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The Advantages of Branded Jackets and Coats

The Advantages of Branded Jackets and Coats

When business owners think about providing staff with personalised workwear they usually think about t-shirts, polos, aprons or safety equipment. It is very rare that a company will consider providing staff with a branded coat. For many businesses though a branded coat will have a bigger business impact than any other personalised workwear.

Surveyors, builders, inspectors, architects, garden centre assistants and other professions where staff are working outside or making a lot of site visits are the main types of workforces that will benefit from branded jackets. But how will they benefit?

Staff Morale

Your staff will appreciate a warm jacket if they are expected to work outside. If their role involves working on building sites or around dirt, providing them a free branded coat reduces the chance of damaging something they own. This will again provide a morale boost for your staff and make them put that extra bit of effort into their roles.

Professional Image

Logo workwear helps create a very professional image and this in turn increases the level of trust in your business. If a surveyor turned up in a smart, branded coat this will give a much better impression to clients than wearing unbranded outerwear. This effect is heightened if several staff members arrive wearing matching jackets.

Tax Benefits

Some companies will already provide a plain jacket to its staff but they pay 20% tax for it. If they had the company logo embroidered or printed onto the jacket, then there would be no tax to pay! This can save companies that provide many staff with outdoor coats a lot of money.


Building sites and similar workplaces are subject to many different regulations and restrictions on access. Having a secure site is a priority for many companies and by providing branded jackets workers will stand out more. This means there will be less confusion about who should be on site, making it an easy job to identify employees.


The problem with polo shirts, t-shirts, PPE or other items is that they may be removed or covered up. A coat will always be on show, so it permanently acts as a marketing tool no matter the weather. Wherever your members of staff go, people will see your branding. This helps in making a long lasting impression that could lead to more business.

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