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Keep your workforce warm this winter with Personalised Clothing


With the winter weather looking like it is now firmly here to stay, your workforce might be feeling the cold. As an employer, you have a duty to keep your staff in reasonable working temperatures and this may extend to providing additional personalised clothing for them.

Why warm workwear is important for your customers

Providing them with the right attire while they are out delivering, selling, networking or otherwise interacting with your customers will keep them happy and impress your prospects.
From waterproofs through to woolly hats, branded, embroidered and promotional outerwear can be a great way to promote your company if you want your team to look professional and carry your branding.

From simple, printed characters and embroidered logos right through to customised colours, zippers and logo tags our ranges of promotional clothing garments are perfect for winter, because when the bitter cold sets in, promotional t-shirts and polo-shirts won’t be enough to keep the cold out.

Why warm workwear is important for your employees

It’s flu season. Coughs and colds spread like wildfire through workplaces every year. While keeping warm is not a cure for the common cold, very cold temperatures can affect people who are at risk of certain illnesses.

The instances of heart attacks, stroke, flu and even depression have an increased risk in cold weather. Keeping your staff happy, warm and healthy will keep your business moving.

What personalised workwear options are available?

There are a number of personalised workwear garments that will help your staff stay warm this winter.

Personalised Jackets

Personalised Jackets

Winter brings with it dreary, wet weather, moist air and sometimes even snow. With this in mind, ensuring that your staff are prepared when they’re out and about with an embroidered or printed jacket could maximise your brand exposure.

Have your brand or logo clearly placed onto the back or arms of a jacket to make sure your staff can be seen when out promoting for your company. We have great workwear from brands such as Dickies so you know you’re getting the best in quality and durability.

Personalised Fleeces

Personalised fleece

Great for wearing over a polo-shirt or t-shirt, our range of personalised fleeces come with various options such as reversibility, full zips, quarter zips and micro-fleece fabrics. Perfect for workers indoors who need a layer that can be easily removed and put back on or as an additional layer to ensure your promotional staff are kept toasty while outdoors.

Personalised Hoodies

Personalised Hoodies

With the added extra of a hood to protect ears and the head, our selection of custom hoodies offer a more informal approach to promotional wear for winter. If you are looking to promote to a younger clientele or work within the leisure industry, these hoodies offer breathability, varied designs, and materials which can be suited to your requirements.

Be prepared

With more and more businesses now finding that yearlong promotions are having to be undertaken, there has never been a better time to make sure that your staff are prepared in advance of the worst of Winter and are ready to work during the Christmas rush.

Remember that winter promotional wear doesn’t have to just be for your staff, you can even extend your branding to customer giveaways and with product launches so that when a customer walks around with your jacket, fleece, sweatshirt or hoodie on, you have earned yourself some free promotion.

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