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Choosing your logo

When it comes to your image especially in business branding there are a many different thing to consider.
From your logo itself and the layout of your website and all the way to who you’re going to have on your team and business values, building a brand takes time.

You may think you’ve got everything covered but we can promise you are overlooking some very important things?
You’re going to have something special to your logo for your brand to get noticed. You’ll have to think about your font that will play a massive part in your business. Many companies fail to see the importance of making your brand stand out.

Love it or lose it.
You will be looking at this logo every day for many of years to come. So make sure you pick something that you really like and don’t rush because you need to be able to like it for a long time.

Make sure the dress fits the occasion.
Your logo is the key role in giving people there first impression on you and company. Make sure it represents what you’re all about as a company.

Colours are key.
Choose colours that reflect your identity and that will appeal to your potential customers and clients.

Perfect big or small.
Your logo will be changed into different sizes small and big. All printed without any colour so make sure its good in any incarnation.

Don’t choose the wrong icon.
Don’t think about having a logo that you know is not right for the services or products you are selling because that might give off the wrong impression to people and also might not draw in the right customers or clients

Get feedback.
Show your logo to people you trust such as family, friend or your business partners. If they don’t really seem too thrilled or say it may not be the best ask them why and work on it. Or if they reflect positively ask what the logo “says” to them if it what you hope your future customers and clients to say about it then you might be going down the right path.
Versatility is key.
Your logo must look good quality on a variety of promotional materials, including letterhead, business cards, signs, stickers, magnets, or even a web site. Make sure your logo shows up when photocopied or faxes in case you’d like to send letter e.g

What we can offer you
At logos 4 you we can personalise clothes which is a great value and we can print or embroider logos or names onto many of things for example; polo shirts, hoodies, t-shirts and many other products. Also, we can even add rhine studs or shimmer and glitter if you’d like that on your clothing. We will do our best to make your product something you love. Send us your list of required garments along with a copy of the logo or whatever you’d like on the item. After your order, we will send you a sample of your chosen motif to approve. We know how important these kinds of things can be for many different reasons, that’s why we aim to do everything to ensure you love it upon purchase.