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Step by step guide to purchase your custom clothing from Logos4Clothes

Here at Logos for Clothes, we specialise in custom clothing, especially if you are a company and want to advertise your brand!

For this blog, we will be giving you a more detailed step by step guide on how you and we sort out your embroidered clothing when your purchase from us.

Some may consider this one of the hardest parts of the buyer’s journey as we just have such a vast range of products from shirts, jackets to bags & teddy bears you can customise!

Depending on which product you choose, will depend on what colours are available. But fret not we still have a good range of colours for you to choose from.

Speaks for itself really. Just choose what size you are after and the number of items you want – TIP – the more items you purchase the cheaper it will be.

Perhaps the most important bit. The final step. you can choose embroidery or printing & select the position of where you want your logos, see image below to see where you can put your logo.

logo where

DONE. Simple as that

However, for this service, there is a one-off set up fee for each design that fits within a 12cm x 12cm, this is charged at £15.00 +vat to generate the initial embroidery disc. The good news is that this would not be charged on any repeat orders using the same logo.

For “peace of mind” as part of our service, a sample embroidered logo is produced for free for you to view and approve before we start working on putting your logo onto your garments.

Once the embroidered logo is created, it is stored on our ‘in-house’ computer system, so that when you re-order, we can simply reproduce your logo quickly and accurately.

If embroidery designs measuring more than 12cm x 12cm please submit your design for an accurate costing, click here to fill out our enquiry form.

Please allow up to 10-15 working days for completion of embroidered goods, from confirmation of order. (subject to being in stock).

At Maverick Promotions, we believe that no two embroideries are the same, and you should not pay a high price for stitches that are not in your design. The prices are shown on the website when you select embroidery is for an embroidered logo of up to 5000 stitches, for a small logo. The stitch count for large Front and Large back designs is up to 20000 stitches once you have sent your design to us we will determine how many stitches your logo has, and then you pay the corresponding price.

(an order placed online may need to be reviewed if the stitch count for the design is over the stated stitch count, a surcharge may be applicable if the design is larger than stated}

We hope that this makes things easier to understand when purchasing your custom clothing form Logos4Clothes. But as always if you have any more questions or would like to know more about purchasing clothing from us, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 01400 230180