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What makes a good stag t-shirt?

When it comes to doing a stag and what makes them so memorable are not just the individuals you’re inviting, but the memorabilia the event holds when the partying is over.

The clothes you all wear are the first part of your stag do essentials – after all, you’re going to want to wear something like a custom t-shirt or a funny outfit that you can all look back on and remember one night.

There must be a reason why hen and stag do have custom clothes?

It’s a simple reason you’d like to make the night of your life more memorable and keep the t-shirt or clothes close by that night so you can remember the good time you’ve had – Not only is your hen or stag theme essential because it will form your custom t-shirt’s design. It is also vital to get your custom clothing from a trusted provider with a broad range of customisable clothing.

Not only the clothes you can get, but accessories such as hats, sweatbands, and so much more. These will form the forthcoming wild night. If you plan to stay in for your hen or stag, even look at customizable settings as they give plenty of printing locations; like images or embroidered text – It’s more for women’s hen dos than for men’s stags.

Apart from the clothing choices, it is best to decide what activities you will do on the day of your stay and to make sure that the event you want to do accepts fancy clothing or custom t-shirts as some areas refuse entry based on what you have on a t-shirt – Try to prevent anything too offensive as it could decrease the number of locations that will allow you to enter their premises or do everything before placing on your official stag or clothing hen.

Hopefully, the usual activity you’re going to do would be late at night, so go to casinos, strip clubs and bar crawls should wear your fancy dress or custom t-shirt, but pack in some basic wear just in case you don’t plan your night and you don’t get into your favourite locations. For stag and hen dos overseas – going to locations like Spain, particularly in Ibiza where the dressing is generally fine for the general public there as the bulk of individuals visiting the Spanish islands go there alone for that purpose.

In conclusion

Make sure you don’t write anything too offensive or wear anything that could offend somebody or religion. Make sure you don’t forget to use a tiny bag to pack your essentials like a shoulder or bum bag, carry items such as driver’s license, mobile phone, and some money spare.
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