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  1. 5 tips for creating your logo

    We all know the importance of a company logo. It could be the first thing a potential customer sees and it needs to be right! A logo can make your business instantly recognisable just by a stylish, simple design. Here are five tips that should help you on the way to creating your own new powerful company logo.


    Establish your brand personality

    Before setting off designing a logo, think about what you would like your logo to look like. Think about your company brand personality and how you would like it to be portrayed. What does your brand stand for? What are the aims and what image do you want to create in the minds of your customers. These questions will put you in good stead before designing your logo.


    Research, research, research!

    You need your logo to stand out from the competition. With this in mind, it doesn’t want to look too similar to anyone in your industry. Ensure you take a good look at the competition, small or big before you start designing.


    Draw it out!

    Back away from the computer now! Before designing your logo digitally, it’s a good idea to draw the logo on paper first. This is very important, especially if you are going to use the services of a graphic designer. Give them a clear, concise picture of what you would like – this will avoid miscommunication and constant design revisions.


    Colour can be powerful

    Making your logo stand out is vital. Colour can help to do this. Colours can evoke different meanings to a wide variety of people – If you think of green for example, people often think about the environment and eco-friendly ideas – when people think of red people usually think of love, strength, action and leadership.


    Finally, how will your logo be used?

    Before starting this whole project you need to think about the end game – where you logo will be used? Will it be embroidered onto your corporate wear? Where do you want your logo to be seen? You need to also create different variations of your logo that can be rolled out to multiple areas such as shop signage, billboards, websites, t-shirts and so on.


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  2. Your Spring Workwear Refresh

    So, Spring is finally here and there’s never a better time to take a good look at your clothes and have a refresh. With the weather getting warmer, it’s a great idea to get some new lightweight layers to your workwear. Here are a few of our spring recommendations for you.


    General benefits of wearing cooler clothes in Spring

    The main benefit of wearing lightweight clothing in hotter weather is the coolness they provide. The lighter breathable fabrics allow more airflow over your body . Employees will feel fresh, cooler and more comfortable, as well as being able to perform their duties more efficiently, work harder for longer.


    Lightweight Jackets

    Whether you opt for either an embroidered or printed logo, personalised jackets will make your brand stand out from the crowd. Being lightweight your employees will feel cooler and more relaxed whilst working or representing your company. They also look very smart and fresh for Spring. Why not check out our great range of Spring 2020 Lightweight Jackets.


    Sweatshirts and Hoodies

    Sweatshirts and Hoodies are perfect for wearing all year round. They can either be worn layered up with body warmers or jackets or just simply on their own. Hoodies are a real favourite amongst our customers – they also come in a large variety of colours, so finding one to match your corporate colourway is no sweat! Sweatshirts are also a great inclusion to your spring workwear range. Both provide a great professional look whilst remaining comfortable and soft to touch. Why not check out our great range of Spring 2020 Sweatshirts and Hoodies.


    What about a Gilet?

    When it starts to get a little colder (and living in Britain we all know about this!) you might want to consider a gilet. They can make all the difference. Consider wearing them layered on top of a hoodie, jacket or even a sweatshirt. Opting for a gilet might eliminate the need for an additional thick coat. Check out our superb range of gilets – all of which can be personalised with your logo and don’t forget we have them in a vast variety of colours to match your corporate colourways. We also have a great range of padded body warmers too.


    Finally, the essential: Polo Shirts

    Good base layers are so important for a uniform. They need to be lightweight and comfortable. Polo Shirts always fit the bill and are extremely popular with our customers. They provide style and comfort in all seasons and are cost-effective too. They too, come in a wide variety of different styles and colours to suit your individual requirements.

    So if you feel it’s time your workwear had a refresh, why not get in touch with Logos 4 Clothes on 01400 230180 or email info@logos4clothes.com.

  3. School Leavers Hoody Ideas

    Becoming more and more popular with school students and available in a wide variety of colours and styles. Theses hoodies can be personalised in many ways, a particularly popular choice is having all of the names of individuals from a particular class or school year which makes them great mementoes for school leavers.

    School Leavers Hoodies

    Great Value Hoodies, with Great Quality

    The design of the hoody can be tracked back in time to the middle ages; however, the concept of the school leaver hoodie has only been a recent one that occurred in the last 10-20 years or so. It’s commonplace to have the Badge or name of the school printed on the front of the hoodie and the back left to accommodate the personalisation side of things.

    Situations and ceremonies that are more popular choices for having a leaver hoodie are times such as graduation from school, college, or university or an annually held activity group such as a camp or dance troupe. A lot of these moments will be an important time in a young person’s life when they are setting off on their journey into adulthood. This could mean leaving that way of life or certain people because of this and a leaver hoodie is a great way to create something that will be able to honour that for time to come.

    The actual design of the hoodie isn’t customisable but the design of everything you want on it is. There are a few concepts that are generally used for this type of thing.

    One idea is to have either your surname or preferred nickname and the year of the event that is being honoured, similar to team shirts used by professional sports teams. Another popular choice depending on the size of the class/group is to have everyone’s names that are involved on the same top with the year above, these tend to be more popular as you have records of everyone and not just yourself. A take on that idea is to have a large number on the back denoting the year for example 19 for 2019 and then to have the number made up of all of the appropriate names and titles required meaning at a closure look you can see the names but from further away it will appear as just a number.

    Those are just a few ideas for creating a custom leavers hoodie, if you have any other ideas don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

  4. How Your Logo Will Help You Build A Strong Brand Identity

    To build a strong core for your brand, your logo is essential and making sure yours is an attractive, unique and memorable one is crucial. Otherwise, you can potentially push customers away, no matter how good the services and products you offer may be.Free Promotional T.shirts
    This puts a heavy burden on your logo and the process of choosing yours should not be rushed.
    Unfortunately, when it comes to making a good logo, there isn’t a definitive answer. Many factors will need to consider, of course, there are the aforementioned uniqueness and memorability to be taken in to account. To do this you will need to think about the colours, fonts, shape(s) and what you want to convey to your target audience.
    As you are aware, colours come in many varieties and each tends to convey a range of feeling and emotions. Make sure you choose an appropriate one to represent your business, green for example is often used in industries associated with nature or ethics while orange is often used to signify communication and adventure.
    Different shapes also have the ability to convey a variety of emotions, squares can represent balance and professionalism, circles community and unity and triangles for power and stability. Looking into the psychology behind different shapes can help you determine which would best suit your needs.
    Be careful though, striving to be unique can lead to the temptation to overcrowd a logo with lots of colours and shapes. Be wary of this a logo needs to easily and quickly convey your business and being too busy can hinder it a lot. There is a famous saying ‘Less is More’ and this case it’s very true.
    At the end of the day designing a good logo is no easy feat but if achieved it will benefit your business significantly. A good logo means more potential to pick up new customers and in turn more sales helping you on the way to creating a strong trustworthy brand.

  5. Get Winter Ready With Our Coats & Jackets!

    Another year another winter, that’s right it’s that time of year again. Plunging temperatures and heavy rain are getting ready to arrive. The reality that cold, dark, wet and windy weather will be part of lives for the coming months starts to set in.

    Its time to stop denying it, you’re going to need to fish your old winter coat out of storage. Only that’s it, your coat is just that, old. It may have served you well over the time you’ve been acquainted with it, but it sure to be a little worse for wear as the harsh weathers taken its toll on it.
    So why not put your old coat into retirement and replace it with a wonderful new one this winter? That’s where we come in, fortunately for you, we have a marvellous range of Coats and Jackets. We have a large number of designs & styles to choose and were sure you can find the perfect new clothing partner allowing you to transition from old to new painlessly and seamlessly. That’s if you were attached to your old one, and if not, we’ve got you covered too.

    From fashionable softshells and fleece jackets to hi-vis and heavyweight 3 in 1 coat. Logos 4 Clothes has got a vast range of jackets to pick from, all suitable for a variety of workplaces and work environments. As well as top brands like Craghoppers, Dickies, Fruit of the Loom, Nike and Reggata.


    Were not only Coats & Jackets though, no we can provide much more than a great jacket that’s going to see you through the winter and further into the future. We can also provide a range of other clothing and workwear that you may need for the winter. Browse our Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Footwear and Trousers now.

  6. What makes a good stag t-shirt?

    When it comes to doing a stag and what makes them so memorable are not just the individuals you’re inviting, but the memorabilia the event holds when the partying is over.


  7. Getting your towel embroidered

    Getting towels personalized is a great opportunity to get your brand out there. Towels will give you a big space to show off your company’s logo. You can choose what kind of towel you would like your logo put onto some being bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, and much more.


  8. Wear a beauty tunic and stand out from the crowd

    When you work in the beauty industry, should you wear a Beauty Tunic, as this is the first impression that anyone will judge. If you don’t look professional why would someone continue to use your services, no matter how good a job you have done for them. Here we’ll explore why our personalised beauty tunics can help your business to give the right impression.


  9. How to decide on a suitable office dress code

    Your business, whether you have a handful of staff in a small office, or you’re a large global entity with hundreds of staff, is likely full of individuals. You are united by virtue of the fact that you work together but there will be a host of different interests, styles and personalities all in one space.


  10. Advantages of Personalised Golf wear

    Your sporting attire plays a huge part in the way you perform on the golf course. If you dress in the wrong shirt or shoe that leaves you perspiring and uncomfortable then your ability to concentrate on the sport can go out of the window. This can occur in any type of sport you are participating in. In Golf, notably, the attire has a huge influence on the player’s efficiency.