Embroidered Hoodies

We are delighted to offer a wide range of Personalised Hoodies in a huge range of colours for you to choose from. Whatever the occasion or use, we're sure that there's a Hoodie waiting to be personalised for you, your company or club/society. From Standard Weight Hoodies to really classy Premium Hoodies we can supply you with the hoodie you require.Each Hoodie can be printed or embroidered with your logos. Our team uses the most up-to-date technology to create all of our custom hoodies on-site, with each order quality checked to make sure it is flawless before shipping.

Choose your Quality of fabric

Most of the Standard Weight Hoodies we have to offer are of 270-280gsm in weight and generally are made of mixed fibre material either 50% Cotton/50% Poly or 80% Cotton/20% Poly for the AWDIS brand. The mixed fibre is a good mix for durability but still soft enough for a comfy feel!Heavy Weight Hoodies range from 300gsm in weight up to 400gsm for the JH100 AWDIS Chunky Hoodie, again these are made of Mixed Fibre content with 50% Cotton/50% Poly or 80% Cotton/20% Poly mixtures being favoured. Premium Hoodies if you want something special with your hoodies then the W81PF and W89PF really are for you, made from Heavyweight UltraSoft Peach Finish fabric, waffle lining in the hood, Ipod phone pocket and thumb holes in the cuff to really keep you snug.These really are “Premium Hoodies"

Colours of Hoodies

There are lots of colours and shades to choose from, there should be something to suit every requirement.

Sustainable and Organic Hoodies

More and more manufacturers are helping look after our planet with the way they produce fabrics for Hooded Tops these days. 100% Organic and Organic/Recycled Hoodies are available, check them out to help save our planet. Check out Sustainable and Organic Hoodies

Personalisation for your Hoodies

The important question for your Personalisation, do you want Embroidered Hoodies or Printed Hoodies? Embroidered logos have a really nice finish to them and give an appearance of quality. The overall cost of embroidery is governed by the amount of stitches in the design. If you have a large design and want to be sure about the price email through your logo for a quote. Names can be embroidered to the front or in a large format on the back. Printed Logos and names are available and are generally cheaper than embroidery.In General, our personalised hoodies are ideal for displaying any message. Each product has an “add your logo" tab where you can add your logo in either Embroidery or Print, you can also choose multiple positions for your
We supply hoodies for all occasions including School Leavers, College, Ski Trips and more. With our vast selection of styles and materials, you can purchase your hoodie in your team colours, your club logo, name, and even add an embroidered slogan to the front or back. Our embroidered hoodies are ideal for displaying any message. You can get them for your employees so that they all look and feel professional. You can get them for your school to create a modern uniform that the students will like wearing. Alternatively, give your team personalised team sweatshirts to help them feel like they belong and play better. Include your sponsor's logo, phrase, imagery, or brand colours to delight them. Perhaps you're on vacation with your family, perhaps you and your friends are going on a trip, you could be getting married or throwing a hen and stag party. Whatever the occasion our personalised hoodies will make your event even more special, memorable, and enjoyable.