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  1. Polo Shirts for Golf Promote Your Brand

    As The Open, the greatest golfing event starts this week, we ask “how can Embroidered Polo Shirts for Golf promote your brand.

    Sport and Leisure

    The Golf game is a casual game and a recreational sport. So its dress code, usually Golfwear  shirts and shorts or slacks are also casual. Polo shirts can be customised to indicate the team or club to which a golfer belongs. This is also a great way for sponsors to show off or advertise their brand. The golf game, because of its characteristic nature is a game that never ceases to attract sponsors and promoters far and wide. Thus, many sponsors are interested in brand promotion through this game. All of the players this week in The Open will have sponsored clothing, from the simple Swoosh logo from Nike to many corporate brands linked with other players. (more…)

  2. OFFERS on hoodies, fleeces, & polo shirts available until 30th November!

    With only a month left until Christmas Day, it is the busiest time of the year for most businesses; everybody is rushing to purchase gifts for their family and friends while there is still time.

    While it might be the most exciting time of year, it can also be the most expensive time of the year as well which can lead individuals and businesses to worry about their finances and how they will pay for everything they need.

    Here at Logos 4 Clothes however, we have got into the generous, festive spirit early which is why we are providing lots of exciting offers up until 30th November. Take a look at our brilliant discounts:


    10% DISCOUNT until 30th November on:Logo Orange


    Particularly over the winter months when the temperatures have dropped, the air is icy, and you want to wrap up in layers, hoodies become a staple piece of clothing for pretty much everybody. Even on the trip to and from work, popping a hoody over your suit is an easy way to keep warm and comfortable.

    Take advantage of the 10% discount while you can by embroidering your logo onto clothing that your audience will find truly useful (as well as stylish) this winter.



    Likewise, fleeces are another popular choice of attire during the winter. At Logos4Clothes we provide many different styles of fleece, all of which can be purchased in the colour that you want – whether that is simply your favourite colour generally or one that matches your brand. These might be a more practical alternative to hoodies, especially if you (or your target audience) enjoy winter walks.


    Polo Shirts

    While fleeces and hoodies might seem more appropriate at this time of year, other types of clothing such as polo shirts are necessary as the weather gets warmer. Purchase discounted polo shirts now in preparation for the summer months.

    To find out more about our offers, get in touch with us on 01400 230180.

  3. Stag and Hen season

    As wedding season grows imminently closer many of you will be pre-empting the hangovers to come on your pre-planned stag or hen parties?.

    But have you got everything sorted?

    Date, budgetCM011thumb, destination, guestlist, venue and itinerary are all key considerations when planning an event to keep your stag or hen happy! But have you planned your methods of embarrassment for the bride or groom?

    What will you all wear?

    Dependent upon what you have planned you will more than likely be wanting to look like you are all together as part of a group and no doubt be comical about it on the way – normal ideas often fall into the fancy dress or cross-dressing categories however for those a tad more introvert or with a sense of humour, some of the most popular methods of incorporating light-comedy and embarrassment is to purchase personalised garments for you all to wear.

    While many choose to print comical messages or nicknames on clothing to distinguish between guests, others may opt for the embroidery of a particular design. By purchasing such items not only will you be distinguishable and emit a more unified grouping but you will be ensuring you’re different to other stag and hen do’s you may encounter on your travels.

    What’s more, you’ll be creating that perfect memento and physical memory of an occasion that is likely not to happen again.Mens t-shirt

    The options of what can be printed or embroidered onto our garments are endless – it’s then simply a case of letting your imagination run wild!

    While the most common choices from our range for guys are our printed t-shirts and custom hoodies and for women our custom polo shirts, we do have a wider range of options which can extend to jackets and even hats – particularly handy if you plan on going to sunnier climates for your event.

    As Logos 4 Clothes only bring you the highest quality clothing – choosing what garments your party will wear is the easiest decision – the difficulty then just falls upon what you want printing or embroidering – we’re always interested in new ideas!

    Make sure your party all come up with something unanimous as no one is going to be happy to be wearing something they had no hand in choosing.

    We invite you to browse through our extensive range of clothing of different styles and then to let us have your list of required garments along with a copy of the logo or personalised design to be used. This will then enable us to supply our best quote for any types of clothing you require.

    If you do not see exactly what you have in mind, please let us know. We are always interested in new ideas and may still be able to help.

  4. Embroidered Polo Shirts

    Kabul Polo Shirts-1Maverick Promotions have just completed another order of Embroidered Polo Shirts, which is a repeat order!

    A contact from the British Embassy in Kabul was searching the internet for Embroidered Polo Shirts, and came across our www.logos4clothes.com website.

    A combination of Tipped Polo Shirts and Plain Polo Shirt were selected.

    We are pleased to say the original order was produced on time, and sent to Kabul via BFPO. The repeat order again completed in quick time, and despatched.