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Why Use Branded PPE?

Why Use Branded PPE?

 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is vital to the wellbeing of many businesses and their staff and customers. PPE is a huge category with a vast range of product encompassed; from items like helmets and hi-vis jackets to face masks, gloves and goggles. A ll of these items can be customised with your business name or logo. Some businesses already do this but a lot provide unbranded equipment as standard.

There are a number of excellent arguments which make a strong case for investing in branded PPE for your business…



Site security is a big deal for building contractors and any company involved in the construction process. It’s important to know who is on your site and usually any visit means mandatory helmets and hi-vis jackets. Having branded versions can help keep your site secure because it is easy to identify those who belong on the site and the unauthorised who have wandered on. Easily visible logos printed on the back of jackets, vests or helmets will mean your security staff can instantly tell if the wearer belongs on the site or not.



In any trade it is important to build a professional company image and by using branded PPE or personalised workwear such as embroidered hoodies you are creating that image. The small cost of producing branded PPE is outweighed by this ongoing benefit.


Creates A Team Identity

If all your staff have identical PPE, there will be more cohesion amongst your team and no one will stand out. This can be a boost for overall productivity too because there is a social cohesion amongst them. In turn, employees are more likely to support one another and work together as a unit. Creating a team spirit and identity can have a positive impact on productivity too making for a win-win situation.


Tax Benefits

Did you know that if you provide employees with any type of clothing for free that you are liable to a 20% tax? Well you can easily avoid this if you provide them with permanently branded items because these are exempt. This means that you are able to provide the necessary equipment at a reduced cost. Employees can also claim tax credits for uniform items and protective or safety clothing. HMRC says, “A deduction can be permitted for the cost of genuinely protective clothing that is worn as a matter of physical necessity because of the nature of the job and where the employee must bear the cost. This will typically cover items such as overalls, protective gloves and boots.” If you’re in any doubt about this area, consult your accountant to ensure you’re making the most of your branded PPE requirements.