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  1. From t shirts to ornaments, items that every tourist gift shop should retail

    When we visit a new city, a new country, or explore any new territory at all, it seems that human beings love to purchase something tangible that will remind them of the occasion many years in the future. This is why most tourist areas have a gift shop.

    From castles that are centuries old such as The Great Tower of London, through to local zoos, aquariums, and space centre pretty much anywhere that tourists are invited to visit include a gift shop.

    If you own any kind of museum or institution which is open to the public, then there are certain items that visitors expect to be able to buy including:


    According to rMens t-shirtesearch completed by the National Tourism Agency, the “most commonly purchased items” bought by tourists are clothes and shoes. It seems that buyers are more likely to invest in souvenirs that they can wear than anything else. Clothing made up 41% of the items purchased in gift shops meaning that it is imperative for any gift shop to provide adequate choice when it comes to clothing.

    Investing in embroidered or printed tshirts, for example, is a good way to promote your business. Not only are they some of the most sought-after items, if they are worn by customers elsewhere it means ongoing marketing for your company. Printing t shirts is not expensive for your business. At Logos 4 Clothes we can print onto all sorts of tshirts from long-sleeved through to short-sleeved, lightweight ones – all of which can be printed (or embroidered) with your logo and name.

    Food & Drink

    Following tshirts, food and drink are the nation’s second most commonly purchased items. Naturally after a long tour of your museum / wildlife centre / theatre (etc) many of your customers will feel peckish. You might have a coffee shop where customers will buy snacks already, but if not then it is worthwhile investing perishable items such as sandwiches and pop.


    Ornaments, & other mandatory accessories

    Last but not least, there are many mandatory accessories that must be included in a successful gift shop. Ornaments such as a mini figure of the museum / stately home are commonly purchased as well as useful items such as bookmarks which are both practical and a souvenir of a pleasant day out. Other accessories include mugs, toys, stationery, and key rings.

  2. Keep your workforce warm this winter

    Come rain or shine, sales never stop and with it looking highly unlikely that the weather will be warming up any time soon, as an employer or business you need to be making sure that you have and are making the right provisions to keep you and your workforce going.

    Kitting your team out in the right kind of attire when they are out and about, working, promoting or networking with consumers, other companies and colleagues is beneficial for a happy workforce. If you are one of many companies that are likely to be continuing promotions through the cooler months you will want to ensure that your employees work at their most optimum levels by keeping them warm.

    From waterproofs through to woolly hats, branded, embroidered and promotional outerwear can be a great way to promote your company whether you want your team to look professional, carry your name or look the part.

    From simple printed characters and embroidered logos right through to customised colours, zippers and logo tags our ranges of promotional clothing garments are perfect for winter, because when the bitter cold sets in, promotional t-shirts and polo-shirts won’t be enough to keep the cold out.

    Instead take a look at jackets, fleeces, hoodies and sweaters which can all be provided in varied styles, colours and designs enabling you to keep your winter workwear consistent with your purpose and branding to suit varied body shapes and sizes so that you can find the right item for every member of your team.

    Promotional activity, in whatever industry, has three main purposes:

    • Creating recognition for your brand or company
    • Building customer loyalty and confidence
    • Increasing sales and profits

    Much like a business card in a formal meeting, embroidered and personalised clothing can provide an excellent talking point, create a buzz around your brand and trigger awareness and collective consistency for your workforce setting you apart from competitors.

    There are many garments that you can use to kit out your workforce this winter:

    Personalised fleeceFleeces

    Great for wearing over a polo-shirt or t-shirt and if it needs to be taken off when moving to promote indoors, our range of fleeces come in various options such as reversibility, full zips, quarter zips and micro-fleece fabrics. Available in numerous fabrics from polyester to combined cottons, our promotional fleeces ensure that you and your promotional staff are kept toasty while outdoors.


    With the added extra of a hood to protect ears and the head, our selection of hoodies offer more informal promotional wear for winter. If you are looking to promote to a younger clientele or work within the leisure industry these hoodies offer breathability, varied designs, and materials which can be suited to your requirements.

    personalised jacketJackets

    Winter brings with it dreary wet weather, moist air and sometimes (if you’re lucky) snow. With this in mind, ensuring that your staff are prepared when they’re out promoting, with an embroidered or printed jacket could maximise your success. Have your brand or logo clearly placed onto the back or arms of a jacket to make sure your staff can be seen when out promoting for your company. With various weights and waterproof materials available you can prepare them for every eventuality.


    With more and more businesses now finding that year long promotions are having to be undertaken, there has never been a more prominent time to make sure that your staff are prepared in advance of Winter and ready to work during the Christmas rush.

    Remember that winter promotional wear doesn’t have to just be for your staff, you can even extend your branding to FREE customer giveaways and with product launches so that when a customer walks around with your jacket, fleece, sweatshirt or hoodie on, you have earned yourself some free promotion.

    Contact us today for more information or spend more than £150 today to qualify for FREE delivery.

  3. Entice the Freshers to your society this Freshers’ Week

    It is September which means that one of the messiest, most memorable events of the year has nearly arrived, Freshers’ Week.

    While the stories about Freshers’ Week tend to revolve around going out, getting drunk, and doing something regretful, many students find that during the day there is very little to do which is why the Societies Fair is one of the week’s main events with practically every student attending.

    If you are a smart student who has been at university for a year or more then you have probably worked out that being part of a society is a pretty good idea. It is a great way to do something fun while meeting like-minded people outside of your course or accommodation.

    It is also a terrific way to make your CV stand out. It shows that you have genuine interests outside of your work, and if you can gain a position of authority –whether it is the president, the head of mrketing, activity co-ordinator or anything else – future employers will know that you have experience in management and genuine responsibility.

    Whether you already have a title in your society, or if you are planning to obtain one, you can start the year with a role in the society fair where you will entice newcomers to your group.

    The fair will contain hundreds of different stalls for Freshers to explore so how can you stand out from the crowd? We have a few ideas that will help you:


    Have a Competition

    Let’s start with an idea that might sound a little random and a little silly… a competition. If you are a sports society have a daft game like “guess how many balls in the jar” etc. You will get plenty of students thinking they are a little too cool but there will be plenty of others who appreciate that it’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek irony to make your stall standout and get nervous freshers to give you a smile.



    Friendly People

    While some students like to give off a cocky air to suggest that they aren’t fazed by moving away from home, being surrounded by people they don’t know, and living in a city they’ve never visited, most Freshers are pretty nervous and looking to make friends.

    Make sure that everybody on your stall is smiling and looking relaxed and happy; this is the easiest way to make Freshers feel the same way. Everybody on your stall should be approachable and not too “salesy” – don’t lie about what your society offers for the sake of persuading somebody to join; just be honest and welcoming.

    It is brilliant if plenty of members have volunteered to work on your stall, but don’t put everybody on at once because it looks intimidating and puts people off – 2-3 people is a perfect amount.

    Wear t-shirts

    tshirt B

    Wearing matching t-shirts looks fun and professional, and is a simple, cheap method of ensuring that you stand out from all the other societies. If your club has a colour scheme then order t-shirts in the colours that represent your group. Here at Logos 4 Clothes we can supply t-shirts in over 30 different colours in a range of sizes so you can be sure that we will have the perfect ones for you.

    All of the t-shirts that we supply can be printed or embroidered with your society logo, whether it is a small logo in the corner of the t-shirt or a larger one printed across the chest – either style looks smart and eye-catching.

    T-shirts do not have to be expensive, we supply clothing which is affordable but looks more expensive than it is. You can even order t-shirts for people who join your society –you can charge a small fee to everybody who wants one – because as you probably know, individuals love to be part of a group and show who they belong to through their clothes.

    The more members who walk round campus in your society t-shirts, the more people will notice you and join up.



    While most societies will have leaflets printed (often just a small A5 piece of paper), this is quite a boring marketing technique. Most Freshers kindly accept every piece of paper that they are given before going home and binning them. Instead of wasting money on pointless leaflets, use that money to properly promote your stall.

    You might want to purchase a few hoodies with your society logo displayed on their front, or if you are a sports society then branded sportswear is another alternative. This really does make you different from other societies and implies that you are a sophisticated society that will work hard to provide newcomers with an experience that they will enjoy.


    Decorate your stall & Get Prime Position

    Last but not least, make sure that your stall is in a good position. Phone around to find out how the stalls will be laid out so that you can position yourself in the most logical place. If you are a wine tasting society for example, you will want to be near other food and drink stalls, charities should be near one another, etc.

    It might be that the university organised where everybody is for you, but if not it is important to be in an area which is clearly visible and alongside organisations similar to your own. Bear in mind that you might not have the ideal spot so make signposts to display throughout the fair, this makes people aware of your stall before they even reach it.

    If you need to embroider or print clothes for your stall then you can find tshirts, hoodies, and other merchandise in many price ranges and style by exploring our website.



  4. The Beauty of the Polo Shirt

    Here’s a riddle: what is formal and informal, smart but casual, nocturnal yet diurnal?

    Admittedly the title of this post may have given it away but it is of course… the polo shirt.

    When the seven-time Grand Slam tennis champion René Lacoste invented it way back in 1933, the only top available for men was a hot, restrictive, long-sleeved shirt. It is therefore understandable that his light, cool alternative was received with overwhelming enthusiasm.

    Since then polo shirts have become a staple in the wardrobes of men and women across the world. We use this beloved, versatile item throughout the year for all sorts of different occasions.


    Here are just a few of the places where they make a regular appearance:



    University Societies

    Blue Polo One of the great traditions for students arriving at university for the first time is to join pretty much every society that they come across. This is partly because it is a fun way to experience new things but mainly because it is an excuse to get involved in society nights out.

    Societies are a terrific way to meet new people and become part of a group. It is a great idea for societies to sell or hand out polo shirts embroidered with their logo. Everybody then wears theirs either when they go to the club – netball for example – or around campus to show which society they belong to.


    Active Professions

    There are certain professions that require employees to be very active. Gym instructors for example are on their feet all day, helping members with exercise so inevitably they get very hot. Likewise removal men who work with heavy objects might get very warm during the day, particularly in the summer.

    Polo shirts are a terrific way to enable your team to feel comfortable but maintain a highly professional image. Simply by embroidering the logo of your company onto it, staff can feel comfortable while remaining recognisable to customers and retaining a professional image.  


    Alternative Uniform

    Similarly some professions provide more than one uniform, often because of the warm weather. Sales representatives who sell soft drinks for example are provided with a “dressed down”, more comfortable alternative uniform. This is used when employees are carrying out manual work such as delivering or organising stock, or in the summer when the sun is shining and they are doing a lot of walking.

    In this situation they require a comfortable, flexible alternative to their suit. It might be company policy to allow employees to wear an alternative uniform in summer time when shirts are too restrictive. Receptionists for example, might feel too hot for a regular shirt in the summer, but an embroidered or printed polo shirt enables them to feel cool but retain a professional business image.


    Casual Wearorange polo

    When in doubt, pick the polo shirt. That is indispensable advice for any man or woman. Th ey fit loosely on the body but without being unflattering and they work with almost any trousers including jeans, formal trousers, jogging bottoms, shorts, tracksuit bottoms, the list could go on…

    These flattering tops can be seen at your local park, cinema, shopping centre, bus, or anywhere else because they are comfortable enough to be worn in any environment.



    There are not many items of clothing that fit equally as well into a work environment, a pub, a club, or in sport. However one of the best features of the polo shirt is that it can be dressed up or down with ease.

    Men wear them to clubs because they offer the perfect blend between smart and casual which means that they are ideal for moving between different sorts of bars. The material also keeps the body cool even when that body is gyrating wildly on a packed dance floor.



    A Date

    It is often assumed that girls spend hours determining what to wear on a date while guys have it easy. This assumption is completely accurate. Girls need to decide whether to go for a nice dress, a skirt, or trousers with a top. They also need to choose what colour, what shape, etc.

    For a guy there is no hesitation. A polo shirt makes a man look like a stylish gentleman who wants to look his best for his date, but without looking as if they have tried too hard. Perfect.


    sports polo    Sport

    This lightweight top is an obvious choice for anybody battling it out on a netball, basketball, or tennis court. Similarly, they are traditional golfing attire for the keen golfer who does not want hot temperatures to distract from his swing.

    Schools usually include cheap polo shirts as part of the mandatory P.E. kit because they are so lightweight and the school logo can easily be embroidered onto them for a great price.

  5. Stag and Hen season

    As wedding season grows imminently closer many of you will be pre-empting the hangovers to come on your pre-planned stag or hen parties?.

    But have you got everything sorted?

    Date, budgetCM011thumb, destination, guestlist, venue and itinerary are all key considerations when planning an event to keep your stag or hen happy! But have you planned your methods of embarrassment for the bride or groom?

    What will you all wear?

    Dependent upon what you have planned you will more than likely be wanting to look like you are all together as part of a group and no doubt be comical about it on the way – normal ideas often fall into the fancy dress or cross-dressing categories however for those a tad more introvert or with a sense of humour, some of the most popular methods of incorporating light-comedy and embarrassment is to purchase personalised garments for you all to wear.

    While many choose to print comical messages or nicknames on clothing to distinguish between guests, others may opt for the embroidery of a particular design. By purchasing such items not only will you be distinguishable and emit a more unified grouping but you will be ensuring you’re different to other stag and hen do’s you may encounter on your travels.

    What’s more, you’ll be creating that perfect memento and physical memory of an occasion that is likely not to happen again.Mens t-shirt

    The options of what can be printed or embroidered onto our garments are endless – it’s then simply a case of letting your imagination run wild!

    While the most common choices from our range for guys are our printed t-shirts and custom hoodies and for women our custom polo shirts, we do have a wider range of options which can extend to jackets and even hats – particularly handy if you plan on going to sunnier climates for your event.

    As Logos 4 Clothes only bring you the highest quality clothing – choosing what garments your party will wear is the easiest decision – the difficulty then just falls upon what you want printing or embroidering – we’re always interested in new ideas!

    Make sure your party all come up with something unanimous as no one is going to be happy to be wearing something they had no hand in choosing.

    We invite you to browse through our extensive range of clothing of different styles and then to let us have your list of required garments along with a copy of the logo or personalised design to be used. This will then enable us to supply our best quote for any types of clothing you require.

    If you do not see exactly what you have in mind, please let us know. We are always interested in new ideas and may still be able to help.

  6. Embroidered Polo Shirts

    Kabul Polo Shirts-1Maverick Promotions have just completed another order of Embroidered Polo Shirts, which is a repeat order!

    A contact from the British Embassy in Kabul was searching the internet for Embroidered Polo Shirts, and came across our www.logos4clothes.com website.

    A combination of Tipped Polo Shirts and Plain Polo Shirt were selected.

    We are pleased to say the original order was produced on time, and sent to Kabul via BFPO. The repeat order again completed in quick time, and despatched.




  7. Personalised Hoodies

    Personalised Hoodies come in various forms, you can have printed hoodies, embroidered hoodies, and in some case you can have both print and embroidery.

    One of the most commons ways is to have an Embroidered logo or motif on the front, generally with a College, University or club badge, and then an individual name printed on the back to finish your Personalised Hoodies.

    Here are some recent examples, and you can find lots of ideas here to select your Personalised Hoodies, you decide whether you have printed hoodies or embroidered hoodies.


  8. Personalised Workwear & Personalised Clothing

    Personalised Workwear and Embroidered Workwear are specialities of Maverick Promotions, www.logos4clothes.com is where you can find a great range of garments to suit any of your requirements.

    We can supply and embroider many stock items of clothing, or we can make bespoke items of personalised clothing.

    One of the best ways to personalise your clothing is with embroidery. Here are a number of Embroidered logos we have put onto various forms of Personalised Clothing in the past.

  9. Personalised Hoodies With Print & Rhinestones

    Maverick Promotions have just completed a fantastic job which was for Glitter Printed Hooded Tops that were embellished with Glass Rinestones, this has proven to be a great way to enhance your design on hooded tops.

    The process to seeing how your great hooded tops could develop is set out here

    Firstly we start we with your with your plain hooded top that is pre-pressed on our heat press

    Once the Hoodie has been pre-pressed, we then lay the Glitter Transfer onto the garment, and apply the heat and pressure to the garment. The clear film is removed leaving a great looking Glitter print on the back of the Hooded Top.

    The next step is to now apply the Glass Rhinestones, this is shown in the next 2 pictures


    The Rhinestones are lined up to be match the print area, and again the heat and pressure are applied to the garment.

    This gives the final result showing how a Fantastic finish of Glitter Print and Glass Rhinestones can enhance your Hooded Tops.















    The Garment was then embroidered on the front left chest, showing that Maverick Promotions can supply Embroidered Hooded Tops, Printed Hooded Tops, and Classy looking Glitter print with Glass Rhinestones.

    Let Maverick Promotions product your personalised hooded tops https://www.logos4clothes.com/hoodies/personalised-hoodies