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  1. Polo Shirts for Golf Promote Your Brand

    As The Open, the greatest golfing event starts this week, we ask “how can Embroidered Polo Shirts for Golf promote your brand.

    Sport and Leisure

    The Golf game is a casual game and a recreational sport. So its dress code, usually Golfwear  shirts and shorts or slacks are also casual. Polo shirts can be customised to indicate the team or club to which a golfer belongs. This is also a great way for sponsors to show off or advertise their brand. The golf game, because of its characteristic nature is a game that never ceases to attract sponsors and promoters far and wide. Thus, many sponsors are interested in brand promotion through this game. All of the players this week in The Open will have sponsored clothing, from the simple Swoosh logo from Nike to many corporate brands linked with other players. (more…)

  2. Sponsored Logo Clothing -Wimbledon

    You can find Sponsored Logo clothing at Wimbledon, the first and oldest tennis tournament in the world is also one of the most prestigious, with great repute. One of the four grand slam tournaments, Wimbledon players, both in the male and female category are stars in their own right.  This is why what they wear is as important as what they play.

    Over the years, Wimbledon has been sponsored and promoted by major brands across the world, and this includes the players Sponsored Logo clothing, especially shirts and caps. (more…)

  3. New Personalised Clothing Website!

    So your looking for a New Personalised Clothing Website! -Look no further than Logos4clothes.com

    You may want to add more than one logo to your garments! – You can with Logos4clothes.com.

    You may want to order a small quantity or maybe a large quantity! – No Problem!

    You may want to mix Styles, Colours, and Sizes! – You can!

    Workwear Image

    We have now made Logos4clothes.com easier to use to suit your requirements.

    We can supply Embroidered Workwear, Clothing for Clubs, Societies and Schools, Embroidered Hoodies & Embroidered Polo Shirts are a speciality!

    You may want your garments printed, again this is no problem, you can choose your garments, select whether you require Embroidered or Printed logos, and then select the position you want the logos on your garments.

    When you have done this, if you require another logo in a different position as well, simply select another logo tab and add it, the small video below will help you view this process

    Check out Logos4clothes.com Here

    You now have a one stop shop to find all of your logo clothing, personalised clothing and embroidered workwear.

    As well as embroidery we can print or transfer your logo on most of our clothing.

  4. Personalised Workwear & Personalised Clothing

    Personalised Workwear and Embroidered Workwear are specialities of Maverick Promotions, www.logos4clothes.com is where you can find a great range of garments to suit any of your requirements.

    We can supply and embroider many stock items of clothing, or we can make bespoke items of personalised clothing.

    One of the best ways to personalise your clothing is with embroidery. Here are a number of Embroidered logos we have put onto various forms of Personalised Clothing in the past.