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  1. How to choose personalised school uniforms in 3 easy steps

    Personalised School uniforms can help create a sense of community, build public awareness and school spirit – but how do you choose the right uniform for your school?

    We’ll look at the three steps you need to take when bringing personalised uniforms to school.


    1. Select a provider


    Step one is finding a company you can trust.

    It’s important that the provider can prove itself, demonstrating high-quality uniforms and showing exactly how the finished product will come out for you. Having the presence of an established retailer means taking a weight off your shoulders; rather than panicking as you wait for your order to arrive.

    An established company will also trust their own quality, so ask the staff about the material used and the processes involved – this is not only a good time to swot up, but also a chance to experience their customer service first hand.

    If you know you’re going to be making specific requests and building a buying relationship for the future, you want to deal with a company who has been there and done it successfully. You certainly don’t want to be left with a one-man-and-his-dog seller, so look for a reputable brand – and test their customer service!

    After all, if something does go wrong or needs changing, you want to know you’re dealing with friendly and knowledgeable staff – not a company that will run and hide once you’re done ordering.


    1. Know what you’re paying for

    Part of the challenge when buying branded school uniforms is the cost. While a uniform can certainly bring students together, parents will have to make an initial investment to keep their kids looking smart; so make sure you’re not paying over the odds and bringing up the overheads.

    You’ve also got to consider what you’re actually getting for your money. By going to an established retailer, you’re more likely to get reasonable prices that include delivery and an efficient process for ordering online.

    There’s also the customer service – are you able to discuss with the staff and get all your questions answered? Or is it a one-off transaction with no additional support?


    1. Rally the troops!

    The next step to gather momentum is to get other parents on board. You may not have to do much convincing, so before you jump in, why not ask other parents?

    Share the benefits of introducing new uniforms:

    • Reduce peer pressure and bullying
    • Brand building for the school
    • Create sense of community
    • Help improve focus
    • Build school spirit

    The main benefit is that uniforms help to make things easier for both teachers and parents. No more worrying about what is appropriate as you ready your child for the school run and no more monitoring dress codes for teachers and faculty.

    Once you’ve got a bit of support and backing – especially if you can get a committee on board – it’s time to pick out the right uniform.

    Polo shirt and jumper or shirt and blazer? Shorts in summer or year-round trousers? How about school bags and PE kits? From style to colour, there’s a number of options. Rally together to decide what works best for your school.

    You might be revamping an outdated design or starting from scratch, either way, ask your provider for help. Talk through the process from start to finish, and work with them to get your school logo onto a uniform you can be truly proud of!

    If you’d like to talk to us about supplying your school uniforms – or if you have any questions for us – get in touch today!