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  1. Coloreel Embroidery now at Logos4clothes

    Coloreel Embroidered Clothing

    We are pleased to offer a new form of Embroidery that is known as Coloreel, it is now available for your Personalised Clothing at Logos4clothes.com

    The new Coloreel machinery is a fantastic addition to the Embroidered Clothing industry, it is a process that offers endless amounts of Colours in an embroidered design.

    Traditional embroidery involves inputting colours into the design as individual colours of thread, Coloreel has one thread that runs through the design and the thread is dyed to the exact colour in your design as it passes through the machine. This allows graduated designs and embroidery like we have never been able to supply previously. The designs can be produced with great definition.

    Sustainable Embroidery

    This new process is not just about creating great embroidered garments, it is also great for the environment.

    It is known that on average 215 trillion litres of water per year are consumed by the textile industry. Coloreel-powered embroidery machines now reduce wastewater from thread dyeing. A comparison between Coloreel’s technology and one of the world’s leading thread manufacturers shows that traditional thread dyeing produces 50 times more wastewater than Coloreel’s direct dyeing does.

    If you have an elaborate design that you require on Logo Clothing, Polo Shirts, Hoodies or workwear get in touch for a full quote www.logos4clothes.com/contact

  2. The Importance Of Branded Clothing For Business

    A strong brand is a powerful asset for any business. There are lots of ways that you can improve awareness of your brand identity and ensure that you stand out in a sea of competitors. One of the best options is through the use of branded clothing. Here are some of the reasons why personalised workwear could be a smart choice for your business. 

    Improve Brand Awareness

    First, branded clothing will always improve awareness of your business. Wherever your team members go, they will be advertising your brand and help ensure that it gets more attention. This is similar to driving a van or car with the name or logo of your business. It could attract customers that have never used your services before. It will also ensure that existing customers associate positive interactions with your brand. 

    Empower Your Team 

    Your team is the lifeforce of your business. It’s always in your best interest to ensure that team members feel connected, engaged, and motivated to do their job well. Don’t forget, they will have the most face time with your clients. Branded clothing helps your team members feel as though they are part of something bigger. They will want to provide the best service and they will feel proud to be part of your team. It helps create a positive company culture and unites team members through the same objectives or goals. 

    Ensure Your Company Looks Professional 

    First impressions matter in the business world. You will only gain one chance to get the right review or ensure that customers want to use your services. Clients always want to use businesses that look professional and will often view a professional company as trustworthy. It can help keep clients loyal and mean that they will use your business time and time again. Branded clothing will help you create that brilliant first impression and mean that clients feel more comfortable interacting with your team members. It can help you foster positive, long term client relationships. 

    Boost Loyalty 

    Customers love companies that provide additional levels of value through their service. Branded clothing is one of the ways that you can give them what they are searching for. Whether you offer merchandise like this for free or from your store, it will help them feel more connected to your business.

    Marketing That Pays For Itself 

    Finally, branded clothing is a type of marketing that will pay for itself over the years. Everytime a customer, employee or investor wears your branded merchandise, they will help you gain more attention for your brand on the market. It could increase lead generation and cause profit levels to skyrocket. 

    We hope this helps you understand how branded clothing will help your brand grow and thrive on the market. Your team will look great, your business will gain more recognition and you’ll create the right first impression for clients.

  3. 5 Benefits Of Having Personalised Workwear

    1. Workwear can promote equality

    Having personalised Workwear can help promote equality and harmony within the workplace. As people, we come from a wide range of different backgrounds that make each of us different in our very own individual way. If each member of staff is dressed similarly, your employees are more likely to feel as though they are amongst equals, allowing a more peaceful workplace.

    2. Workwear saves your employees time and money

    If you are employing members of staff, you will want them to feel as relaxed as possible in your workplace so that they can fully engage with their working day. By having a personalised uniform, your employees will not have to spend time deciding what to wear the night before or on the morning of a working day, enabling a healthy work-life balance. Having a work uniform also allows your staff to keep more of their hard-earned salary for themselves as they will not have to purchase items for their “work wardrobe”. Why not consider a personalised work uniform for your staff?

    3. A personalised uniform creates its own identity

    We often associate a uniform with creating an identity for the person wearing it, but not for itself. However, a uniform can create its own identity, helping your company present itself at events or even just in public. Have you considered how a personalised uniform would help shape your company identity? Having a personalised uniform can also make you more identifiable amongst your competitors. If you are a start-up business, this just might give you the initial boost you need.

    4. A personalised workwear instils a professional look

    A personalised uniform is a great way of ensuring a professional/corporate look at all times. If you choose to have embroidery on your personalised uniform, a professional aesthetic can be maintained further as embroidery is extremely durable for any profession. A personalised uniform can also improve your overall performance as customers will know who to look out for, enabling them to ask for help when needed. 

    5. Personalised uniforms can even offer protection

    In some sectors of work, a uniform can act as a barrier to any harm, including potentially dangerous environments. For example, a hi-vis jacket can protect employees working in hazardous workplaces by making them visible in warehouses or even working on roads conducting maintenance.

    So, for all your uniform and corporate clothing requirements look no further than the team at Logos 4 Clothes. Call us on 01400 230 180 or email info@logos4clothes.com.

  4. Important Things to Consider When Ordering Branded Workwear

    Workwear is an important part of any business. It helps employees look professional and feel confident in their appearance. However, when ordering workwear for your company, you should keep a few things in mind. In this blog post, we will discuss the most important factors to consider when ordering branded workwear.

    Purpose of Workwear

    The first thing you need to determine is the purpose of the workwear. For example, are you looking for uniforms for employees, safety gear, or promotional items to give away at trade shows? Knowing this will help you narrow down your options and make it easier to find a supplier that offers those products that fit your branding goals.

    Branding of the Workwear

    The second thing you need to consider is the branding of the workwear. You want to make sure that your company’s logo is prominently displayed on the clothing. 

    Price and Budget 

    The third thing you need to consider is the price of the workwear. You want to make sure that you are getting a good deal on the clothing. Workwear can be expensive, so it’s important to set a budget before you start shopping. Once you know how much you’re willing to spend, you can narrow down your options and find a supplier that offers products within your price range.

    Fabric and Colour

    What is the type of fabric that will be used? Cotton is usually a good choice as it’s durable and comfortable to wear. You should also think about the colour of the clothing. It’s important to choose colours that will stand out against your brand’s logo or other branding elements.

    Quality of the Workwear

    You need to consider the quality of the workwear. You want to make sure that the clothing will last and that it will be comfortable for your employees to wear. So it’s important to choose a high-quality product. Look for items made from durable materials that can withstand frequent washings.

    Fit and Comfort

    It’s important that the workwear is comfortable and fits well; otherwise, employees may not want to wear it. Make sure to try on samples before placing an order, and be prepared to make adjustments if necessary.


    Be sure to order enough workwear for everyone who needs it, plus a few extras in case of stains or other accidents. It’s better to have too much than not enough!

    What size do you need?

    Another thing to consider when ordering branded workwear is the size and fit of the garments. Workwear comes in all different sizes, so it’s essential to make sure you order the right size. Make sure you order sizes that are appropriate for your employees; otherwise, they may not be comfortable or look professional when wearing them. Many suppliers offer sizing charts on their websites so that you can find the correct size for your needs. If you’re not sure about what sizes to order, it’s best to consult with a specialist who can help you choose the right sizes for your needs.

    By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect branded workwear for your business. Ordering personalised workwear is an investment, but it’s one that will pay off in terms of employee morale and brand recognition. So don’t hesitate – start shopping today!

  5. Why Leaver’s Hoodies Are Important For Growing Up

    Do you remember your last day of school? The last time you heard the hustle and bustle of the hallways. It was the last time you joked with friends in the classroom. It was the last time where things could truly be simple. 

    And, as years go by, you lose the smell, sight, and sound of those simpler times. You may reminisce fondly, but the senses won’t be as clear as time goes on. But, what if there was something that could reignite those senses you once knew so clearly? 

    This is how the leavers hoodies came about. Leavers hoodies are a conversation starter when someone sees you wearing it and asks about your time in school. The hoodies are a bonding moment when you meet with an old friend and you’re both wearing them. You begin sharing old stories you didn’t even know you remembered. 

    Though it’s a material thing, it brings back so many events that occurred long ago. Leavers hoodies are a wonderful way to keep school memories alive. Plus, you need something to wear when it’s cold outside (or inside).

    The History of Leavers Hoodies

    With the invention of printing embroidery technology in the 1980s, leavers hoodies slowly became a school staple for personalising clothing that marked graduating from school. They tend to be received three times in a lifetime. Kids have them in year 6 (when they leave primary school), in year 11 (when some of them go to college, some stay on for 6th form and others change schools), and finally in year 13, when they leave school forever. 

    Leavers hoodies feature your school colours, the names of your classmates, the year you graduate, and the logo of your school. On the last day of school, every student dons their hoodie, sharing a moment and realizing the importance of community.

    The Sentimentality of Leavers Hoodies

    As students prepare to leave the comfort of school, what better way to memorialise this transition than with a hoodie? I mean, we love a good hoodie. They’re warm, cozy, and are quite versatile when it comes to leisurewear.

    When it comes to selecting leaver’s hoodies, it is important to order them from a quality place. That’s where Logos4Clothes–the premier online store for school leavers hoodies– comes in.

    The Design of Logo4Clothes’ Leavers Hoodies

    The team at Logo4Clothes will help you with your design and will provide a completed set of visuals for you to proof before they commence with your order.

    Their hoodies are made from the very best high-quality materials in the very best designs, making them perfect for school. 

    Choose Logos4clothes today for top-tier customer service and high-quality products. They understand how important your image is, which is why they aim to do everything they can to ensure your satisfaction upon purchase.

  6. Winter Workwear: 8 Essential Items To Beat The Cold

    Corporate Winter Workwear

    We all know it can be a bit of a struggle to choose what’s right when it comes to office winter workwear.

    Nice big woolly jumpers, hats and scarves are understandably not for use in the office, but there are a few items that are perfectly suitable for your staff to wear both in and out of the office when the temperature falls.

    Hoodies & Sweatshirts

    Hoodies and sweatshirts can be worn as part of the onsite uniform for your staff, underneath any PPE or outer hi-visibility layers. They provide an extra layer of warmth when the temperatures go lower and when you’re working outdoors this is key.

    Here at Logos 4 Clothes, we can print/embroider logos onto these items, bringing them in keeping with your corporate brand and making sure that all of the workforces look professional. As well as being able to work with all types of logos, we can also help you by including references to teams or units on the workwear, something that can be particularly important if you are operating on a large site scale.

    As well as having obvious on-site benefits in the winter months, stylish branded hoodies and sweatshirts are a great way of promoting the company away from the site itself. As they are often worn to and from work, at home and so on, they can be combined with a promotional message to maximise impact!

    Similarly to hats, these products can be ordered in a variety of colours to meet brand or operational specifications.

    Long Sleeve Shirts & Blouses

    For corporate businesses, smart shirts in the office are an absolute requirement. As the lower temperatures hit us, it’s time to ditch the short sleeve shirts in favour of thicker, long-sleeved tailoring. This is also a particularly good alternative to allowing staff to wear fleeces/jackets in the office, as a way of keeping the cold out.

    When it comes to shirts and blouses, quality is important. Whether you’re attending important meetings or events, first impressions always count and those generally tend to come from the way your employees present themselves in terms of clothing.

    Stylish high-quality shirts are easily distinguishable from the cheaper ones and are always worth the investment for your brand image. Enhance your chosen shirts with an expertly embroidered logo and you will have created a professional standard uniform that your employees will be proud to wear.

    Here at Logos 4 Clothes, we stock a range of men and ladies long sleeve shirts & blouses from top brands. comfortable, stylish and made with cotton and polyester blends, we have the shirts and blouses to suit you.


    Fleeces are the ideal way to add an extra layer of warmth on those colder days in the office. While office workers will usually benefit from the luxury of central heating in the winter, it’s not uncommon to get the occasional cold chill indoors, especially when manoeuvring around the building.

    Easy to throw on over a shirt, fleeces are warm and comfortable to wear indoors. Having one to hand, it’s a simple way to keep your employees happy and focused on the job at hand rather than being distracted by the cold.

    When wearing indoor outer layers in a corporate setting, they must retain the company’s professional image and ensure that employees look presentable at all times. Fleeces embroidered with your company logo are a great fit for this and are perfect for getting your staff to represent your brand at all times, as opposed to wearing their winter layers.

    We have an extensive range of fleeces ready to be embroidered with your corporate logo, available in a variety of styles and colours to suit your current office uniforms and branding.


    In building, businesses are always looking for workwear and PPE that helps their employees to embrace the winter chill, ensuring work can continue despite the cold front.

    Woolly hats can complement other thermal workwear layers to create the perfect, comfortable attire for the season. Woolly hats are also essential in reducing heat loss if all other areas of the body are covered.

    Embroidered with the logo of your brand or firm they will look professional as part of a full uniform. Plus, you wouldn’t be relying on the team to bring their hats in, which can reflect badly if the other workwear and PPE are branded.

    Hats can be ordered in a variety of colours, meaning there will be a product to suit your company brand. Furthermore, different colours can be utilised to represent different units on-site just like helmets can.

    For workers to be productive in undesirable conditions they need to be provided with comfortable, warm clothing that enables them to function in the cold.


    The cold and wet travelling into work can be unbearable during these colder months. To make it to the office with clothing as dry as possible, preparation is key. So, warm and waterproof outer layers are a must-have for the festive period.

    This is a great opportunity to provide your employees with a practical piece of clothing that will not only help to keep them warm and dry during the battle with the great British weather but also act as an advertisement for your corporate brand whilst out and about.

    Outdoor clothing can be seen as an extension of your already professional-looking branded office uniform, and it’s these outer layers that are noticed by passers-by on our day-to-day commutes. High-quality, durable coats and jackets are a great way to accelerate your brand image whilst also keeping your employees happy.

    If professional-looking, waterproof and warm jackets are what you’re looking for, you’ll find that here at Logos 4 Clothes.

    Construction Winter Workwear

    The winter months can be long and hard for those who work outdoors on construction sites. Luckily for us all, advancements are always being made with regards to workwear and PPE that tackles the plummeting temperatures, strong winds and consistent downpours.

    Cold weather can impact concentration and mobility. Deeper exposure to the cold can often result in hypothermia or worse. But how do we ensure that we’re keeping our workforce warm whilst also adhering to health and safety regulations? Here are four winter workwear items that do just that.


    Wearing the correct, adequate footwear will always be a necessity when on site. It is vitally important that you provide all of your workers with boots that are both comfortable and protective.

    Why the correct footwear is very important

    With the right shoes on their feet, workers are protected from serious foot injuries in a hazardous environment. Handling heavy tools and equipment increases the likelihood of crushes, punctures and lacerations while the strenuous activity involved on the job can lead to sprains.

    Comfort is also a key factor here. Construction jobs can often demand long periods of standing, so you will need to offer footwear that provides good support. Maintaining an upright stance for hours on end can be tiring and, without supportive footwear, it can lead to cases of arthritis and rheumatism.

    Why footwear is particularly important in the colder months

    The winter weather can create adverse working conditions and as an employer, you need to be prepared for this.

    For example, workers will be very thankful for safety wellingtons if they are dealing with long periods of rain and mud. 100% waterproof and fitted with both a steel toe cap and midsole protection, they are a safe bet to keep feet dry and protect against blisters.

    If your job involves navigating gritted patches of ice, our footwear section features a wide variety of safety boots with dual density outsoles and non-conductive materials for cold temperatures.

    Hi-Vis Outer Jackets

    When the dark winter nights draw in, and the days are generally cloudy and dull, hi-vis can be particularly important in terms of hazard prevention. Naturally, hi-visibility will always be needed in factories and on construction sites but there are outer layers that have been specifically designed for colder weather.

    This makes it the perfect hi-vis outerwear piece for the entire year, but particularly in the winter when users can make the most of the quilted lining.


    Heavy-duty jackets may not be necessary for everyday wear, even here in Britain. Sometimes, we just want a light jacket that will protect us from the rain but is also easy enough to pack into a bag on the off chance that the weather holds up. Softshell jackets are the perfect outer layer for those days.

    The lighter fabric of a softshell jacket allows for maximum breathability and movement, while its water-resistant features ensure that you’re protected from the elements. When embroidered with your company logo, you’re reaping the added benefits of your employees promoting your brand with every wear.

    In Conclusion

    So, for all your winter workwear this Christmas look no further than the team at Logos 4 Clothes. Call us on 01400 230 180 or email info@logos4clothes.com.

  7. School Uniform Pros and Cons

    In stark contrast to our European and American counterparts, school uniforms are a commonplace requirement for children throughout Britain. While there are exceptions to the rule, in general, most academic institutions in the UK demand that their pupils wear a specific set of clothes every day that they are in attendance.

    Use of School Uniforms

    In recent years, there has been something of a backlash against this tradition, with some critics arguing it is outdated and should be scrapped. In retaliation, proponents of the uniform have highlighted the various ways in which it can provide tangible benefits to the lives of students, teachers and parents. For those still sitting on the fence on this contentious issue, here’s a rundown of the various pros and cons of wearing a school uniform.

    Pros for School Uniform

    • Smart – Wearing a uniform to school every day creates a sense of smartness and presentation among pupils, making them look more professional to the general public and encouraging them to take pride in their appearance.
    • Everyone equal – Since everyone is required to wear the same clothes, there is no controversy over what children are wearing and the socioeconomic barriers between different pupils can be broken down, reducing the likelihood of bullying.
    • Inclusivity- When all students are clothed in the same garb, they will instinctively feel part of a team and generate a greater sense of community among themselves. This promotes good relations with one another and enhances their abilities to work in a team.
    • Discipline – Children who are clothed in a uniform are likely to be conscious that they are representing their school, which in turn may make them more disposed to attending their classes and behaving with more compunction.
    • Time-saving – If there’s a uniform policy in place at the school, parents do not have to waste time every morning deciding what their children will wear. At the same time, a standard dress code is far easier for teachers to enforce if uniforms are in place.
    • Saves you money – A recent study found that the financial outlay for parents who had to buy a simple uniform was, on average, £88.05 per outfit, whereas the cost shot up to £113 for those who were forced to create their wardrobe for children.

    Cons for School Uniform

    • Individuality – A child who must wear a uniform is less able to express their sense of individuality, instead of being taught to conform to the expectations which society places upon them.
    • Sexism – Any school which adopts a uniform policy that designates different articles of clothing for different genders (such as trousers for boys and skirts for girls) stifles the opportunity for people to express themselves as they see fit and could exacerbate mental health issues.
    • Autonomy – When students are dictated what they can and cannot wear, they may avoid making decisions for themselves and delay transitioning from an adolescent into an adult, thus impacting negatively their ability to become autonomous.
    • Cost – Although uniforms work out cheaper than normal clothes when priced individually, a child’s everyday wardrobe is normally built up over time. School uniforms, on the other hand, generally constitute a one-off but not inconsequential expense, which can place strain on the parents household budgets.
    • Overall Performance – Despite the general perception that uniforms can help improve student grade averages and exam performance, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to credit this. Achievement is more linked to the quality of teaching and individual ability than any dress code.
    • Student opinion – Uniforms are fairly common in the UK, but are less common in America– and children themselves are heavily opposed to their introduction. A 2017 survey found that over eighty per cent who were asked said they would prefer to wear their clothing.

    Getting the School Uniform Right

    As you can see, there are several reasons why both factions believe their opinion is the correct one. Despite the ongoing debate, it’s unlikely that the status quo will be changing any time soon in British schools, with uniforms set to remain an integral part of the educational experience for the foreseeable future.

    Perhaps the ideal scenario would see a compromise between the two sides of the argument, with uniforms retaining their place but allowing for greater gender freedoms and more opportunities for students to express themselves individually. At the same time, a programme promoting awareness of bullying, why it’s wrong and the effects that it can create could be implemented to educate youngsters and make them more tolerant and understanding of their classmates.

    Whatever your stance on the matter we have lots of school uniform solutions to offer you. Look no further than the team at Logos 4 Clothes. Call our team on 01400 230 180 or email info@logos4clothes.com

  8. How To Choose The Weight Of A Polo Shirt

    Polo shirts are great items of clothing for all types of situations. Whether worn as a casual garment for a night on the town, as part of a workplace uniform or as a kit for a sporting event, polo shirts can serve a wide variety of purposes. However, it’s vitally important that you select a polo shirt that’s correct for the purpose to which you intend to use it.

    While colour, size and design are all keys to choosing the right polo shirt, its weight is another crucial factor that often goes unconsidered. Indeed, many people may not even be aware that there are different weights of polo shirts at all, instead simply assuming that all are made in the same manner. In truth, the weight of a polo shirt is all-important in affecting not only how it looks, but also how it feels to the wearer.

    Which weight is correct for me?

    As mentioned above, it’s not simply a case that the heavier the polo shirt, the higher quality of the shirt. Each of the weight categories has its advantages and disadvantages, meaning that some are more appropriate for certain situations than others. When considering which polo shirt you want, it’s a good idea to factor in the purpose to which you intend to put it and the environment in which it will be worn.

    The overall decision will depend upon your unique situation, but as a general rule of thumb and a base from which to begin to make your judgements, you can assume that:-

    Light-weight polo shirts are normally made from performance polyester. This means that they contain excellent wicking and moisture absorption, making them ideal for sporting environments or ones in which the wearer is likely to become hot and would benefit from a garment that allows you to breathe.

    Medium-weight polo shirts are normally made from a mixture of polyester and cotton fibres and constitute an excellent compromise between the two other extremes. For that reason, they are the most popular type of polo shirt, combining comfort, performance and longevity in one attractive package that can be put to a variety of purposes.

    Heavy-weight polo shirts are normally made from more hard-wearing fabrics which make them ideal for colder climates and in which the wearer will be subject to more extreme conditions. The heavier fabric will provide additional warmth, while their durability means they are ideal for construction sites, warehouses or other industrial working environments.

    Again, these are mere generalised rules of thumb and you should carefully consider the type of fabric you wish your polo shirt to be made from, as well as the aesthetic and functional factors of the final product when making your decision.

    How polo shirt weight is measured

    Polo shirt weights are measured in the same way that all other types of garment fabrics are – in grams per square metre, or GSM for short. The overall weight of the fabric is most

    heavily influenced by the fibres and yarns that were used in its production, but can also be affected by how it is woven. Generally speaking, there are three different

    Categories of fabric weight, which are as follows:

    Lightweight fabrics – these fall between 30 and 150 GSM

    Medium Weight fabrics – these fall between 150 and 350 GSM

    Heavyweight fabrics – these are used to indicate anything above 350 GSM

    While it might be tempting to assume that a heavier fabric instantly indicates a higher quality garment, that’s not always the case. For example, some materials are created by weaving together finer fibres and yarns, resulting in an end product that is both lightweight and luxurious at the same time. Cotton is woven with long staple fibres, for example can produce garments that feel superior to the touch and sit lightly on the skin.

    Polo shirts from Garment Printing

    Whether you’re looking for the next article of clothing to add to your corporate wardrobe, a chic and sleek polo for your front-of-house hospitality team, a suave but sporty garment for your local club or just a light and stylish top to wear on casual occasions, Garment Printing have an array of options to suit your needs. Available in a range of weights, styles and sizes, our online catalogue is fit to burst with an extensive collection of choices that will satisfy any situation or occasion.

    So what are your next steps

    So, for all your polo shirt requirements look no further than the team at Logos 4 Clothes. Call our team on 01400 230 180 or email info@logos4clothes.com.

  9. How to claim tax back for your work uniform

    How to claim tax back for your work uniform

    If you’re required to wear specific clothes during your work hours – whether that’s personalised workwear or a more recognisable uniform, like a dental nurse’s tunic or police attire – and you cover your costs for washing and small repairs, you could be entitled to £100s of tax for up to five years’ expenses.

    Better yet, you can do this without consulting expensive firms of solicitors for help. Simply fill out a P87 form and do it yourself – for FREE.

    How do I claim uniform tax?

    You can claim uniform tax for the previous five years if you can prove you have been wearing a uniform that whole time. Simply fill in a P87 form on the direct.gov website – and either submit it online or print it out and post the old-fashioned way. You’ll need to fill out one form per each year of your claim.

    Am I entitled to claim back my laundry costs?

    There are a few requirements you’ll have to meet.

    Your employer requires you to wear the uniform during work hours or business activity.

    You must wear clothing which is recognised as being a work uniform. This can be something as simple as a t-shirt branded with your company’s name, a certain ‘dress code’ you must adhere to for work, and of course more recognisable uniforms like medical staff or the emergency services.

    You paid income tax in the year(s) you’re claiming back for.

    You’re required to purchase, clean or replace it yourself. If you’re required to make small repairs (sewing on buttons, fixing zips – that kind of thing) that also counts.

    If you’re in the police force, check your specific force’s arrangements.

    If you’re self-employed, you should claim uniform and laundry expenses when filling in your self-assessment tax return.

    It is important to note that this does not apply if your employer washes your kit, provides the facilities to do so or pays for this maintenance.

    You’ll be asked to submit this information: –

    Your occupation, job title and industry sector

    Employer’s name and address

    Your National Insurance Number and PAYE reference

    How you want to be paid – into your bank account or by cheque

    Once your claim has been processed, you’ll receive a letter explaining how much you’re entitled to and when the money will be paid. Just bear in mind it could take up to five weeks to process a claim.

    Once you’ve made a claim the first time around, your tax code should adjust automatically and save you from claiming manually the next time. If it hasn’t, simply call Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on 0300 200 3300.

    What amount could I get back?

    The amount you’re entitled to depend on the industry you work in.

    The standard flat-rate allowance for uniform maintenance is £60; if you’re a basic-rate taxpayer, you can claim 20% of this (£12) back. Higher-rate payers can reclaim 40% (£24). Other occupations have

    more specific limits, such as ambulance staff, with a maximum of £185.

    So, remember for all your workwear requirements look no further than the team at Logos 4 Clothes. Call us on 01400 230 180 or email us info@logos4clothes.com.

  10. The Rise of the School Leavers Hoodies

    The simple hoodie is a staple garment in pretty much everyone’s wardrobe, and you can easily see why. Ideal for travelling, throwing on when going to the gym, or even to show off your school spirit, hoodies have a great appeal to young and old.

    Hoodies are due to celebrate their 100th birthday before the end of the decade. Their origins date back to 1919 when American business, Champion Products, then trading as the Knickerbocker Knitting Company, designed the first hooded sweatshirt, with the trademark hood added to protect people from the cold.

    Now, school hoodies have become the symbol of school spirit. Visit any campus in Britain and be amazing by how many are wearing them – even lecturers!  

    Here’s a look at the rise of the hoodie and why you need to jump on board now!


    Harold Lipson, a former president at Champion, recognised how welcomed the hoodie was by working professionals and decided to promote the clothing to schools across America.  

    They were an instant hit with pupils and schools alike, Champion began working directly with schools to meet their sports apparel needs. The result of these partnerships was the manufacture of a large and comfortable hooded sweatshirt, ideal for school track and American football athletes nationwide.

    After the mass use of fabric screen printing in the ’80s, customising clothing with school colours became ever increasingly popular.


    For over 30 years, school custom leavers hoodies have continued to rise year on year. Viewed as an effective means of promoting individual educational institutions, even the most prestigious schools and universities have jumped on board with hoodies as a symbol of educational pride.

    Viewed as one of the most eye-catching and effective ways of promoting school awareness, customising hoodies with your school colours and logo will attract positive attention. Primary and secondary schools across Britain have embraced the hoodie recognising that they enhance pupil experience and the overall perception of the school.


    It’s acknowledged that pupils learn in a comfortable and relaxing environment. This is one of the reasons why a great number of state primary and secondary schools have voted against a traditional school uniform, in favour of casual clothing for pupils.

    School hoodies promote school awareness, whilst simultaneously allowing pupils to feel comfortable and relaxed in the classroom. Unlike the traditional shirt and tie, hoodies can allow enhancing pupil concentration, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

    When graduation time comes, school leavers hoodies colours also promote school awareness long after the pupil has taken the next step in their lives. Instantly recognisable, this branded clothing is a great advertisement for any school in the local community, and the wider world too!


    Lots of schools across Britain believe strongly in the merits of buying customised hoodies online. This opinion has resulted in their surge in popularity, not only over the last thirty years but recently too. 

    The reputation of a school is paramount to its continued success. But, for any primary and secondary school to build a reputation, a school must concentrate on promoting awareness. 

    Therefore, school hoodies are a vital element to promoting your school. Think about it, if you’re a parent, actively looking at primary or secondary schools that will allow your son or daughter to thrive, which will you pick? The one that makes them happy and allows them to thrive.

    Imagine that you’re walking close to home and see a group of happy school children out on an excursion. Each child is attentive to the teacher and well-behaved. You think to yourself, ‘I wonder what school they attend?’ Then you spot a distinctive school hoodie with their school colour and emblem.

    This may just convince you that this school is the one for your child – and you may not have considered it if it hadn’t been for all the hoodies the pupils are wearing!

    School hoodies have evolved to be an essential part of a pupil’s experience and a school’s promotional activities. If you haven’t considered their merits, perhaps it’s time to jump on board now!

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