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The 5 Best Garments To Personalise

The 5 Best Garments To Personalise

From baseball hats to hoodies, drinking glasses to doggie sweaters, it’s possible to get pretty much everything personalised these days. While some things might seem like a step too far (personalised tea bag, anyone?) others make perfect sense – what hen or stag do would be complete without printed t shirts to commemorate summer 2012 in Blackpool for example?! If the idea of a personalised tea bag isn’t your cuppa, try our pick of the best five garments to personalise here…


T-shirts are still the number one item that wearers and brands want personalised for a number of different reasons. The space you get on a T-shirt is huge which means your choice of what to have printed on it is practically limitless. Personalised-t-shirtWith so much printing real estate to work with, printing or embroidery can be creative, high quality and as big or small as desired on both the front and back. Not only do you have this incredible choice of design options, you also have a wide range of colour, fabric and styles to further add your own twist. T-shirts can also have a wide variety of uses. Many are given as gifts but a lot are used for stag or hen parties and a wide range of other events making them hard wearing, multi-purpose and just plain hard working. More bang for your personalisation buck in other words.


personalised-apronPersonalised aprons are great for both home and work use. You may want to use it as part of a staff uniform or give your ego a boost when baking at home – we saw a surge in demand during the Great British Bake Off so get in quick with your orders this year. Whether it’s a half apron or more traditional full length design, there is a lot of space to play with design-wise. Popular personalisation options include company logos or restaurant or bar names but slogans and sayings can be printed or embroidered just as easily. Personalised aprons make a fantastic gift especially for occasions such as mother’s day.

Vests and Gym Wear

personalised-vestTank tops, performance tops and more – there’s no stopping the demand for branded and personalised gym wear. All of these options provide great space for printing and with the rising number of fitness fanatics and popularity of gym culture both on and off the treadmill, personalised vests and gym wear look here to stay. Personal trainers and gyms can also benefit by handing out as a staff uniform.


Rain or shine there is almost certain to be a hat style to suit. Both summertime caps and cold weather beanies can be personalised. Space is at a premium but there is enough room for a company logo or personal philosophical phrase.personalised-hats


You get a similar amount of space to a T-shirt to place your design on and they are arguably more useful. You may want to use a logo hoodie as part of a business uniform or you could use them to promote a team or club. Opt for embroidered hoodies or use traditional printing. Personalised hoodies also make great gifts because they can be worn pretty much year round on a daily basis.personalised-hoodie