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Could Your Event Benefit From Branded Giveaways?

Could Your Event Benefit From Branded Giveaways?

The short simple answer is, yes. Even with the huge diversity in modern day event types they could all benefit from free branded giveaways, especially if your particular event occurs annually or just a few times per year. There are countless examples of events with incredibly successful strategies involving the use of branded giveaways. Giving away embroidered hoodies at a music festival or sporting event is a sure fire way to further knowledge of the event itself but it can also help to make future events more successful by raising awareness and creating a stronger link between the customer and the even itself.

Events like iron man contests, The Colour Run and most notably the increasingly popular obstacle race brand Tough Mudder are challenging events that entrants sign up for and pay to compete in. Other events like marathons have given away branded t-shirts to competitors for a long time. These are great examples of the types of events really capitalising on branded giveaways but, the benefits aren’t just restricted to the sporting area. Guided tours, gaming competitions, charity events, motor racing… the list is almost endless.

So, whether you’re running a Tough Mudder or planning a charity fundraiser, what are the upsides of investing some of your marketing or production budget in branded giveaways?


Increased Customer Satisfaction

If your event requires participants or attendees to pay to entre, providing a free t-shirt or other similar item goes a long way to creating goodwill. While the item itself may not have a huge cash value, we all love the feeling that we’re getting a great deal. Consumers like to have something physical to show for their spend – a free branded gift at registration goes a long way to creating a happy, satisfied customer.


Anyone who gets a free shirt or similar won’t just get it and place it in their cupboard never to be seen again, particularly for the events in which the giveaway item is a sign of accomplishment. Anyone receiving a branded item for participating in an event such as a marathon will likely take pride in ownership and be more likely to show it off regularly. Even if your customers only wear their free personalised hoodie or t-shirts to the gym or to the shops it still means a lot of additional exposure for your event. Wearing a piece of marketing is a big show of advocacy, in essence you create walking ambassadors just by providing the outfit on which to display your message.

Overall Impression

Professionally produced branded items create a positive impression of the event represented. Just keep in mind that poor quality or badly thought out items have the exact opposite effect.

Sense of Community

Similarly to spotting someone in the street or in a coffee shop with the t-shirt of a band you like, offering customers an event branded item to where after the day itself has passed creates a sense of community and rapport. Nurturing this relationship can mean ongoing advocacy and creates a feeling of being part of something bigger. Participants are likely to tell more people and return more often – helping to create an even more successful event next time.


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