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  1. How to choose workwear uniforms

    Choosing workwear clothing isn’t as simple as slapping your branding on an outfit and kitting your stuff out. You need to consider many different factors when selecting the proper workwear uniform.

    What Job Role Is Being Carried Out?

    The job role undertaken plays a vital role in the type of clothing you should choose. For example, if your employees are active for most of the day, selecting formal trousers and shirts wouldn’t work for them, as informal shirts and shorts won’t work for office settings.

    What Material Should You Choose?

    Again looking at the activity levels of your employees, their working environment and the temperature will indicate the type of material you could choose for your workwear.

    Cotton is a popular choice for warmer temperatures; it is a cooler material and perfect for employees working in an air-conditioned office or retail store. However, if your employees are active, for example, working in a gym, then polyester might be a better choice due to its moisture-wicking and drying properties. It is also more durable so that it can withstand more vigorous activities.

    How Are You Going to Personalise Workwear?

    When it comes to adding your branding or logo to personalised workwear, you need to choose which option is right for you. Printing and embroidered workwear are the two most suitable choices for personalised workwear.

    Embroidered workwear is ideal for a more professional finish or smarter uniforms. It is perfect for clothing that will be worn frequently as it can withstand frequent washing and wear too. 

    Printing is ideal for shirts or items that are worn for short periods, such as promotional times or for places with a high staff turnover where you need a higher volume of workwear frequently as it can be cheaper than embroidered workwear.

    What Does Your Logo Involve?

    Do you know how many colour palettes are in your logo or branding before you try to add this to clothing? Knowing how your logo will transfer onto different coloured clothing or material is essential to understanding how the finished item will look.

    Workwear uniforms are available in a range of primary colours; however, depending on the colours involved in your chosen design, you might not be able to colour match. Many gradients and designs are coming through in modern company branding. While they look good on paper or a screen, the different gradients you want might not be available or work with the uniform colours you require, or you may have to make a specific bulk order specifically in your colours.

    What Is The Function of Personalised Workwear?

    Who will wear the workwear, and what will be the primary function? If the main reason for purchasing T-shirts is to upsell or promote an item or service, then going for larger printed images or logos can be beneficial. This also allows customers to identify staff members. Suppose the aim is to have everyone uniformed for a cohesive look. In that case, a smaller embroidered workwear option can help elevate your company culture and create a uniform look among employees.

    If you’re unsure how best to design your personalised workwear uniforms, talk to one of our helpful employees who can help you choose the proper clothing and style for your company.

  2. The Benefits of Uniform

    Regardless of the type of business, an employee uniform can be a great help to your workforce and your company. Different industries require different types of workwear, but they all serve to fulfil similar goals. Here are some of the most pressing reasons to invest in high-quality personalised workwear and how they can benefit your business.

    Uniforms Protect Your Team

    Some workplaces are inherently dangerous. In these cases, protective gear for your employees isn’t just recommended, it’s a necessity. It is the employee’s responsibility to make sure that employees are properly protected from the risks of their job.

    For example, flame-resistant clothing is a must for people working in the oil and gas industry or electrical systems. High-visibility uniforms ensure the safety of construction workers. Even employees in the food industry need uniforms to keep them safe and the environment hygienic. 

    Uniforms Solidify Your Brand

    The brand of your company is its identity. Branded workwear can advertise your company to potential customers. Whether your team is actively working or simply making the daily commute, people will see the uniforms and be reminded of your company. This branding also encourages employees to uphold your company values to the public.  

    Uniforms Give a Good First Impression

    Your employees represent your company, and they can make the best first impression if they’re in the proper uniform. After all, if your company and employees care about keeping a neat, unified, and appropriate appearance, then a customer will notice.

    Organisation is key when it comes to running a smooth and effective business, and customers know that as well as anyone. If they get the impression that your team is well-organised, then they will trust in the same sense of professionalism in delivering the product or service.

    Uniforms Provide a Sense of Unity

    Your employees are a team and a uniform can solidify this all-important sense of unity. If each employee has embroidered workwear that identifies them as part of the same team, then they can work better together. 

    Personalised workwear also ensures that your workforce will feel as though they’re on an equal footing with each other. Nobody will be judged for their fashion choices, because everyone is in the same standardised uniform. Whether they work in an office, a retail environment, or in a warehouse, nobody needs to feel as though they need to keep up with designer clothing.

    Uniforms Save Time and Boost Productivity

    With a standard uniform, nobody needs to put too much thought into what they wear to work. This can save employee’s time and reduce their commute, as getting ready is as simple as putting on the same uniform each day. This can reduce the chance of employees being late.

    All in all, the money invested in branded workwear can easily pay dividends in productivity and free advertising. Make sure that you choose high-quality clothing, so that it doesn’t get worn out and shabby, which can look bad. The good news is that you can find some fantastic uniforms right here at Logos 4 Clothes. Contact us and see the benefits for yourself.

  3. Top 6 Reasons to have a Personalised Workwear

    Personalised workwear is a great way to promote your brand and show off your company’s values. Not only that but there are other benefits to having staff wear personalised uniforms. This blog post will discuss six reasons you should invest in custom uniforms for your employees.

    1) Promote your brand

    When your employees are out and about in the community, they represent your company. A personalised uniform will help to promote your brand and showcase what it is that you stand for. By having a recognisable uniform, people will be more likely to remember who you are and what you do.

    When customers see your staff out and about, they will know that they can trust your business. It also gives off an air of professionalism and authority. So if you’re looking to increase awareness of your brand or make a good impression on potential customers, then a personalised uniform is a great way to do it.

    2) Establish a uniform dress code

    A well-dressed workforce gives off the impression of being professional and organised. It also helps to create a unified look for your company. Establishing a dress code for your employees, and having them wear personalised uniforms, will help to improve the overall appearance of your business.

    When customers see your employees dressed similarly, they will know that they can expect high standards from your company. It also makes it easier for customers to identify staff members should they need assistance or have any questions.

    3) Show your company’s values

    Your company’s values should be reflected in everything you do, including how your employees dress. A personalised uniform is a great way to show off your company’s values and ethos. It can also help to build brand loyalty among customers.

    If your company has a strong sense of community spirit, then you could consider having a charity-themed uniform. Or, if you’re environmentally conscious, you could go for an eco-friendly uniform made from recycled materials. Whatever your values may be, make sure that they are represented in the design of your uniforms.

    4) Increase morale and team spirit

    When employees feel like they belong to a team, their morale and productivity will increase. A personalised uniform can help to foster a sense of team spirit among your employees. It also gives them a sense of pride in representing their company.

    When employees feel good about where they work, they are more likely to be motivated and productive. They may also be more likely to stay with your company. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve employee morale, investing in custom uniforms is a great way.

    5) Uniforms are comfortable and practical

    Custom uniforms can be made from various materials, including cotton, polyester and wool. This means that you can find a material that is both comfortable and practical for your employees to wear. There is also a range of styles and designs to choose from, so you can find a uniform that suits your employees’ individual needs.

    Uniforms are also ideal for hot weather conditions. They help keep employees cool and dry, which can be especially beneficial in the summer months. And if your employees work outdoors or in adverse weather conditions, then having personalised uniforms will provide them with much-needed protection.

    6) Uniforms can be used for marketing purposes

    As we mentioned earlier, personalised uniforms can be a great way to promote your brand. But they can also be used for marketing purposes in other ways. For example, you could use them to promote special offers or discounts that your company is offering. Or you could use them to announce a new product or service that you’re launching.

    Uniforms are also a great way to get your company’s name out there. For example, you could print your company’s logo on the uniforms or include it as part of the design. This will help to increase brand awareness among potential customers.

    So, if you’re looking for a way to improve the image of your business and increase employee morale, then consider investing in personalised uniforms. They are a great way to show your company’s values, and they can be used for marketing purposes as well

  4. Important Things to Consider When Ordering Branded Workwear

    Workwear is an important part of any business. It helps employees look professional and feel confident in their appearance. However, when ordering workwear for your company, you should keep a few things in mind. In this blog post, we will discuss the most important factors to consider when ordering branded workwear.

    Purpose of Workwear

    The first thing you need to determine is the purpose of the workwear. For example, are you looking for uniforms for employees, safety gear, or promotional items to give away at trade shows? Knowing this will help you narrow down your options and make it easier to find a supplier that offers those products that fit your branding goals.

    Branding of the Workwear

    The second thing you need to consider is the branding of the workwear. You want to make sure that your company’s logo is prominently displayed on the clothing. 

    Price and Budget 

    The third thing you need to consider is the price of the workwear. You want to make sure that you are getting a good deal on the clothing. Workwear can be expensive, so it’s important to set a budget before you start shopping. Once you know how much you’re willing to spend, you can narrow down your options and find a supplier that offers products within your price range.

    Fabric and Colour

    What is the type of fabric that will be used? Cotton is usually a good choice as it’s durable and comfortable to wear. You should also think about the colour of the clothing. It’s important to choose colours that will stand out against your brand’s logo or other branding elements.

    Quality of the Workwear

    You need to consider the quality of the workwear. You want to make sure that the clothing will last and that it will be comfortable for your employees to wear. So it’s important to choose a high-quality product. Look for items made from durable materials that can withstand frequent washings.

    Fit and Comfort

    It’s important that the workwear is comfortable and fits well; otherwise, employees may not want to wear it. Make sure to try on samples before placing an order, and be prepared to make adjustments if necessary.


    Be sure to order enough workwear for everyone who needs it, plus a few extras in case of stains or other accidents. It’s better to have too much than not enough!

    What size do you need?

    Another thing to consider when ordering branded workwear is the size and fit of the garments. Workwear comes in all different sizes, so it’s essential to make sure you order the right size. Make sure you order sizes that are appropriate for your employees; otherwise, they may not be comfortable or look professional when wearing them. Many suppliers offer sizing charts on their websites so that you can find the correct size for your needs. If you’re not sure about what sizes to order, it’s best to consult with a specialist who can help you choose the right sizes for your needs.

    By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect branded workwear for your business. Ordering personalised workwear is an investment, but it’s one that will pay off in terms of employee morale and brand recognition. So don’t hesitate – start shopping today!

  5. How to keep your workwear clean

    A great first impression is a key to the success of any company working in any industry sector. What’s the best way to achieve this? With a stylish and smart corporate uniform! That doesn’t just apply to the decoration and design of the clothes, either, but also to its state of cleanliness.

    Staff who wear pristine uniforms will not only be equipped to perform their duties to the best of their ability but will also look incredibly professional while doing so. Depending on the industry in which you operate, keeping your workwear clean and tidy might be a legal obligation.

    In the cosmetics, medical or food sectors, for example, hygiene is a crucial consideration, while PPE (personal protection equipment) used in industrial and construction areas must be kept clean to function properly.

    Keep your Workwear Clean

    With all of those points to consider, it should be very clear that keeping your corporate workwear clean should be high on your agenda. But how should you go about it? Well, different garments need different levels of care and attention. So, depending upon the purpose to which they are put and the environment in which they are worn, there may be different requirements concerning the washing process. Let’s take a look at a few of the major uniform styles:-

    Sports kits and uniforms

    Sports kits will inevitably pick up tough grass and mud stains if the game is played al fresco, but even indoor matches will surely result in uniforms saturated in sweat after the final whistle. Fortunately, these are among the easiest items to keep clean, since they’re generally made of material resistant to high temperatures and can almost always be safely washed in the machine.

    Construction workwear

    Those working on construction sites will likely need to wear PPE, which may include hi-vis clothing. Retroreflective materials must be kept free from dirt and other detritus since this can inhibit their performance. However, washing hi-vis attire at high temperatures or with certain chemicals can also damage the fabric and make it less effective.

    Corporate uniforms

    A sharp suit is instrumental in creating a great first impression – but not if it’s dirty, stained or creased. Shirts, blouses and trousers are normally machine washable, but you may want to take your suit jacket and any other delicate items to a dry cleaner for a professional service. The advantage of this method is that it will be returned to you ironed, pressed and looking good as new.

    Gastronomy uniform

    When working near food all day, a chef will likely end up with some of it on him. Although many kitchens are located out of public sight, a pristine chef’s whites communicate professionalism and panache, while there’s also the hygiene angle to be considered. The durable fabrics used in kitchen clothing means it can normally stand up to repeat machine washes at high temperatures.

    Cosmetics and beauty uniform

    Those working within an industry that prides themselves on taking good care of aesthetic

    appearance is perhaps under more pressure than any other to ensure its staff are impeccably turned out. The tunics, blouses and other apparel is worn by beauticians and cosmetics professionals are normally suitable for the washing machine, but always check the label to see if there are any restrictions.

    For best results, turn the garment inside out before washing so that it doesn’t come into contact with the machine walls, and use a mild detergent at a lukewarm temperature. Again, the label is the best place to find specific information about what is and what is not acceptable.

    Healthcare uniform

    There’s that word again – hygiene. In an industry where people’s lives are hanging in the balance, keeping medical scrubs and other forms of workwear spotlessly clean is of the highest importance. For that reason, healthcare uniforms must be washed at very high temperatures, to ensure that not only all stains are thoroughly removed, but that all bacteria are destroyed, too.

    Updating your company wardrobe

    While regularly cleaning is compulsory to keep your uniforms (and the staff wearing them) looking spick and span, any garment will reach a point where wear and tear have become too much for it. Generally speaking, uniforms have a lifespan of between one and four years, depending on the materials they’re constructed from, the environments to which they’re exposed and the purposes to which they’re put.

    So, when the time comes to update your company’s wardrobe, Logos 4 Clothes are here to help with our expertise and extensive catalogue of workwear options. Whatever the industry you work in or the type of uniform you require, we’re sure to have a wealth of choices that will suit any profession and business.

    Remember, for all your workwear requirements look no further than the team at Logos 4 Clothes. Call us on 01400 230 180 or email info@logos4clothes.com.

  6. 5 Things you need to know when selecting workwear

    Company workwear can be almost as crucial to the success of your business as the services you offer or the staff you employ. After all, you might be selling the best thing since sliced bread and employ the finest salesmen to do it, but if they’re slovenly dressed, they’ll create a poor first impression of your brand and its ethos. Therefore, nailing the uniform is an important priority for any business leader serious about staying one step ahead of the competition.

    Selecting your Workwear

    Fortunately, Garment Printing is on hand to help you through this challenging but critical decision. We stock a wide variety of different garments that are suitable for a range of working environments, from offices to warehouses and construction sites to kitchens and everything in between. Whatever kind of clothing you need, we’re here to offer premium quality attire that can be fully customised to contain your company’s name and logo, resulting in a finished product that allows your staff to perform their responsibilities with the minimum of fuss, all the while portraying a professional image of your business to the general public.

    The devil is in the details

    As well as sourcing a reputable manufacturer and getting your sizes right, you’ll also want to invest sufficient time into designing a uniform that reflects your company’s brand and its values. This will involve including the name and logo on the garments in question, but also in a manner that reflects the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to create a fun and frivolous impression? Tees emblazoned with loud colours might do the trick. A more professional and elegant aesthetic might call for embroidered polos or Oxford shirts.

    When compiling the items for your company’s wardrobe, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you get the decision correct. Here’s a quick rundown of five of the most influential factors which can make all the difference between business success and failure:

    Size does matter

    It’s no good adopting a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your staff’s workwear since you’re bound to employ a staff of all shapes and sizes. Before placing your order, it’s imperative that you take detailed measurements of each employee to ensure that you get a snug fit that will create a sophisticated and stylish impression.

    Safety first!

    It might be the last on this list, but safety should be the first concern when it comes to choosing workwear for your staff. Certain industries (such as construction sites or road traffic management jobs) require employees to wear personal protective equipment, including things like steel toe cap boots, hard hats, and hi-vis clothing. Find out if you have any legal obligations in this respect and explore our online catalogue of safety-oriented workwear to ensure you have all the bases covered when it comes to keeping your troops safe in the workplace.

    Consistency is key

    Whichever type you opt for, it’s imperative that you make sure it’s consistent with all your other sales efforts. The key to establishing your brand identity as an instantly recognisable entity is reinforcing the company message through repetition of its slogan, logo and colour themes. Think what the golden arches for McDonald’s or the tick have done for Nike or the and try to create that sort of brand consistency in your uniforms.

    Trusted brands are integral to the success

    It’s very important to remember that the reputation of your business depends upon the quality of the workwear with which you supply your staff since anyone who comes into contact with them will subconsciously judge the professionalism of your outfit based on theirs. By going with trusted brands such as Premier, Regatta and Russell – all of which are trusted suppliers of workwear items offered by Garment Printing – you can guarantee that their impeccable standing will be reflected in the uniforms your staff wear.

    So what’s the next steps

    So, for all your workwear requirements look no further than the team at Logos 4 Clothes. Call our team on 01400 230 180 or email info@logos4clothes.com.

  7. How to claim tax back for your work uniform

    How to claim tax back for your work uniform

    If you’re required to wear specific clothes during your work hours – whether that’s personalised workwear or a more recognisable uniform, like a dental nurse’s tunic or police attire – and you cover your costs for washing and small repairs, you could be entitled to £100s of tax for up to five years’ expenses.

    Better yet, you can do this without consulting expensive firms of solicitors for help. Simply fill out a P87 form and do it yourself – for FREE.

    How do I claim uniform tax?

    You can claim uniform tax for the previous five years if you can prove you have been wearing a uniform that whole time. Simply fill in a P87 form on the direct.gov website – and either submit it online or print it out and post the old-fashioned way. You’ll need to fill out one form per each year of your claim.

    Am I entitled to claim back my laundry costs?

    There are a few requirements you’ll have to meet.

    Your employer requires you to wear the uniform during work hours or business activity.

    You must wear clothing which is recognised as being a work uniform. This can be something as simple as a t-shirt branded with your company’s name, a certain ‘dress code’ you must adhere to for work, and of course more recognisable uniforms like medical staff or the emergency services.

    You paid income tax in the year(s) you’re claiming back for.

    You’re required to purchase, clean or replace it yourself. If you’re required to make small repairs (sewing on buttons, fixing zips – that kind of thing) that also counts.

    If you’re in the police force, check your specific force’s arrangements.

    If you’re self-employed, you should claim uniform and laundry expenses when filling in your self-assessment tax return.

    It is important to note that this does not apply if your employer washes your kit, provides the facilities to do so or pays for this maintenance.

    You’ll be asked to submit this information: –

    Your occupation, job title and industry sector

    Employer’s name and address

    Your National Insurance Number and PAYE reference

    How you want to be paid – into your bank account or by cheque

    Once your claim has been processed, you’ll receive a letter explaining how much you’re entitled to and when the money will be paid. Just bear in mind it could take up to five weeks to process a claim.

    Once you’ve made a claim the first time around, your tax code should adjust automatically and save you from claiming manually the next time. If it hasn’t, simply call Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on 0300 200 3300.

    What amount could I get back?

    The amount you’re entitled to depend on the industry you work in.

    The standard flat-rate allowance for uniform maintenance is £60; if you’re a basic-rate taxpayer, you can claim 20% of this (£12) back. Higher-rate payers can reclaim 40% (£24). Other occupations have

    more specific limits, such as ambulance staff, with a maximum of £185.

    So, remember for all your workwear requirements look no further than the team at Logos 4 Clothes. Call us on 01400 230 180 or email us info@logos4clothes.com.

  8. Be Your Branding Billboard

    So you’ve got your business card, yes? Maybe even a website tailored and branded with your company logo with images and content that display what your company is about and the services you provide. You might even have a small or large marketing budget that allows you to place advertisements in media that your local, national or international customer base visit frequently.

    So how else do customers find your products or services? Still to this day, word of mouth one of the most powerful marketing tools there is. No matter how big your marketing budget, you cannot buy the belief and trust that a friend will give somebody when they recommend a company they have had a good experience with.

    So how about the next best thing? What you wear.

    To fully appreciate the impact that branding your workwear can have, we need to dig a little deeper to understand the human psyche.

    There’s a reason why Ralph Lauren embroiders their clothing with their logo. Well, there’s two. One, you can instantly recognise what brand of the polo shirt is being worn, and, in the process, whoever is wearing that polo shirt is advertising Ralph Lauren.

    And two, it makes the wearer feel fantastic; “I don’t sell clothes, I sell a lifestyle”.

    Now, the majority of workwear isn’t going to be a £100 Ralph Lauren polo shirt. But the same principles apply. By branding your workwear either with embroidery or print you are achieving several things. You and your staff are a walking, talking billboard for your company. Whether you pop into town for your lunch or are out and about in general, people will notice your website address on your back or a logo on the front of your shirt.

    By branding your workwear you are making a statement. “This is what I believe in. I’m proud to work for this company.” If you believe in your company, so will your customers.

    Initiating a staff workwear policy with branded clothing can instil a sense of pride in your staff. A sense of belonging and being part of a team.

    Also, and quite an important but simple note to remember, is to make sure your workwear is fresh, clean and presentable. Make sure you ditch the tired, dirty workwear and replace it regularly to keep you and your staff looking fresh and smart. If you look untidy and ‘unkept’ that doesn’t give the best message for your company. Allowing your staff to wear clothing with holes or logos flaking off can do more harm than good to the reputation of your business.

    And remember, first impressions are so important and do count!

    For all your personalised clothing and workwear why not contact the team at Logos 4 Clothes on 01400 230 180 or email info@logos4clothes.com.

  9. The Top Five Advantages of Work Uniforms

    If you’re thinking about getting some uniforms for your office but aren’t quite sure if they are right for you, then you may want to look at the top five advantages that workwear can offer you.


    1. Smarten your Appearance

    First and foremost, wearing a uniform to work can help you and your colleagues to come across as highly smart and professional.

    It has been argued that in some lines of work, staff who wear distin­gu­is­hable work uniforms are often more trusted by customers than those who do not. Being professional is the key to success, so it’s very important to keep your workforce looking smart and sharp. Whether it’s with a smart-looking buttoned-up shirt, plain polo or a work hat, incor­porating standardised apparel into the workplace will help both your employees and your business look more profes­sional.


    1. Managed with Ease

    Sometimes it can be rather difficult to get everyone looking right. Trying to ensure your employees look their best at all times can sometimes seem like a tall order, as what one person considers to be smart, another would see as quite scruffy.

    Employees’ uniforms can help you to banish this problem for good, ensuring that everyone knows exactly what they need to wear at all times. Invest in some work-friendly apparel and you can make sure that you’re spending more time sorting out the issues that matter in your workplace and less time worrying about employees’ appearances.


    1. Corporate Identity

    Free branding alert! Alongside profes­si­onalism and manage­ability, work uniforms can also be a source of free advertising for your business.

    If your logo is on staff members clothing and accessories, you will be promoting your company without even realising it. Travelling to work, taking a lunch break, even eating out at a restaurant means that company members will find themselves all across the local area and they will be promoting your company.


    1. Sense of Togetherness

    Do you find that sometimes your team members can’t work together? Or maybe they struggle to find some common ground over which they can build on? If so, uniforms could be the answer!

    Workwear can bring people together, giving them something that they can all be part of. This experience can be rewarding and could not only help improve work relations but encourage a happier, more hardworking member of the team too.


    1. Keep cost in check

    Finally, it’s great to know that alongside all of these benefits, staff uniforms are incredibly cost-effective as well. When buying workwear in large quantities, you can save huge amounts of money that can be put to good use elsewhere in your business.


    So, whatever you are looking for on the uniform front speak to the experts at Logos 4 Clothes on 01400 230 180 or email info@logos4clothes.com.

  10. Work Shirts Explained

    So, you are looking to find the right work shirt – we thought we would come up with a few tips to help you browse through our catalogue of personalised work shirts.

     Most customers tend to buy shirts that are described by the manufactures as “tailored” or “fitted” in the actual hope that it will look more professional and in uniform. What you need to understand is that everyone has a different body shape and only catering for two body types can be a recipe for disaster and can hit you in the pocket!

    If you are buying a uniform for a team – try ordering some samples of different fits and styles such as slim fit, fitted, standard fit and tailored. You might also want to consider short, long and oxford shirts when you order.


    Fitted Shirts

    These are designed to hug your chest, arms and waist area. These shirts should feel snug but not too tight. If the shirt is too tight you will start spilling out. This style might not be the best style for you and your team.


    Slim Fit Shirts

    Slim fit shirts are designed to fit like a second skin and they are usually better for slimmer, more petite men and women. A slim shirt offers a curved hem, shorter sleeves which in turn makes the garment look perfect when it’s nicely tucked in.


    Tailored fit shirts

    These shirts are made for the average person. The garment offers more shape around the shoulder, sleeve and collar. They are usually a good bet for the whole team, but ensure you order the correct sizes for each team member!


    Standard Fit shirts

    Standard Fit shirts are made loose, with no darts or curved hems and often do not have collar buttons. This fit is very popular and it often offers a large range of sizes which all the other fits simply do not.

    So, if you are looking for more advice with regards to fitted shirts, slim fit shirts, tailored fit shirts or standard fit shirts please do not hesitate to speak to the team at Logos 4 Clothes on 01400 230 180 or email info@logos4clothes.com.