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Why Your Business Needs Branded Uniforms

Why Your Business Needs Branded Uniforms

Staff uniforms are used in a wide range of businesses from shops to cafes to bars and more. They fulfill a number of vital business needs and while they are one of those items that are perhaps taken for granted, they can really enhance your image and sales.

There are many businesses that don’t go far enough with staff uniforms and fail to make them unique to their particular brand. While it’s commonplace, branded workwear doesn’t need to be boring and a little extra creativity can help to cement your brand, product or service in the minds of consumers, making recall and retention that much easier.

Being conservative with staff uniforms won’t harm your business but it is a missed opportunity from a marketing and branding perspective. If you’re on a tight budget or on the fence about the need for personalised workwear such as tees, hoodies and coats, you don’t need to dive in with a whole monogrammed uniform right away. Focus on just one aspect such as a printed polo shirt for a shop staff or aprons for those in the hospitality businesses. You can have your business uniforms screen printed or embroidered and either will assist with a number of vital business functions.

Company Image

Your staff are the first point of call for customers meaning a smart branded uniform goes a long way to making a positive first impression. Having all customer facing staff in a uniform gives off a highly professional and polished look and feel. It suggests that the business is well established and invested in getting the little details right.


Many employees walk to work or use public transport; even if they aren’t doing this they may head to the shops to get lunch or grab a coffee. Doing any of these activities while wearing a branded uniform is a quick, cost-effective and easy way to consistently and subtly market your brand.

Customer Benefits

Whether in shops or in bars, customers often have questions to ask before they commit to a purchase. There is nothing that a shopper hates more than being unable to find a member staff to answer their query. Having a common branded uniform makes it much easier for customers to identify staff whether on a shop floor or in a busy bar or restaurant space.


Having a common uniform can actually help your staff bond with your brand. By wearing the name of the business they are more likely to be proud representatives of your brand. There is also a unifying factor – with all staff members wearing exactly the same thing, the single team mentality is reinforced, encouraging everyone to work together.

Keeping A Content Team

Having a staff uniform means that your team doesn’t need to buy a lot of work clothes. It also stops staff competing for the best outfit and means that everyone in your business looks smart and professional. The value of making life easier shouldn’t be underestimated!

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