1. Printed T.shirts

    University, the best time of your life! Freshers is looming and Printed T shirts are one of the best tools to express what is happening during the first week at University.

    This is your ticket to get into the best bars and venues around your campus for the perfect week ahead.


  2. Personalised Hoodies for Teams, Clubs and Societies

    Personalised Hoodies

    Hoodies is the term that refers to sweatshirts with hoods, with a muff on the lower front and a drawstring (optional) to adjust the opening of the hood.  Personalised Hoodies are great comfy garments that can be personalised to suit your requirements. The Hoodie style date back to early times yet it remains a classic. These days the love for hoodies is on the rise especially as a result of its comfort and the fact that it’s fashionable and the multipurpose functions it offers.


  3. The Advantages of a Personalised Workwear

    Personalised Workwear

    Personalised workwear makes your business brand stand out in the midst of competitors. Many companies have personalised workwear for their employees, many businesses are currently exploring the benefits of having their company logo, embroidered onto their workwear. Personalised workwear should be designed to suit the needs of the organisation, and tailored to suit the comfort of employees. Both clients and employees benefit from the numerous advantages of a personalised workwear. For Business’s that use personalised workwear for employees, it can make a huge difference in Brand awareness.


  4. The Subtle but Remarkable Effects of Embroidered Polo Shirts

    Standard business organizations are known to have specific customized clothing for their employees, very often including and Embroidered Polo Shirts. is there to make sure you have the best quality branded clothing. Of course there are so many designs one can settle for, but the embroidered polo shirts have a subtle but remarkable effect.


    It is a suitable choice because it looks great on everyone (regardless of the height, weight, and others), employees are comfortable wearing them, it adds a sense of style, it promotes the corporate culture of the business/organization, and the company logo or brand is distinct on an embroidered polo shirt. There remarkable effects of embroidered polo shirts include the following;


  5. How promotional clothing can win you more sales

    Promotional clothing can have a range of benefits for your business, from increasing team professionalism and uniformity, to attracting more leads and sales.

    To showcase the return on investment and the benefits to your business, we’ve highlighted two of the biggest and best uses of promotional clothing.


  6. Polo Shirts for Golf Promote Your Brand

    As The Open, the greatest golfing event starts this week, we ask “how can Embroidered Polo Shirts for Golf promote your brand.

    Sport and Leisure

    The Golf game is a casual game and a recreational sport. So its dress code, usually Golfwear  shirts and shorts or slacks are also casual. Polo shirts can be customised to indicate the team or club to which a golfer belongs. This is also a great way for sponsors to show off or advertise their brand. The golf game, because of its characteristic nature is a game that never ceases to attract sponsors and promoters far and wide. Thus, many sponsors are interested in brand promotion through this game. All of the players this week in The Open will have sponsored clothing, from the simple Swoosh logo from Nike to many corporate brands linked with other players. (more…)

  7. Sponsored Logo Clothing -Wimbledon

    You can find Sponsored Logo clothing at Wimbledon, the first and oldest tennis tournament in the world is also one of the most prestigious, with great repute. One of the four grand slam tournaments, Wimbledon players, both in the male and female category are stars in their own right.  This is why what they wear is as important as what they play.

    Over the years, Wimbledon has been sponsored and promoted by major brands across the world, and this includes the players Sponsored Logo clothing, especially shirts and caps. (more…)

  8. logo redesign that 3 lessons Instagram taught us

    Instagram recently revealed a newly updated logo redesign to the internet – and the internet didn’t react too well. But for the most part, people were just confused…

    With social media keyboard warriors out in full force, Instagram’s graphic department took a bit of a beating. So far, the below gif has had over 200k shares…


  9. How branded clothing can help at exhibitions

    The average attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing trade show exhibits – that’s plenty of opportunity to connect with your audience and raise awareness of your brand.

    There’s a simple solution to make sure your people become an extension of your company; branded clothing.

    While a flashy stand or efficient product demo can do wonders, it’s your team that do the heavy lifting at these events. They make the connections and add personality to your business – but are you fully capitalising on their effort?


    Connect with customers

    When you’re discussing your product with a visitor to your stand, you’re not just rattling off a list of ‘features and benefits’. You’re making a connection.

    You will actively build a relationship with that person; listen out for genuine opportunities to click together and go on tangents about sports, holidays, and who had the most eventful commute.

    If nothing else, it makes these events more enjoyable when having real-life conversations, and not a barrage of sales pitches. So when you’re connecting with people, make sure you’re not only connecting as individuals, but also representing your brand.

    Stepping away from your stand and going to mingle? With branded clothing, you take your company with you. Make connections and show the exhibition that your team are friendly, personable and professional.

    Raise awareness

    How do you get your brand in the mind of your potential customers? By putting your name and image out there. With branded clothing, your team become an extension of your logo, your website, your adverts. The image of your company is consistently placed in the mind of those who see it.

    It’s important to put as much thought into getting high-quality, branded clothing as you would into designing your logo or putting together your stand. Your clothing will represent you professionally; so make sure it makes the right impression.

    If you position yourself as knowledgeable, friendly, helpful… you want these attributes to carry through. By making your team an extension of the brand, you raise awareness of what it means to be part of your company.

    Boost sales

    81% of trade show attendees have buying authority. Which means more than 4 out of 5 people walking the aisles are potential customers for exhibitors.

    While companies may be attending exhibitions and trade shows to raise awareness, gather leads and build relationships, fundamentally, we’re looking to boost sales.

    What happens if you didn’t get a chance to hand out a business card or take someone’s number? If you’ve had a valuable conversation with someone, and you’re stood in original, branded clothing, you’re much more likely to be remembered as a company.

    Most attendees will spend more time having conversations than staring at your stand – so make sure your logo is on you as a reminder for those decision-makers once they get back to the office. By imprinting your brand in the mind of a potential customer, you’ve made the first step towards that sale.


    By wearing branded clothing at exhibitions and events, you take on additional responsibility – each team member becomes an extension of the brand.

    It means you’ll have to be on your best behaviour, but the result is creating long-lasting connections, raising awareness and improving your sales.

    If you’re an event exhibitor looking to boost your branding, give us a call today and we’ll see how we can help!