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How To Make The Biggest Brand Impression

If you’re a start-up or entrepreneur, you may think that having branded items such as logo workwear is something of a luxury when there are so many other demands on your budget; from advertising, marketing and staff to premises, packaging, raw materials and equipment, it can be hard to know where to start.

In fact, investing in branded items can actually help with advertising and marketing and ensure you create a much bigger brand impression than would otherwise be the case. It’s also an effective way to create an impression, build visibility and help customers to remember your business. These are all vital and valuable assets.

You may want to start this process with something as simple as branded staff uniforms or be a little more strategic with branded items to serve as customer gifts or exhibition or event giveaways. Whatever item you decide on, using branded items early on in your company’s history can help grow your business in the longer term. Before you get started, give the following considerations some thought to ensure you pick the correct products and invest your money in the right areas.

Product Selection

It’s a no brainer but the products you select should have a clear connection to your business. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for promotional giveaway items or staff uniforms, the products you choose must complement the goods or services you provide. Being smart about your selections means the products you choose may well be able to pull double duty, giving better value for money. If you run a café for example, choosing branded aprons makes not only for a memorable staff uniform but for a highly relevant customer giveaway.


The style of items should also fit your company’s image. For instance, if you’re trying to create an upmarket fine dining establishment a t-shirt just won’t cut out. While this is an obvious example, there will be other nuances that make the decision a little harder, especially if you’re trying to maximise a modest budget and build a brand that is effective in the long term. A t-shirt may be appropriate for security personnel for example but, a short-sleeved shirt monogrammed with your logo will leave customers with a more premium impression.


Where you place your logo can also say a lot of things about your business and the functionality of the personalised workwear. Printing a logo or name on the back of personalised hoodies makes it easy to find staff members from a distance or in a crowd such as at a festival. In contrast, a discrete logo over the chest pocket has a very professional look to it but can be harder to read in a group. Think about what you want your branding to say and then plan placement accordingly.


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