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  1. Stag and Hen season

    As wedding season grows imminently closer many of you will be pre-empting the hangovers to come on your pre-planned stag or hen parties?.

    But have you got everything sorted?

    Date, budgetCM011thumb, destination, guestlist, venue and itinerary are all key considerations when planning an event to keep your stag or hen happy! But have you planned your methods of embarrassment for the bride or groom?

    What will you all wear?

    Dependent upon what you have planned you will more than likely be wanting to look like you are all together as part of a group and no doubt be comical about it on the way – normal ideas often fall into the fancy dress or cross-dressing categories however for those a tad more introvert or with a sense of humour, some of the most popular methods of incorporating light-comedy and embarrassment is to purchase personalised garments for you all to wear.

    While many choose to print comical messages or nicknames on clothing to distinguish between guests, others may opt for the embroidery of a particular design. By purchasing such items not only will you be distinguishable and emit a more unified grouping but you will be ensuring you’re different to other stag and hen do’s you may encounter on your travels.

    What’s more, you’ll be creating that perfect memento and physical memory of an occasion that is likely not to happen again.Mens t-shirt

    The options of what can be printed or embroidered onto our garments are endless – it’s then simply a case of letting your imagination run wild!

    While the most common choices from our range for guys are our printed t-shirts and custom hoodies and for women our custom polo shirts, we do have a wider range of options which can extend to jackets and even hats – particularly handy if you plan on going to sunnier climates for your event.

    As Logos 4 Clothes only bring you the highest quality clothing – choosing what garments your party will wear is the easiest decision – the difficulty then just falls upon what you want printing or embroidering – we’re always interested in new ideas!

    Make sure your party all come up with something unanimous as no one is going to be happy to be wearing something they had no hand in choosing.

    We invite you to browse through our extensive range of clothing of different styles and then to let us have your list of required garments along with a copy of the logo or personalised design to be used. This will then enable us to supply our best quote for any types of clothing you require.

    If you do not see exactly what you have in mind, please let us know. We are always interested in new ideas and may still be able to help.

  2. Embroidered Polo Shirts

    Kabul Polo Shirts-1Maverick Promotions have just completed another order of Embroidered Polo Shirts, which is a repeat order!

    A contact from the British Embassy in Kabul was searching the internet for Embroidered Polo Shirts, and came across our www.logos4clothes.com website.

    A combination of Tipped Polo Shirts and Plain Polo Shirt were selected.

    We are pleased to say the original order was produced on time, and sent to Kabul via BFPO. The repeat order again completed in quick time, and despatched.




  3. Personalised Hoodies

    Personalised Hoodies come in various forms, you can have printed hoodies, embroidered hoodies, and in some case you can have both print and embroidery.

    One of the most commons ways is to have an Embroidered logo or motif on the front, generally with a College, University or club badge, and then an individual name printed on the back to finish your Personalised Hoodies.

    Here are some recent examples, and you can find lots of ideas here to select your Personalised Hoodies, you decide whether you have printed hoodies or embroidered hoodies.


  4. Personalised Workwear & Personalised Clothing

    Personalised Workwear and Embroidered Workwear are specialities of Maverick Promotions, www.logos4clothes.com is where you can find a great range of garments to suit any of your requirements.

    We can supply and embroider many stock items of clothing, or we can make bespoke items of personalised clothing.

    One of the best ways to personalise your clothing is with embroidery. Here are a number of Embroidered logos we have put onto various forms of Personalised Clothing in the past.

  5. Personalised Hoodies With Print & Rhinestones

    Maverick Promotions have just completed a fantastic job which was for Glitter Printed Hooded Tops that were embellished with Glass Rinestones, this has proven to be a great way to enhance your design on hooded tops.

    The process to seeing how your great hooded tops could develop is set out here

    Firstly we start we with your with your plain hooded top that is pre-pressed on our heat press

    Once the Hoodie has been pre-pressed, we then lay the Glitter Transfer onto the garment, and apply the heat and pressure to the garment. The clear film is removed leaving a great looking Glitter print on the back of the Hooded Top.

    The next step is to now apply the Glass Rhinestones, this is shown in the next 2 pictures


    The Rhinestones are lined up to be match the print area, and again the heat and pressure are applied to the garment.

    This gives the final result showing how a Fantastic finish of Glitter Print and Glass Rhinestones can enhance your Hooded Tops.















    The Garment was then embroidered on the front left chest, showing that Maverick Promotions can supply Embroidered Hooded Tops, Printed Hooded Tops, and Classy looking Glitter print with Glass Rhinestones.

    Let Maverick Promotions product your personalised hooded tops https://www.logos4clothes.com/hoodies/personalised-hoodies

  6. Embroidered Polo Shirts and Embroidered Fleece

    At Logos4clothes.com we have many Embroidered Fleece, Polo shirts and sweatshirts to suit all of your needs. If you need an Embroidered Polo Shirt then we have a range of products to suit your exact requirements.

    Need an Embroidered Polo Shirt?

    Embroidered Polo Shirts are great for workwear, part of a school uniform or sports purposes! If you have a requirement for these, we are the clothing supplier who can provide you with great quality polo shirts, whatever your requirements might be.

    An Embroidered Polo Shirt makes the ideal garment to be worn within the workplace. It can be used to create a professional corporate image once it is worn by your team members. Have the company logo stitched onto the Embroidered Polo Shirt and you can promote your business in style. Order an Embroidered Polo Shirt for a new starter and they’ll feel like they are part of the team from day one.

    Great quality Embroidered Fleece in many colour options

    We have many colours for you to choose from, there is will certainly be a colour that you like. Pick an Embroidered Fleece in your corporate colours or select a shade that suits your sports club. There’s plenty of choice and with sizes for all, everyone will be happy. The one thing that you’ll notice about the Embroidered Fleece – it comes at such a great price. Garments of this nature prove to be inexpensive to buy and you can order them in batches.

    Why not go for a package of  Embroidered Polo Shirts, Embroidered Fleece and Embroidered sweatshirts to give your workforce an extremely presentable look. The best bit is; you won’t have spent a fortune buying the Embroidered clothing in the first place.

    Make your team stand out with an Embroidered Polo Shirt

    Give them something to feel proud of when they wear their corporate colours. A value for money Embroidered Polo Shirt or Embroidered Fleece can make its mark within your firm. Select a stylish design, there’s plenty to pick and choose from within the large range. If you need an Embroidered Polo Shirt or Embroidered Fleece for work purposes speak to the garment suppliers that stock a massive range of goods. We can supply you with an Embroidered Polo Shirt , Embroidered Fleece or Embroidered Sweatshirt to suit your exact requirements working with your budget during the process.

  7. Freshers Tees

    Over the last year Maverick Promotions has supplied numerous Colleges and Universities with all form of personalised Clothing, rangeing from Hoodies, Polo Shirts, Tees, Bags and Hats.

    All of these products have usually been either embroidered or screen printed.

    It is now that time of year to think about the new intake of students at your College or University, and think about Freshers tees and the promotions you want to promote within your university.

    We can help you with all of your promotional ideas, we can supply Freshers T.shirts, Freshers Tee Shirts , Union Executive Polo Shirts or Hoodies.

    Please note that you will get a student discount off your Freshers Tee Shirts and Student clothing if you equire through your email address ending in .ac.uk. (you will receive a minimum of 10% off most items and upto 20% off some)

    We look forward to your enquiry


  8. College Hoodies-University & Personalised

    College Hoodies and University Hooded Tops

    We have recently found that we have received a lot of enquiries for College Hoodies, sometimes known as University Hoodies . Whichever Hoodie you choose they can be personalised in many ways, very often the College Hoodie can consist of an embroidered crest on the front of the College Hoodie, a design on the back of the College Hoodie that can be a club motto  or all of the class/team names of a certain group , and then very often personalised with either an individual name or nickname on the back of the College Hoodie.

    One further option is that underneath the crest on the front of the College Hoodie you can have an individual embroidered name.

    The Hoodies have proven to be a great fun garment, that is very often its owners pride and joy. The College Hoodies are also generally very warm, with the features of both the hood and a large pouch pocket to keep your hands warm.

    Recently we have been contacted by Newcastle University Zoology society to buy some Newcastle University Hoodies, we have great pleasure in supplying  these with their University logo on the front along with their individual embroidered names under the crest and then a great print on the back of their University Hoodies.

    We have supplied the Hoodies on time and they have been received very well. Comments from Emzi who organised the Hoodies were received:-

    Hi there

    Just wanted to thank you very much for the Hoodies order and your patience. The finished products are great – of high quality and the print looks very nice too.

    Thanks very much,


  9. Logo Clothing

    Logo Clothing
    Logo Clothing comes in many different forms, Maverick Promotions can supply Logo Clothing for Workwear, Schools, Colleges, Universities, clubs and societies. All of this Logo Clothing can be Embroidered or Printed with your Personalised Logo.A number of companies lately have required Logo Clothing that comprise of Embroidered Fleece and Embroidered Polo Shirts. Due to the cold weather the Embroidered Fleeces have been very popular . We have a great range of Embroidered Fleeces that are very competitively priced, they come in many colours and different weights of fabric to suit everyone’s needs.Embroidered Polo ShirtsWithout question the most popular garment that is requested by companies for Logo Clothing is our Embroidered Polo Shirts these are so versatile, and a great way to show off your company name. Everyone that comes into your shop, factory or place of work will be reminded of your company name, and having Embroidered Polo Shirts is a great way or showing how professional your company is.
    If you require Logo Clothing of any form then give us a call, a number people have recently had Logo Clothing from us, here are a few things they had to say

    Organisation Purchase Comments
    AET Turbos Embroidered Fleeces and Embroidered Jackets Sales and Marketing Manager, Ellie Duncan said “Andy (MD) is very pleased with them and also with the Embroidered stitching so he has decided everybody can have one of each if they want”
    Run to Live Embroidered Fleece and Embroidered Sweatshirts Nicky said “they are great and very welcome in the cold weather”