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Our top 10 Christmas Jumpers!

This Friday is official Christmas Jumper Day which was created to raise money for Save the Children UK and “Make the World Better with a Christmas Sweater”[i].

Offices across the country are joining in the fun and here at Logos4Clothes we have been researching the very best Christmas jumpers around. Do you think that we’ve found the best ones?


Reindeer Jumper

Reindeer Jumper


10. At number 10 we have a relatively tasteful men’s jumper, suitable for those who like to get into the festive spirit but without looking like too much of an idiot. This jumper has successfully combined festive patterns with reindeer but in an attractive way.











Women9. Closely following the above is this Santa & Rudolph jumper from Karma Clothing. Again, relatively dignified for a festive jumper, this is quite a nice compromise if you have a Christmas Jumper day at work but don’t want to go too over the top. However, it is not outgoing and garish  enough to move beyond position number 9.











BEars 8. Truly traditional Christmas jumpers feature some kind of geometric headache-inducing pattern which epitomises bad taste such as this Polar Bear-covered one . While the pattern is vile, the colours are not quite gaudy enough to be truly offensive.











7Bright colours. As we move into position 7 however we most definitely have entered the world of offensive to the eye, repugnant, and heinous. Monstrous

jumpers such as these always appear in December – but to be fair Christmas would not be the same without them.










Tree  6. Which is worse taste between 6 and 7 might be debatable but this jumper looks like a festive jockey top, it’s such bad taste that you can’t help but wish you owned one!














5. As we move into the top 5 the competition steps up a peg or two and is now pretty fierce. This elf jumper is a little bit of fun to brighten up a dull day at the office on Christmas Jumper Day!












4. If you’re going to wear a Christmas jumper, why not get well and truly stuck in by going as an actual Christmas pudding? Whoever goes out in the legendary jumper has a big *thumbs up* from us!










3. An attractive collection of colours and a really Christmassy setting, this jumper looks very tasteful compared to some others on our list. Look closely however and you will see that Santa’s in a spot of bother! –That’s why it’s in our top 3.











Santa Jumper


2. Just missing out on the top spot is this Santa jumper. We’ve already had a jumper that makes one look like an elf, but who would be an elf when they can be the big man?












1. Aflashing-lightup-fireplace-christmas-jumper-mensnd at Number One we have this glorious fireplace jumper. Not only is it a combination of the ultimate Christmas colours and the romantic fireplace scene but the fire itself also LIGHTS UP AND MOVES! The ultimate Christmas jumper.












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