Custom Hoodies

Would you like to invest in custom hoodies for your team?

For most businesses, boosting staff morale is often at the top of the list. Low morale can result in reduced figures, bad production rates and tension amongst the team. If you're looking for an innovative way to get your team working well together and boost their spirits, why not consider personalised hoodies? By doing so not only brings a team together, but can also help to improve your brand awareness. For hoodies that you can make your mark with, we are here to help.

Why choose Maverick Promotions?

With thanks to our years of experience and working with an array of industries, we are able to produce orders of both small and large quantities. We understand what it means to spread brand awareness and get your name out there, which is why you can personalise just about any piece of clothing we have. Whether it be a t-shirt, polo shirt, vest or hoodie, we are here to help.

To speak to the team today about your requirements, why not get in touch today? Give us a call on 01400 230180 or drop us an email at

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