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How promo clothing can win you more sales

Promotional clothing can have a range of benefits for your business, from increasing team professionalism and uniformity, to attracting more leads and sales.

To showcase the return on investment and the benefits to your business, we’ve highlighted two of the biggest and best uses of this clothing.


One of the most common uses of this form of advertising is staff uniform. It seems obvious, but uniforms can help your staff stand out as voices of authority, increase a sense of team unity and improve the brand of your business.

Team Unitypromo

Uniformed clothing can provide a level of equality among the team; helping employees feel more comfortable and confident working together. This sense of commonality and solidarity amongst the workforce can increase teamwork and productivity.

In some occupations, employee uniforms may be a safety necessity, such as high visibility jackets, non-slip shoes and protective gear. By providing these items at no cost to the employee, they will recognise that the company is concerned with their well-being which helps build the relationship between employee and employer.

Some large organisations also build on this relationship by providing promo clothing as a perk to the employee, creating a sense of pride for the worker as well as an incentive for others.


Not only does uniform unite the workforce, it also presents the company image. Having well-designed clothing can increase the perceived image of your company, and help spread your brand.

Not only will your employees wear the clothing in the workplace, during their commute and life outside of work, they will be actively promoting and increasing recognition of your business.

As well as the design, it is also important to consider how the type of clothing will promote your brand. For beauty and cosmetics, stylish tunics will promote a clinical professionalism whereas simple t-shirts will set a more laid back and casual feel to the company.

Giving Promo Clothing Away

Free Promotional T.shirts

Free promo T.shirts can help your sales!

Promo clothing isn’t just for your team; you could use the clothing as giveaways or prizes in a competition. 52% of people are reported to have a more positive impression of a company after receiving a advertising product. Giving clothing to customers will not only increase their view of the company but will also provide them with something they can use everyday.

When people wear this type clothing, they have been provided with something that will constantly remind them of the brand and also promote it to anyone they come in contact with. This wider promotion can lead to more brand recognition, and ultimately sales.

Studies have shown that these type of gifts are kept 97% of the time and result in 43% more brand recognition. Alongside the simplicity of bulk ordering online, it’s no surprise that companies like Simple Grain managed to turn free t-shirts into $500k revenue.


Promotional clothing is a low-cost way to unify your staff, increase professionalism, and further your brand recognition.

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