Embroidered Logo Workwear

Getting ready to head out for yet another day at work? A uniform of some description or a suit is usually the order of the day, but just once, it might be more interesting to pull on something that's embroidered with the logo of the company or organisation you work for.

Your workwear can be personalised to a certain extent. It can sport the logo of your company, which can be printed or embroidered onto a coverall, work coat, shirt, tabard, jumper, apron or even Hi-Viz jacket. It can also include your name and the name of your job title. Not only will this mark you out as a member of the team (imperative if you work in hospitality or services), but you'll also feel more appreciated, and with that comes a desire to work harder on behalf of the company.

Embroidered logo workwear is part of what we offer here at Maverick Promotions. We supply a range of workwear which is competitively priced, so you can buy in the quantities you want without the worry of exceeding your budget.

We offer many types of workwear garments in a variety of sizes and colours. The garments can be worn by workers across many different sectors, from those who work in beauty salons to healthcare professionals and hospitality staff.

There's a world of workwear out there, and it's waiting for you to embroider it.

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