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  1. Entice the Freshers to your society this Freshers’ Week

    It is September which means that one of the messiest, most memorable events of the year has nearly arrived, Freshers’ Week.

    While the stories about Freshers’ Week tend to revolve around going out, getting drunk, and doing something regretful, many students find that during the day there is very little to do which is why the Societies Fair is one of the week’s main events with practically every student attending.

    If you are a smart student who has been at university for a year or more then you have probably worked out that being part of a society is a pretty good idea. It is a great way to do something fun while meeting like-minded people outside of your course or accommodation.

    It is also a terrific way to make your CV stand out. It shows that you have genuine interests outside of your work, and if you can gain a position of authority –whether it is the president, the head of mrketing, activity co-ordinator or anything else – future employers will know that you have experience in management and genuine responsibility.

    Whether you already have a title in your society, or if you are planning to obtain one, you can start the year with a role in the society fair where you will entice newcomers to your group.

    The fair will contain hundreds of different stalls for Freshers to explore so how can you stand out from the crowd? We have a few ideas that will help you:


    Have a Competition

    Let’s start with an idea that might sound a little random and a little silly… a competition. If you are a sports society have a daft game like “guess how many balls in the jar” etc. You will get plenty of students thinking they are a little too cool but there will be plenty of others who appreciate that it’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek irony to make your stall standout and get nervous freshers to give you a smile.



    Friendly People

    While some students like to give off a cocky air to suggest that they aren’t fazed by moving away from home, being surrounded by people they don’t know, and living in a city they’ve never visited, most Freshers are pretty nervous and looking to make friends.

    Make sure that everybody on your stall is smiling and looking relaxed and happy; this is the easiest way to make Freshers feel the same way. Everybody on your stall should be approachable and not too “salesy” – don’t lie about what your society offers for the sake of persuading somebody to join; just be honest and welcoming.

    It is brilliant if plenty of members have volunteered to work on your stall, but don’t put everybody on at once because it looks intimidating and puts people off – 2-3 people is a perfect amount.

    Wear t-shirts

    tshirt B

    Wearing matching t-shirts looks fun and professional, and is a simple, cheap method of ensuring that you stand out from all the other societies. If your club has a colour scheme then order t-shirts in the colours that represent your group. Here at Logos 4 Clothes we can supply t-shirts in over 30 different colours in a range of sizes so you can be sure that we will have the perfect ones for you.

    All of the t-shirts that we supply can be printed or embroidered with your society logo, whether it is a small logo in the corner of the t-shirt or a larger one printed across the chest – either style looks smart and eye-catching.

    T-shirts do not have to be expensive, we supply clothing which is affordable but looks more expensive than it is. You can even order t-shirts for people who join your society –you can charge a small fee to everybody who wants one – because as you probably know, individuals love to be part of a group and show who they belong to through their clothes.

    The more members who walk round campus in your society t-shirts, the more people will notice you and join up.



    While most societies will have leaflets printed (often just a small A5 piece of paper), this is quite a boring marketing technique. Most Freshers kindly accept every piece of paper that they are given before going home and binning them. Instead of wasting money on pointless leaflets, use that money to properly promote your stall.

    You might want to purchase a few hoodies with your society logo displayed on their front, or if you are a sports society then branded sportswear is another alternative. This really does make you different from other societies and implies that you are a sophisticated society that will work hard to provide newcomers with an experience that they will enjoy.


    Decorate your stall & Get Prime Position

    Last but not least, make sure that your stall is in a good position. Phone around to find out how the stalls will be laid out so that you can position yourself in the most logical place. If you are a wine tasting society for example, you will want to be near other food and drink stalls, charities should be near one another, etc.

    It might be that the university organised where everybody is for you, but if not it is important to be in an area which is clearly visible and alongside organisations similar to your own. Bear in mind that you might not have the ideal spot so make signposts to display throughout the fair, this makes people aware of your stall before they even reach it.

    If you need to embroider or print clothes for your stall then you can find tshirts, hoodies, and other merchandise in many price ranges and style by exploring our website.



  2. Freshers Tees

    Over the last year Maverick Promotions has supplied numerous Colleges and Universities with all form of personalised Clothing, rangeing from Hoodies, Polo Shirts, Tees, Bags and Hats.

    All of these products have usually been either embroidered or screen printed.

    It is now that time of year to think about the new intake of students at your College or University, and think about Freshers tees and the promotions you want to promote within your university.

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