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  1. School Uniform Pros and Cons

    In stark contrast to our European and American counterparts, school uniforms are a commonplace requirement for children throughout Britain. While there are exceptions to the rule, in general, most academic institutions in the UK demand that their pupils wear a specific set of clothes every day that they are in attendance.

    Use of School Uniforms

    In recent years, there has been something of a backlash against this tradition, with some critics arguing it is outdated and should be scrapped. In retaliation, proponents of the uniform have highlighted the various ways in which it can provide tangible benefits to the lives of students, teachers and parents. For those still sitting on the fence on this contentious issue, here’s a rundown of the various pros and cons of wearing a school uniform.

    Pros for School Uniform

    • Smart – Wearing a uniform to school every day creates a sense of smartness and presentation among pupils, making them look more professional to the general public and encouraging them to take pride in their appearance.
    • Everyone equal – Since everyone is required to wear the same clothes, there is no controversy over what children are wearing and the socioeconomic barriers between different pupils can be broken down, reducing the likelihood of bullying.
    • Inclusivity- When all students are clothed in the same garb, they will instinctively feel part of a team and generate a greater sense of community among themselves. This promotes good relations with one another and enhances their abilities to work in a team.
    • Discipline – Children who are clothed in a uniform are likely to be conscious that they are representing their school, which in turn may make them more disposed to attending their classes and behaving with more compunction.
    • Time-saving – If there’s a uniform policy in place at the school, parents do not have to waste time every morning deciding what their children will wear. At the same time, a standard dress code is far easier for teachers to enforce if uniforms are in place.
    • Saves you money – A recent study found that the financial outlay for parents who had to buy a simple uniform was, on average, £88.05 per outfit, whereas the cost shot up to £113 for those who were forced to create their wardrobe for children.

    Cons for School Uniform

    • Individuality – A child who must wear a uniform is less able to express their sense of individuality, instead of being taught to conform to the expectations which society places upon them.
    • Sexism – Any school which adopts a uniform policy that designates different articles of clothing for different genders (such as trousers for boys and skirts for girls) stifles the opportunity for people to express themselves as they see fit and could exacerbate mental health issues.
    • Autonomy – When students are dictated what they can and cannot wear, they may avoid making decisions for themselves and delay transitioning from an adolescent into an adult, thus impacting negatively their ability to become autonomous.
    • Cost – Although uniforms work out cheaper than normal clothes when priced individually, a child’s everyday wardrobe is normally built up over time. School uniforms, on the other hand, generally constitute a one-off but not inconsequential expense, which can place strain on the parents household budgets.
    • Overall Performance – Despite the general perception that uniforms can help improve student grade averages and exam performance, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to credit this. Achievement is more linked to the quality of teaching and individual ability than any dress code.
    • Student opinion – Uniforms are fairly common in the UK, but are less common in America– and children themselves are heavily opposed to their introduction. A 2017 survey found that over eighty per cent who were asked said they would prefer to wear their clothing.

    Getting the School Uniform Right

    As you can see, there are several reasons why both factions believe their opinion is the correct one. Despite the ongoing debate, it’s unlikely that the status quo will be changing any time soon in British schools, with uniforms set to remain an integral part of the educational experience for the foreseeable future.

    Perhaps the ideal scenario would see a compromise between the two sides of the argument, with uniforms retaining their place but allowing for greater gender freedoms and more opportunities for students to express themselves individually. At the same time, a programme promoting awareness of bullying, why it’s wrong and the effects that it can create could be implemented to educate youngsters and make them more tolerant and understanding of their classmates.

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  2. Choosing the right hoodie designs for high school trips

    When the dust has settled on our schooling, most of us feel a swell of conflicting emotions. A sense of pride and finality engulfs our thoughts. Most of us feel a touch of trepidation mixed with excitement as we step forth into the world.

    As you travel through your life, the memories of school days stick with us. From time to time, we all remember the good old days when we won the journey abroad without our parents for the very first time.

    In short, choosing the right hoodie design for any school trip will bond students together and create lifelong memories. So what elements make up a great hoodie for a school trip?


    Just as the design of school trip clothing is important, so too are customisable colours. Our perceptions are influenced by colours, just as our moods can be heightened or changed if surrounded by gloomy grey hues.

    Now, the very last emotion that students and teachers should feel when on a school trip is gloomy or downcast. Everyone should feel upbeat and excited, relishing every day and making the most of the experience. Choosing stimulating hoodie colours can help students to feel happier – getting the best out of their school trip experience.

    Fortunately, hoodies can be customised in a wealth of different colours – including those that invoke feelings of warmth and excitement. Not only that but, the different colours of school hoodies offer terrific branding opportunities. A group of happy, well-behaved students is great publicity for your school.


    Let’s be honest, most students, especially teenagers, are quite fashion conscious. They wouldn’t be caught dead in baggy jeans or a dad jumper. As for school uniforms, well once the weekend arrives, parents are hardly surprised to find shirts, shoes, ties and blazers strewn about a teenager’s bedroom!

    But, do school hoodies fall, end up on the bedroom floor, or crumpled in a cupboard? not an attractive design, one that includes the school emblem and funky graphics will impress even the most fashion-conscious of teenagers and will ensure their school hoodie takes pride of place in a teenager’s wardrobe.

    Not only that but a well-designed school hoodie, complete with bespoke graphics, vivid colours or a school emblem looks smart – and is arguably the only school attire that students feel comfortable wearing whether on a school trip or at home relaxing.

    Portraying the right impression is paramount when on a school trip – and a well-designed school hoody certainly does that. Whether departing on a school skiing trip to France or visiting a local place of historical interest, the right hoodie designs for high school demonstrates that your school invests

    in pupils, is conscientious about appearance and cares about the type of attire that students want to wear.


    Another great way that school hoodies can be customised is with the addition of embroidered names incorporated with the design. This builds camaraderie amongst students who relish and enjoy their school experience.

    Personalised names give students that sense of collective identity within a school. Something that has long been associated with school teams, personalised school hoodies make students feel part of a team – whilst retaining a sense of identity with their name embossed on the back.

    Just consider the number of teenagers that fly around the pitch, emulating their sporting heroes or their name on the reverse of a sports shirt. Embossed names give teenagers a sense of confidence and pride – a trait that will help them to excel in all their endeavours.

    Why not choose hoodies embossed with the school emblem, destination and year of the trip on the top left corner and then include each student’s name on the reverse side, or underneath the school graphic? Engaging, smart and fashionable, these personalised hoodie designs for high school make the perfect addition to any school attire.

    These are just some of the reasons why you should consider customising your school hoodies for a school trip. Make your next school trip memorable and inspire your students all year round. Choose a customised school hoodie!

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