Personalised Printed T Shirts

We have been specialising in personalised printed t-shirts for many years. Whether you are looking for a printed or embroidered design, with our vast styles and options we can meet your needs. We can produce high quality printed t-shirts for all different costs, ranging from high-quality workwear t-shirts to cheap t-shirts for events.

Here at we have some great ways to print your T-shirts. There's a lot of people that simply opt for Screen printed T-shirts, but there are some other options:-

Screen Printed T-Shirts

This is the more conventional way of printing Tee Shirts. You can have spot colour printing which requires an individual screen for each colour you are going to print, we can generally print up to 7 colours, but if the artwork is prepared well it is possible to blend colours to achieve great tonal images. Full (4) colour process printing is best when printing onto White coloured Tee Shirts, it gives a clear and smooth tonal finish to your design on the shirt. Depending on the difficulty of the design, it may be possible to print in full colour if a white base is applied to the shirt before the actual print is applied

Direct to Garment-(DTG) Digital Printed T-Shirts

Direct to garment printing gives a superb smooth finish to the print on the Tee Shirt, the print itself is very fine and you can get some really good detail with Digital printing. The down side is that Digital printing can be more expensive than conventional screen printing. Your best bet is to email a design through and ask for personalised Quote.

Direct to Film (DTF) Printing

Direct to film printing is a great way for printing smaller quantities of T-Shirts that have a multi colour design, although it can be more expensive than screen printing if you require a large volume of T-shirts it is a great way of getting a really good finish to the design. The process is, as it says “Direct to Film" your design is printed onto a transfer film and heat applied to the garment you want it to go on. This is great way of producing Printed Custom T-Shirts for you brand or business using most kind of logos

Style of T-Shirts

The Fabric composition of garments can sometimes determine which style of printing you put on the garments. Direct to Garment printing is best for 100% Cotton garment, Screen printing and Direct to Film printing can be applied to sports type T-shirts which are made of 100% Polyester

Bagging, Tagging and Boxing

We are able to supply your T-shirts individually bagged or they can be in “printers packs" of 10 or 20 of a size. It is possible to apply your own neck labels to the shirts and we can apply swing tickets (Kimble tag) to your garments if required. For any of your Printing requirements simply email us with your requirements and let us give you a Full itemised Quote

Choice & Colour of T-Shirts

The choice of Colour, Sizes and Fabrics for Tee Shirts these days is very wide ranging, there are 100's of colours available from off the shelf ranges which should suit everyone's Tee Shirt criteria.

You have 100% cotton T-Shirts that are a really good base for screen printing on, these are available in Men's , Ladies and Children's sizes . You have mixed fibre Tee Shirts and 100% Polyester (Performance) which are really good for Sporting activities

Organic printed Tee shirts are becoming more popular as these days, as more and more manufacturers are producing Organic T.Shirts