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  1. The 5 Best Garments To Personalise

    The 5 Best Garments To Personalise

    From baseball hats to hoodies, drinking glasses to doggie sweaters, it’s possible to get pretty much everything personalised these days. While some things might seem like a step too far (personalised tea bag, anyone?) others make perfect sense – what hen or stag do would be complete without printed t shirts to commemorate summer 2012 in Blackpool for example?! If the idea of a personalised tea bag isn’t your cuppa, try our pick of the best five garments to personalise here…


  2. Top 5 reasons to purchase printed T shirts

    What is totally universal but completely unique at the same time? The answer: a personalised printed T shirt. While our T shirts are suitable for everybody; you can choose any colours and any design that wish, making it unique to you (and your friends).

    Whether you want a picture, a logo, or just some straightforward writing printed onto each shirt, we can provide what you want. There are lots of popular reasons for purchasing printed T shirts, here are some of the most popular ones:


    Stand out at events

    If you Logos blog 1are a company who attends events then you need to stand out. E.g. a person trying to attract Freshers at a university recruitment event should wear bright colours.

    Other companies who wear suits will look the same and equally intimidating – if you are a business that wants to portray a more inviting image then brighter, embroidered clothing is the way forward.

    The Ladies’ fitted long-sleeve tee (left) would be ideal for this kind of event; it will keep workers warm but without making them too hot with all that running about, it is an eye-catching colour, and can the company name can be printed onto it easily.


    Clubs and Societies

    Another popular reason to purchase personalised printed T shirts is of course for clubs and societies. Everybody likes to feel part of a group and one way to ensure that each member feels that they are an important, recognised member is to give them a shirt with the name of the club printed onto it.



    Holidays with the lads / lasses

    Logos Tshirt

    Another of the top reasons to purchase printed T shirts is in preparation for a lads’ or ladies’ holiday. Particularly since The Inbetweeners Movie –when the hopeless quartet set off on their first adventure abroad – these are more popular than ever.

    At Logos you can choose any tshirt that you wish, whether it’s a simple V-neck like this one or another design, and we can print your logo and the date of your trip onto them for a great price.

    It’s fun to wear on the way to your tour and is a brilliant memento forever afterwards.


    A special gift

    If the birthday of a close friend or relative is coming up and you want to give them something truly unique, then why not buy them a T Shirt with their name – or even their image! – printed onto it.


    They’re cheap!

    Last but certainly not least, they do not cost much! Particularly when you purchase from Logos4Clothes, you will undoubtedly be impressed by the prices that we offer. Have a look through our collection now and get in touch if you have any questions.