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  1. Wear a beauty tunic and stand out from the crowd

    When you work in the beauty industry, should you wear a Beauty Tunic, as this is the first impression that anyone will judge. If you don’t look professional why would someone continue to use your services, no matter how good a job you have done for them. Here we’ll explore why our personalised beauty tunics can help your business to give the right impression.


  2. Top Workwear for Chefs

    Top Workwear for Chefs

    Choosing branded chef’s wear helps kitchen pros keep their food prep hygienic but it also has lots of other benefits, such as creating a highly professional appearance. The clear need for this kind of personalised workwear can be hampered by the sheer amount of choice though. There are many different styles of chef’s uniform and they often come in a vast array of colours. Out of this huge choice, what is the most popular and what will have the biggest impact on your business?


  3. Today’s Branding by logos4clothes.com

    Maverick Promotions are a Promotional Clothing and Embroidered Workwear supplier, we were established in 1996, and are now entering our 20th year of trading, so we know what we are talking about when it comes to Logo Clothing. Whether you are a small business or a large Company we can supply you with some great logo clothing.

    Cafe Cup-Branding

    As we enter our 20th Year in business we have re-branded a new website www.logos4clothes.com to make is easier for you to order the logo clothing of your choice. In today’s fast moving environment, of business and advertising, there is no better way to help get your business name across to people that having your workforce in great affordable logo clothing bearing your company name and now in a lot of cases we can print or embroider your company website name in most locations on your garment.

    You may be part of a club or society that require logo clothing, or a School that require their pupils to be smart and be at reasonable prices so it does not hit the parents pocket too hard, we can help, give us a call or drop us a line.

    We have supplied some of the big premier league football clubs through the years, supplied 100’s and 1000’s of t.shirts for Cup Finals and play off finals, we have supplied Companies with Corporate wear for exhibitions, for workwear and simply for promotions.

    If you have a Logo, we have the Clothes, check out www.logos4clothes.com and let us put together a great range for you, branding by logos4clothes.com can be either by embroidery or printing your logos onto the garments of your choice

    Our new website has a far greater choice of clothing, and allows you to select where you want your logos positioned and if you require them printed or embroidered.

    Check it out:-

  4. New Personalised Clothing Website!

    So your looking for a New Personalised Clothing Website! -Look no further than Logos4clothes.com

    You may want to add more than one logo to your garments! – You can with Logos4clothes.com.

    You may want to order a small quantity or maybe a large quantity! – No Problem!

    You may want to mix Styles, Colours, and Sizes! – You can!

    Workwear Image

    We have now made Logos4clothes.com easier to use to suit your requirements.

    We can supply Embroidered Workwear, Clothing for Clubs, Societies and Schools, Embroidered Hoodies & Embroidered Polo Shirts are a speciality!

    You may want your garments printed, again this is no problem, you can choose your garments, select whether you require Embroidered or Printed logos, and then select the position you want the logos on your garments.

    When you have done this, if you require another logo in a different position as well, simply select another logo tab and add it, the small video below will help you view this process

    Check out Logos4clothes.com Here

    You now have a one stop shop to find all of your logo clothing, personalised clothing and embroidered workwear.

    As well as embroidery we can print or transfer your logo on most of our clothing.

  5. Keep your workforce warm this winter

    Come rain or shine, sales never stop and with it looking highly unlikely that the weather will be warming up any time soon, as an employer or business you need to be making sure that you have and are making the right provisions to keep you and your workforce going.

    Kitting your team out in the right kind of attire when they are out and about, working, promoting or networking with consumers, other companies and colleagues is beneficial for a happy workforce. If you are one of many companies that are likely to be continuing promotions through the cooler months you will want to ensure that your employees work at their most optimum levels by keeping them warm.

    From waterproofs through to woolly hats, branded, embroidered and promotional outerwear can be a great way to promote your company whether you want your team to look professional, carry your name or look the part.

    From simple printed characters and embroidered logos right through to customised colours, zippers and logo tags our ranges of promotional clothing garments are perfect for winter, because when the bitter cold sets in, promotional t-shirts and polo-shirts won’t be enough to keep the cold out.

    Instead take a look at jackets, fleeces, hoodies and sweaters which can all be provided in varied styles, colours and designs enabling you to keep your winter workwear consistent with your purpose and branding to suit varied body shapes and sizes so that you can find the right item for every member of your team.

    Promotional activity, in whatever industry, has three main purposes:

    • Creating recognition for your brand or company
    • Building customer loyalty and confidence
    • Increasing sales and profits

    Much like a business card in a formal meeting, embroidered and personalised clothing can provide an excellent talking point, create a buzz around your brand and trigger awareness and collective consistency for your workforce setting you apart from competitors.

    There are many garments that you can use to kit out your workforce this winter:

    Personalised fleeceFleeces

    Great for wearing over a polo-shirt or t-shirt and if it needs to be taken off when moving to promote indoors, our range of fleeces come in various options such as reversibility, full zips, quarter zips and micro-fleece fabrics. Available in numerous fabrics from polyester to combined cottons, our promotional fleeces ensure that you and your promotional staff are kept toasty while outdoors.


    With the added extra of a hood to protect ears and the head, our selection of hoodies offer more informal promotional wear for winter. If you are looking to promote to a younger clientele or work within the leisure industry these hoodies offer breathability, varied designs, and materials which can be suited to your requirements.

    personalised jacketJackets

    Winter brings with it dreary wet weather, moist air and sometimes (if you’re lucky) snow. With this in mind, ensuring that your staff are prepared when they’re out promoting, with an embroidered or printed jacket could maximise your success. Have your brand or logo clearly placed onto the back or arms of a jacket to make sure your staff can be seen when out promoting for your company. With various weights and waterproof materials available you can prepare them for every eventuality.


    With more and more businesses now finding that year long promotions are having to be undertaken, there has never been a more prominent time to make sure that your staff are prepared in advance of Winter and ready to work during the Christmas rush.

    Remember that winter promotional wear doesn’t have to just be for your staff, you can even extend your branding to FREE customer giveaways and with product launches so that when a customer walks around with your jacket, fleece, sweatshirt or hoodie on, you have earned yourself some free promotion.

    Contact us today for more information or spend more than £150 today to qualify for FREE delivery.

  6. Personalised Workwear & Personalised Clothing

    Personalised Workwear and Embroidered Workwear are specialities of Maverick Promotions, www.logos4clothes.com is where you can find a great range of garments to suit any of your requirements.

    We can supply and embroider many stock items of clothing, or we can make bespoke items of personalised clothing.

    One of the best ways to personalise your clothing is with embroidery. Here are a number of Embroidered logos we have put onto various forms of Personalised Clothing in the past.

  7. Embroidered Polo Shirts and Embroidered Fleece

    At Logos4clothes.com we have many Embroidered Fleece, Polo shirts and sweatshirts to suit all of your needs. If you need an Embroidered Polo Shirt then we have a range of products to suit your exact requirements.

    Need an Embroidered Polo Shirt?

    Embroidered Polo Shirts are great for workwear, part of a school uniform or sports purposes! If you have a requirement for these, we are the clothing supplier who can provide you with great quality polo shirts, whatever your requirements might be.

    An Embroidered Polo Shirt makes the ideal garment to be worn within the workplace. It can be used to create a professional corporate image once it is worn by your team members. Have the company logo stitched onto the Embroidered Polo Shirt and you can promote your business in style. Order an Embroidered Polo Shirt for a new starter and they’ll feel like they are part of the team from day one.

    Great quality Embroidered Fleece in many colour options

    We have many colours for you to choose from, there is will certainly be a colour that you like. Pick an Embroidered Fleece in your corporate colours or select a shade that suits your sports club. There’s plenty of choice and with sizes for all, everyone will be happy. The one thing that you’ll notice about the Embroidered Fleece – it comes at such a great price. Garments of this nature prove to be inexpensive to buy and you can order them in batches.

    Why not go for a package of  Embroidered Polo Shirts, Embroidered Fleece and Embroidered sweatshirts to give your workforce an extremely presentable look. The best bit is; you won’t have spent a fortune buying the Embroidered clothing in the first place.

    Make your team stand out with an Embroidered Polo Shirt

    Give them something to feel proud of when they wear their corporate colours. A value for money Embroidered Polo Shirt or Embroidered Fleece can make its mark within your firm. Select a stylish design, there’s plenty to pick and choose from within the large range. If you need an Embroidered Polo Shirt or Embroidered Fleece for work purposes speak to the garment suppliers that stock a massive range of goods. We can supply you with an Embroidered Polo Shirt , Embroidered Fleece or Embroidered Sweatshirt to suit your exact requirements working with your budget during the process.