on paper or a screen, the different gradients you want might not be available or work with the uniform colours you require, or you may have to make a specific bulk order specifically in your colours.

    What Is The Function of Personalised Workwear?

    Who will wear the workwear, and what will be the primary function? If the main reason for purchasing T-shirts is to upsell or promote an item or service, then going for larger printed images or logos can be beneficial. This also allows customers to identify staff members. Suppose the aim is to have everyone uniformed for a cohesive look. In that case, a smaller embroidered workwear option can help elevate your company culture and create a uniform look among employees.

    If you’re unsure how best to design your personalised workwear uniforms, talk to one of our helpful employees who can help you choose the proper clothing and style for your company.

  5. Beginners Guide to Embroidery

    Whether designing custom clothes for fashion, gifts, or workwear, embroidered clothing stands out as one of the most attractive options. 

    But what exactly is the embroidery process and what results can you expect from it? Here’s all you need to know.

    What does embroidered mean?

    Embroidery is defined by the dictionary as “the activity of decorating cloth or clothing with patterns or pictures sewn directly onto the material, or a pattern or picture created in this way:”

    Therefore, embroidered clothing is any item that has had a design sewn onto it. This is a contrast to other design mentors like screen printing, digital printing, vinyl printing, and transfers. And unlike those alternatives, embroidered items have an unmistakable unique appeal

    Embroidery is a process that has been used for thousands of years and remains very popular to this day with both hobbyists and professional fashion designers alike.

    What fashion items can be embroidered? 

    Embroidery can be used on virtually any item of clothing or fabric accessory. However, the most popular items are embroidered polo shirts, caps, and bags. Embroidery offers many attractive features, the most telling are;

    • They are great for small runs as you avoid some the setup costs associated with the printing methods mentioned above.
    • Each item can be easily customized, which is ideal when individual items require a personalized touch.
    • Embroidered fabrics instantly look stylish and luxurious, especially when the stitching has been completed to professional standards.

    Embroidered designs are particularly good for adding logos and emblems. Whether it’s a work uniform or sports fashion item, the designs will look classy while quality stitching can withstand washes to ensure long-term success whereas printed designs can often peel over time – particularly if you use an inferior service.

    Image meets function

    As already touched upon, embroidered clothing finds the sweet spot of combining aesthetic appeals with functional elements. Modern machines can complete the stitching processes in an automated way. Therefore, the procedure will follow these steps;

    • The logo design will be digitized and prepared for the sewing machines.
    • Clothing is positioned so that the design is added in the right place.
    • Stitching is completed to bring the design to life – the depth, angle, and type of stitching all impact the look.
    • Clothing will be checked for faults like frayed stitches – although this is unlikely.

    While handmade embroidery is an option, machines are capable of completing more intricate designs like text. Moreover, designs can be repeated time and time again with perfect accuracy, which is great when a uniform look is needed for workwear, school uniforms, or other designs.

    Generally speaking, embroidered logos are relatively small (no more than 4”) for two main reasons: aesthetic and costs. The more stitches you use, the more it will cost due to the increased use of time and materials. Meanwhile, embroidery across the entire front of a t-shirt, for example, just wouldn’t look right.

    How to get your clothing embroidered?

    Thousands of people enjoy cross-stitching and embroidery as a pastime, creating fun designs for the home. When it comes to fashion or workwear, however, a professional team that uses advanced embroidery machines and logo digitising processes will be key.
    Logos 4 Clothes can take care of all your embroidery needs. Contact us on 01400 230180 to see what we can do for your project today.

  6. How to Select the Right Custom Hoodies?

    At Logos 4 Clothes, we provide a wide range of personalised hoodies, perfect for all kinds of companies, sports teams, schools, and other groups and organisations. Sometimes, getting everyone together in the same gear can be the perfect way to create that sense of belonging as part of something bigger. Custom hoodies can be great for promotional events, too, helping you get your brand out there. But how do you know that you’re choosing the right custom hoodies to suit your needs? Here are a few tips to help you along.

    Know what colours work for you

    Different providers are going to have access to different colours of customisable hoodies. As such, you should think about which colours are going to best suit your needs. Is there a team colour, school colour, or one that’s associated with the brand? If you’re able to pick two or three colours you’re happy with, then you can make sure that you have some options to choose from if one isn’t available.

    Think about their comfort and functions

    There are different styles of hoodies, and you want to make sure that you’re able to get the kind that suits your purpose. Are you looking for hoodies that warm, comfy, and easy to pull off over the head? Or would you rather have a hoodie with a zip that can more easily be opened and closed? Make sure that you’re choosing the fabric comfortable enough for the season and setting, too.

    Choose a provider with experience

    When it comes to custom hoodies, manufacturers are always going to be a better choice than focusing on retailers. Look at companies that specialise in custom clothing goods. They’re more likely to ensure that not only do you get a high-quality printing job of your logo or design but that you get your clothes on time and as they have been marketed to you.

    Take a closer look at the company’s services

    There are different perks to choosing different companies, so you should take a closer look at, what exactly, they order. Do they provide free deliveries? Do their deliveries come quickly? Are there any limits to what logos they can print? Do they have any discounts that apply to you, such as student discounts? Each company has different offerings so be sure to choose the one that’s best for you.

    Do they have a good track record?

    It’s always a good idea to check out the reviews for any company before you choose them, as well. You should be paying attention to not just whether they’re able to fulfil orders within time and to a satisfactory standard, but the quality of the clothes that they provide, as well. If the hoodies aren’t comfortable and easy to wear, that defeats the point.

    The next time that you’re picking out personalised and customisable hoodies, be sure to consider the tips above, first. Then, if you know what you want, see if we at Logos 4 Clothes can’t help you find the perfect solution with our range.

  7. The Benefits of Uniform

    Regardless of the type of business, an employee uniform can be a great help to your workforce and your company. Different industries require different types of workwear, but they all serve to fulfil similar goals. Here are some of the most pressing reasons to invest in high-quality personalised workwear and how they can benefit your business.

    Uniforms Protect Your Team

    Some workplaces are inherently dangerous. In these cases, protective gear for your employees isn’t just recommended, it’s a necessity. It is the employee’s responsibility to make sure that employees are properly protected from the risks of their job.

    For example, flame-resistant clothing is a must for people working in the oil and gas industry or electrical systems. High-visibility uniforms ensure the safety of construction workers. Even employees in the food industry need uniforms to keep them safe and the environment hygienic. 

    Uniforms Solidify Your Brand

    The brand of your company is its identity. Branded workwear can advertise your company to potential customers. Whether your team is actively working or simply making the daily commute, people will see the uniforms and be reminded of your company. This branding also encourages employees to uphold your company values to the public.  

    Uniforms Give a Good First Impression

    Your employees represent your company, and they can make the best first impression if they’re in the proper uniform. After all, if your company and employees care about keeping a neat, unified, and appropriate appearance, then a customer will notice.

    Organisation is key when it comes to running a smooth and effective business, and customers know that as well as anyone. If they get the impression that your team is well-organised, then they will trust in the same sense of professionalism in delivering the product or service.

    Uniforms Provide a Sense of Unity

    Your employees are a team and a uniform can solidify this all-important sense of unity. If each employee has embroidered workwear that identifies them as part of the same team, then they can work better together. 

    Personalised workwear also ensures that your workforce will feel as though they’re on an equal footing with each other. Nobody will be judged for their fashion choices, because everyone is in the same standardised uniform. Whether they work in an office, a retail environment, or in a warehouse, nobody needs to feel as though they need to keep up with designer clothing.

    Uniforms Save Time and Boost Productivity

    With a standard uniform, nobody needs to put too much thought into what they wear to work. This can save employee’s time and reduce their commute, as getting ready is as simple as putting on the same uniform each day. This can reduce the chance of employees being late.

    All in all, the money invested in branded workwear can easily pay dividends in productivity and free advertising. Make sure that you choose high-quality clothing, so that it doesn’t get worn out and shabby, which can look bad. The good news is that you can find some fantastic uniforms right here at Logos 4 Clothes. Contact us and see the benefits for yourself.

  8. Top 6 Reasons to have a Personalised Workwear

    Personalised workwear is a great way to promote your brand and show off your company’s values. Not only that but there are other benefits to having staff wear personalised uniforms. This blog post will discuss six reasons you should invest in custom uniforms for your employees.

    1) Promote your brand

    When your employees are out and about in the community, they represent your company. A personalised uniform will help to promote your brand and showcase what it is that you stand for. By having a recognisable uniform, people will be more likely to remember who you are and what you do.

    When customers see your staff out and about, they will know that they can trust your business. It also gives off an air of professionalism and authority. So if you’re looking to increase awareness of your brand or make a good impression on potential customers, then a personalised uniform is a great way to do it.

    2) Establish a uniform dress code

    A well-dressed workforce gives off the impression of being professional and organised. It also helps to create a unified look for your company. Establishing a dress code for your employees, and having them wear personalised uniforms, will help to improve the overall appearance of your business.

    When customers see your employees dressed similarly, they will know that they can expect high standards from your company. It also makes it easier for customers to identify staff members should they need assistance or have any questions.

    3) Show your company’s values

    Your company’s values should be reflected in everything you do, including how your employees dress. A personalised uniform is a great way to show off your company’s values and ethos. It can also help to build brand loyalty among customers.

    If your company has a strong sense of community spirit, then you could consider having a charity-themed uniform. Or, if you’re environmentally conscious, you could go for an eco-friendly uniform made from recycled materials. Whatever your values may be, make sure that they are represented in the design of your uniforms.

    4) Increase morale and team spirit

    When employees feel like they belong to a team, their morale and productivity will increase. A personalised uniform can help to foster a sense of team spirit among your employees. It also gives them a sense of pride in representing their company.

    When employees feel good about where they work, they are more likely to be motivated and productive. They may also be more likely to stay with your company. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve employee morale, investing in custom uniforms is a great way.

    5) Uniforms are comfortable and practical

    Custom uniforms can be made from various materials, including cotton, polyester and wool. This means that you can find a material that is both comfortable and practical for your employees to wear. There is also a range of styles and designs to choose from, so you can find a uniform that suits your employees’ individual needs.

    Uniforms are also ideal for hot weather conditions. They help keep employees cool and dry, which can be especially beneficial in the summer months. And if your employees work outdoors or in adverse weather conditions, then having personalised uniforms will provide them with much-needed protection.

    6) Uniforms can be used for marketing purposes

    As we mentioned earlier, personalised uniforms can be a great way to promote your brand. But they can also be used for marketing purposes in other ways. For example, you could use them to promote special offers or discounts that your company is offering. Or you could use them to announce a new product or service that you’re launching.

    Uniforms are also a great way to get your company’s name out there. For example, you could print your company’s logo on the uniforms or include it as part of the design. This will help to increase brand awareness among potential customers.

    So, if you’re looking for a way to improve the image of your business and increase employee morale, then consider investing in personalised uniforms. They are a great way to show your company’s values, and they can be used for marketing purposes as well

  9. Important Things to Consider When Ordering Branded Workwear

    Workwear is an important part of any business. It helps employees look professional and feel confident in their appearance. However, when ordering workwear for your company, you should keep a few things in mind. In this blog post, we will discuss the most important factors to consider when ordering branded workwear.

    Purpose of Workwear

    The first thing you need to determine is the purpose of the workwear. For example, are you looking for uniforms for employees, safety gear, or promotional items to give away at trade shows? Knowing this will help you narrow down your options and make it easier to find a supplier that offers those products that fit your branding goals.

    Branding of the Workwear

    The second thing you need to consider is the branding of the workwear. You want to make sure that your company’s logo is prominently displayed on the clothing. 

    Price and Budget 

    The third thing you need to consider is the price of the workwear. You want to make sure that you are getting a good deal on the clothing. Workwear can be expensive, so it’s important to set a budget before you start shopping. Once you know how much you’re willing to spend, you can narrow down your options and find a supplier that offers products within your price range.

    Fabric and Colour

    What is the type of fabric that will be used? Cotton is usually a good choice as it’s durable and comfortable to wear. You should also think about the colour of the clothing. It’s important to choose colours that will stand out against your brand’s logo or other branding elements.

    Quality of the Workwear

    You need to consider the quality of the workwear. You want to make sure that the clothing will last and that it will be comfortable for your employees to wear. So it’s important to choose a high-quality product. Look for items made from durable materials that can withstand frequent washings.

    Fit and Comfort

    It’s important that the workwear is comfortable and fits well; otherwise, employees may not want to wear it. Make sure to try on samples before placing an order, and be prepared to make adjustments if necessary.


    Be sure to order enough workwear for everyone who needs it, plus a few extras in case of stains or other accidents. It’s better to have too much than not enough!

    What size do you need?

    Another thing to consider when ordering branded workwear is the size and fit of the garments. Workwear comes in all different sizes, so it’s essential to make sure you order the right size. Make sure you order sizes that are appropriate for your employees; otherwise, they may not be comfortable or look professional when wearing them. Many suppliers offer sizing charts on their websites so that you can find the correct size for your needs. If you’re not sure about what sizes to order, it’s best to consult with a specialist who can help you choose the right sizes for your needs.

    By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect branded workwear for your business. Ordering personalised workwear is an investment, but it’s one that will pay off in terms of employee morale and brand recognition. So don’t hesitate – start shopping today!

  10. Why Leaver’s Hoodies Are Important For Growing Up

    Do you remember your last day of school? The last time you heard the hustle and bustle of the hallways. It was the last time you joked with friends in the classroom. It was the last time where things could truly be simple. 

    And, as years go by, you lose the smell, sight, and sound of those simpler times. You may reminisce fondly, but the senses won’t be as clear as time goes on. But, what if there was something that could reignite those senses you once knew so clearly? 

    This is how the leavers hoodies came about. Leavers hoodies are a conversation starter when someone sees you wearing it and asks about your time in school. The hoodies are a bonding moment when you meet with an old friend and you’re both wearing them. You begin sharing old stories you didn’t even know you remembered. 

    Though it’s a material thing, it brings back so many events that occurred long ago. Leavers hoodies are a wonderful way to keep school memories alive. Plus, you need something to wear when it’s cold outside (or inside).

    The History of Leavers Hoodies

    With the invention of printing embroidery technology in the 1980s, leavers hoodies slowly became a school staple for personalising clothing that marked graduating from school. They tend to be received three times in a lifetime. Kids have them in year 6 (when they leave primary school), in year 11 (when some of them go to college, some stay on for 6th form and others change schools), and finally in year 13, when they leave school forever. 

    Leavers hoodies feature your school colours, the names of your classmates, the year you graduate, and the logo of your school. On the last day of school, every student dons their hoodie, sharing a moment and realizing the importance of community.

    The Sentimentality of Leavers Hoodies

    As students prepare to leave the comfort of school, what better way to memorialise this transition than with a hoodie? I mean, we love a good hoodie. They’re warm, cozy, and are quite versatile when it comes to leisurewear.

    When it comes to selecting leaver’s hoodies, it is important to order them from a quality place. That’s where Logos4Clothes–the premier online store for school leavers hoodies– comes in.

    The Design of Logo4Clothes’ Leavers Hoodies

    The team at Logo4Clothes will help you with your design and will provide a completed set of visuals for you to proof before they commence with your order.

    Their hoodies are made from the very best high-quality materials in the very best designs, making them perfect for school. 

    Choose Logos4clothes today for top-tier customer service and high-quality products. They understand how important your image is, which is why they aim to do everything they can to ensure your satisfaction upon purchase.