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Personalised Hoodies With Print & Rhinestones

Maverick Promotions have just completed a fantastic job which was for Glitter Printed Hooded Tops that were embellished with Glass Rinestones, this has proven to be a great way to enhance your design on hooded tops.

The process to seeing how your great hooded tops could develop is set out here

Firstly we start we with your with your plain hooded top that is pre-pressed on our heat press

Once the Hoodie has been pre-pressed, we then lay the Glitter Transfer onto the garment, and apply the heat and pressure to the garment. The clear film is removed leaving a great looking Glitter print on the back of the Hooded Top.

The next step is to now apply the Glass Rhinestones, this is shown in the next 2 pictures


The Rhinestones are lined up to be match the print area, and again the heat and pressure are applied to the garment.

This gives the final result showing how a Fantastic finish of Glitter Print and Glass Rhinestones can enhance your Hooded Tops.















The Garment was then embroidered on the front left chest, showing that Maverick Promotions can supply Embroidered Hooded Tops, Printed Hooded Tops, and Classy looking Glitter print with Glass Rhinestones.

Let Maverick Promotions product your personalised hooded tops https://www.logos4clothes.com/hoodies/personalised-hoodies