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  1. Why personalised scarves

    Create a tailor-made luxury gift or the perfect treat for you with our embroidery scarves service. We like to believe that our variety of personalised scarves makes you or your loved one the ideal personalised gift.

    We give our scarves a personalisation choice at logos4clothes. We’re sure the style look will be enhanced by this.

    Depending on the style of the scarf, we enjoy experimenting with distinct fonts, the trick is to find the one that suits the style right!

    Our fresh and exciting range of custom scarves creates a collection of refined and refreshing accessories to add to your personality.

    Our products are fantastic as gifts to her, but also excellent men’s gifts – please browse through our range of top tier scarfs, here you will discover a variety of our products.

    This is the perfect product for your rugby squad, sports club, corporate event, music group, fan club, stag night, hen party, promotion of an item or company promotion throughout our website, which can become a personalised item by adding a private touch.

    View our scarves collection here

  2. Benefits of Custom Embroidered Hats

    Usually the Benefits of Custom Embroidered Hats in your business is a wonderful way to make your brand unique, well-established and advanced. Embroidery provides your company with a higher perceived value and those businesses that take a keen interest in using an embroidered hat will definitely experience the many excellent advantages that these hats gives the business.


  3. What makes a good logo?

    There have been numerous creative logo designs posted across the Web. While this will help you to create a powerful toolbox for your logo designs, you still need a solid understanding of what makes a logo design good.


  4. Getting your towel embroidered

    Getting towels personalized is a great opportunity to get your brand out there. Towels will give you a big space to show off your company’s logo. You can choose what kind of towel you would like your logo put onto some being bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, and much more.


  5. How you can increase your brand presence by printing on clothes?

    Do you want your business to have a long-lasting and effective advertising space? Well, why not use our textile products we have to offer. You can create your own collection quite simply. Our store has a wide range of items that you can print your items on to from corporate sweatshirts to hats to sports bags.


  6. Personalised bags

    Are you looking for something to make your bag stand out? A gift for someone who loves bags? We have the solution for you.


  7. Choosing your logo

    When it comes to your image especially in business branding there are a many different thing to consider.
    From your logo itself and the layout of your website and all the way to who you’re going to have on your team and business values, building a brand takes time.


  8. Wear a beauty tunic and stand out from the crowd

    When you work in the beauty industry, should you wear a Beauty Tunic, as this is the first impression that anyone will judge. If you don’t look professional why would someone continue to use your services, no matter how good a job you have done for them. Here we’ll explore why our personalised beauty tunics can help your business to give the right impression.