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  1. Printed T-Shirt Ideas for Your Whole Family

    Whether you’re a family taking the young ones out on holiday or for a day trip, or your organising a good old family reunion, there no better time than when you’re spending it with your family and loved ones. You can make it even more fun though with the addition of some customised t-shirts, they can provide a great souvenir of the occasion and can provide joy during and after it. And if it’s a busy location your heading out to like a theme park or a large park gathering for example then having your group wearing easily identifiable garments will make it much easier to find them in the crowd.Free Promotional T.shirts

    Hers some ideas on how you can create customised t-shirts for the whole family to enjoy.

    Matching Colours

    If your planning on getting the family to participate in some type of team game like football for example, then creating matching family t-shirts so everyone can split into teams is a great idea. For even larger gatherings each colour could even dictate different households, helping to increase competitive spirits.

    Go for a Theme

    Why not come up with a theme for your party or outing, maybe a summertime theme or a more festive one if it’s closer to winter.  When doing a theme, you can choose fonts, images and colours that all relate to each other to create something unique that also fits with the style of your event.

    Think about Slogans

    Create a slogan for your event to put on each shirt to help people remember where and what they were doing when they wore it. It could be a fun one or a sentimental one there are plenty of ways to liven up a custom t-shirt using a personalised message for the whole family to relish.

  2. How to decide on a suitable office dress code

    Your business, whether you have a handful of staff in a small office, or you’re a large global entity with hundreds of staff, is likely full of individuals. You are united by virtue of the fact that you work together but there will be a host of different interests, styles and personalities all in one space.


  3. The 5 Best Garments To Personalise

    The 5 Best Garments To Personalise

    From baseball hats to hoodies, drinking glasses to doggie sweaters, it’s possible to get pretty much everything personalised these days. While some things might seem like a step too far (personalised tea bag, anyone?) others make perfect sense – what hen or stag do would be complete without printed t shirts to commemorate summer 2012 in Blackpool for example?! If the idea of a personalised tea bag isn’t your cuppa, try our pick of the best five garments to personalise here…


  4. Could Your Event Benefit From Branded Giveaways?

    Could Your Event Benefit From Branded Giveaways?

    The short simple answer is, yes. Even with the huge diversity in modern day event types they could all benefit from free branded giveaways, especially if your particular event occurs annually or just a few times per year. There are countless examples of events with incredibly successful strategies involving the use of branded giveaways. Giving away embroidered hoodies at a music festival or sporting event is a sure fire way to further knowledge of the event itself but it can also help to make future events more successful by raising awareness and creating a stronger link between the customer and the even itself.

    Events like iron man contests, The Colour Run and most notably the increasingly popular obstacle race brand Tough Mudder are challenging events that entrants sign up for and pay to compete in. Other events like marathons have given away branded t-shirts to competitors for a long time. These are great examples of the types of events really capitalising on branded giveaways but, the benefits aren’t just restricted to the sporting area. Guided tours, gaming competitions, charity events, motor racing… the list is almost endless.

    So, whether you’re running a Tough Mudder or planning a charity fundraiser, what are the upsides of investing some of your marketing or production budget in branded giveaways?

    Increased Customer Satisfaction

    If your event requires participants or attendees to pay to entre, providing a free t-shirt or other similar item goes a long way to creating goodwill. While the item itself may not have a huge cash value, we all love the feeling that we’re getting a great deal. Consumers like to have something physical to show for their spend – a free branded gift at registration goes a long way to creating a happy, satisfied customer.


    Anyone who gets a free shirt or similar won’t just get it and place it in their cupboard never to be seen again, particularly for the events in which the giveaway item is a sign of accomplishment. Anyone receiving a branded item for participating in an event such as a marathon will likely take pride in ownership and be more likely to show it off regularly. Even if your customers only wear their free personalised hoodie or t-shirts to the gym or to the shops it still means a lot of additional exposure for your event. Wearing a piece of marketing is a big show of advocacy, in essence you create walking ambassadors just by providing the outfit on which to display your message.

    Overall Impression

    Professionally produced branded items create a positive impression of the event represented. Just keep in mind that poor quality or badly thought out items have the exact opposite effect.

    Sense of Community

    Similarly to spotting someone in the street or in a coffee shop with the t-shirt of a band you like, offering customers an event branded item to where after the day itself has passed creates a sense of community and rapport. Nurturing this relationship can mean ongoing advocacy and creates a feeling of being part of something bigger. Participants are likely to tell more people and return more often – helping to create an even more successful event next time.

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  5. Today’s Branding by logos4clothes.com

    Maverick Promotions are a Promotional Clothing and Embroidered Workwear supplier, we were established in 1996, and are now entering our 20th year of trading, so we know what we are talking about when it comes to Logo Clothing. Whether you are a small business or a large Company we can supply you with some great logo clothing.

    Cafe Cup-Branding

    As we enter our 20th Year in business we have re-branded a new website www.logos4clothes.com to make is easier for you to order the logo clothing of your choice. In today’s fast moving environment, of business and advertising, there is no better way to help get your business name across to people that having your workforce in great affordable logo clothing bearing your company name and now in a lot of cases we can print or embroider your company website name in most locations on your garment.

    You may be part of a club or society that require logo clothing, or a School that require their pupils to be smart and be at reasonable prices so it does not hit the parents pocket too hard, we can help, give us a call or drop us a line.

    We have supplied some of the big premier league football clubs through the years, supplied 100’s and 1000’s of t.shirts for Cup Finals and play off finals, we have supplied Companies with Corporate wear for exhibitions, for workwear and simply for promotions.

    If you have a Logo, we have the Clothes, check out www.logos4clothes.com and let us put together a great range for you, branding by logos4clothes.com can be either by embroidery or printing your logos onto the garments of your choice

    Our new website has a far greater choice of clothing, and allows you to select where you want your logos positioned and if you require them printed or embroidered.

    Check it out:-

  6. Personalised Hoodies for Ski Trips

    Personalised Hoodies for Ski Trips
    2016 is here you may have your Ski Trip Booked! Now what you you need is a great Personalised Hoodie to keep you warm.

    You maybe going as a group of friends or with your school, College or University? Then our personalised hoodies would be perfect for your trip. What better way to identify your group of friends whether you are gliding down the slopes or on the après-ski run!

    Personalised Hoodies for your Ski Trip

    Personalised Hoodies for your Ski Trip

    Click Hoodies


    You can be as choose to be as creative as you like, and have your hoodies embroidered or a printed depending what you are after. We can add logo logo, individual names, Initials and a new design that describes your group, probably by having the name of the Ski Resort you are visiting. Your individual names across the back of the hoodie, or your school name and year in which you are going on your trip. The design can be created to suit the colour of your hoodies that you have selected. If there is a big group of you from your school going then you can put all your names in the shape of the year you are going so you have always got the memory of who you enjoyed your trip with. Your design can also be used for Snowboarding, we have some designs or you can use your own.

    Some of our brands have ipod phone pockets that will allow you to listen to your favorite music while your Skiing down the slopes or relaxing in one of the many cafe bars on the slopes.

  7. Stag and Hen season

    As wedding season grows imminently closer many of you will be pre-empting the hangovers to come on your pre-planned stag or hen parties?.

    But have you got everything sorted?

    Date, budgetCM011thumb, destination, guestlist, venue and itinerary are all key considerations when planning an event to keep your stag or hen happy! But have you planned your methods of embarrassment for the bride or groom?

    What will you all wear?

    Dependent upon what you have planned you will more than likely be wanting to look like you are all together as part of a group and no doubt be comical about it on the way – normal ideas often fall into the fancy dress or cross-dressing categories however for those a tad more introvert or with a sense of humour, some of the most popular methods of incorporating light-comedy and embarrassment is to purchase personalised garments for you all to wear.

    While many choose to print comical messages or nicknames on clothing to distinguish between guests, others may opt for the embroidery of a particular design. By purchasing such items not only will you be distinguishable and emit a more unified grouping but you will be ensuring you’re different to other stag and hen do’s you may encounter on your travels.

    What’s more, you’ll be creating that perfect memento and physical memory of an occasion that is likely not to happen again.Mens t-shirt

    The options of what can be printed or embroidered onto our garments are endless – it’s then simply a case of letting your imagination run wild!

    While the most common choices from our range for guys are our printed t-shirts and custom hoodies and for women our custom polo shirts, we do have a wider range of options which can extend to jackets and even hats – particularly handy if you plan on going to sunnier climates for your event.

    As Logos 4 Clothes only bring you the highest quality clothing – choosing what garments your party will wear is the easiest decision – the difficulty then just falls upon what you want printing or embroidering – we’re always interested in new ideas!

    Make sure your party all come up with something unanimous as no one is going to be happy to be wearing something they had no hand in choosing.

    We invite you to browse through our extensive range of clothing of different styles and then to let us have your list of required garments along with a copy of the logo or personalised design to be used. This will then enable us to supply our best quote for any types of clothing you require.

    If you do not see exactly what you have in mind, please let us know. We are always interested in new ideas and may still be able to help.

  8. Personalised Workwear & Personalised Clothing

    Personalised Workwear and Embroidered Workwear are specialities of Maverick Promotions, www.logos4clothes.com is where you can find a great range of garments to suit any of your requirements.

    We can supply and embroider many stock items of clothing, or we can make bespoke items of personalised clothing.

    One of the best ways to personalise your clothing is with embroidery. Here are a number of Embroidered logos we have put onto various forms of Personalised Clothing in the past.