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Top Workwear for Chefs

Top Workwear for Chefs

Choosing branded chef’s wear helps kitchen pros keep their food prep hygienic but it also has lots of other benefits, such as creating a highly professional appearance. The clear need for this kind of personalised workwear can be hampered by the sheer amount of choice though. There are many different styles of chef’s uniform and they often come in a vast array of colours. Out of this huge choice, what is the most popular and what will have the biggest impact on your business?

Chefs Jackets

A jacket is a vital part of many chef’s uniforms but there are a lot of different options on offer. Firstly, you can choose between long sleeved or short sleeved versions; needless to say there are clear advantages to both. Long sleeved chef-jacketjackets will hide any tattoos and give a very professional look. Short sleeved designs are supremely practical and in a hot kitchen they can help your staff prevent overheating. A colour also needs to be decided on. White is very traditional but it is more likely to stain, making it harder to wash and keep smart. Black is an alternative option and provides a professional look while being less prone to permanent marks.

Regardless of which colour you choose, you can customise the buttons with corporate colours and add a logo to work wear using embroidery. This is clever way to ensure chefs become key brand ambassadors.


Chef’s trousers have become infamous over the years for the typical black and white checkerboard design. There is no need to stick to this tradition if you feel like adding a modern edge to your kitchen. Increased colour options mean you can choose a trouser that contrasts or compliments other uniform components. You can also add your company logo to the trousers to further tie your uniform together and create a wholly professional look.


While not strictly necessary, many chefs prefer to wear something on their head to prevent any rogue hairs getting into the food, increasing hygiene levels. Like the trousers, you can choose a variety of colours to tie into your overall branding. A logo can be added to enhance this effect.


Aprons are a good option for a less formal chef uniform, worn over the top of basic work wear in order to protect Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.09.06existing clothing. This gives a company uniform so your chefs look professional while costing less to produce than a full outfit. Aprons are a great option if you’re just starting your business but still want to build a professional look on a low budget.