Printed T.shirts

University, the best time of your life! Freshers is looming and Printed T shirts are one of the best tools to express what is happening during the first week at University.

This is your ticket to get into the best bars and venues around your campus for the perfect week ahead.

If you are organising Printed T Shirts for your Freshers week, can print your T shirts at great competitive prices.

Printed T Shirts

Printed T.shirts in lots of coloures and different weights

Your Check List

How many do you require?

What colour T shirts do you require?

And how many colours do you want printing on the front and the back.

Of course you will have a choice of whether you want a plain solid colour T shirt or if you would like a T shirt with a difference and have something with an alternative contrast colour.

There are different weights of T shirts to consider as well.  For just a one off promotion day a T shirt that is 130gsm will be adequate.

For T shirts that are to be keep sakes, you really want to be going with a heavier 180gsm, and just for the ultimate you go with a 200/210 gsm in weight.

If you do go with the Ultimate weight T shirts you do have the option that you could actually embroider a design onto the T shirts.


Fruit of the Loom




Of course once you are established in the University, you are going to join various clubs or societies. can provide printed T shirts with your club and personalised names.

For small quantities we do have the option to either transfer print your T Shirts or we could Direct print them.

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