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Why Hi Viz Clothing is a vital piece of kit for your business

rs18-Hi Vis Jackets

Whether you work in construction, transport or warehousing & fulfilment you will no doubt have had need for Hi Viz Clothing.
It is vital for keeping employees safe in an ever-changing time of health and safety regulations and we are sure we will continue to rely upon it for years to come.

Why is hi-vis clothing important

Been seen, be safe is the motto in most facilities that include plant and machinery. Whether it’s the quicker than anticipated pallet trucks whizzing around a warehouse or a large-scale construction project, the more visible you can make yourself and your team, the less margin there is for an accident.

What about identification?

Beyond safety it is often important to be able to identify people who, when dressed head to toe in neon may look very similar. That’s why at Logos 4 Clothes we provide Embroidered or Printed Hi-Vis Clothing to enable you to have Fire Marshalls, first aiders or site foreman identified clearly and efficiently.

We can also embroider a corporate logo or initials to any garments to ensure you are represented professionally at all times by your employees.

What if you don’t need full neon?

While neon yellow or orange is the typical hi-vis colour of choice some prefer something a little more low key like our enhanced visibility vests which feature reflective bands for low light conditions. These are ideal for stewarding at events or any activity which doesn’t require the wearer to be brightly coloured (where there is moving machinery for example).

In conclusion

It is clear that there are benefits to both hi-vis and enhanced visibility clothing, and with the printing expertise from logos for clothes we can make sure your staff look the part and represent you well.

For help and advice on your printing needs, contact us today.